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Campaign Walkthrough Act 1: Ashes Act 2: Nightfall Act 3: Belly of the Beast Act 4: The Long Road Home Act 5: Desperation
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Gears of Wars - Act 3: Belly of the Beast

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Evolution Coalition Cargo
Darkest Before Dawn
Angry Titan
Tip of The Iceberg

After the transmission, follow Dom down the path and eventually you will activate a cutscene. After the cutscene, follow the road in front of you until you encounter the Lambent Wretches. There's really only one significant difference between a Lambent Wretch and the normal variation that you are probably used to by now. Lambent Wretches explode when killed. Granted, this is a rather troubling difference, but the Lambent Wretches are a good distance away from you when they appear, giving you ample time to take them out with your Lancer before they are close enough to damage you with their explosive deaths. So that means no beating down the Lambent Wretches. You'll be able to survive a blast from this variant of Wretch on Casual or Hardcore, but if you move on to Insane, just one will kill you. Not fun.

Once the initial wave of Wretches has been dealt with, head through the doorway to the walkway and kill the Wretches that appear. Travel the walkway to its end, and as you walk along watch for a Crimson Omen on the wall to your right.

COG Tag 19: Go behind the building with the mark on it and follow the bridge to its end to find the tag.

crimson omen
Crimson Omen
cog tag 19
Cog Tag 19
Trying to work the elevator in this building is a no-go, it needs power first. There's a generator in the building at the far end of this area, just go inside and use the X button to push the green button inside. Now that was easy. Back to the elevator with you where you can now ride it to the factory. Approach the factory and hop through the open window.

power generator
Power Generator
After the transmission, turn right and go down the hall, pressing the button next to the door at the end. The door here is locked, though, so you will have to find a different route. Simply return to the previous room and go through the other hall. This door works. Grab the box of ammo at the end of the hall if needed. Go through the doorway into the adjoining hallway. Kick in the door at the end where you will come to a grisly scene. Once you're done gawking, use the switch to unlock the door and go through. Here you will meet one of the Stranded. All you must do now is follow the Stranded until you come to an area with a wooden floor.

rotting boards
Rotting Boards
As the Stranded unintentionally demonstrates, these planks are not stable. If you fall through, there are some Lambent Wretches waiting for you down below. Since your goal here is not to die, you'll have to be very, very cautious. When you hear the sound of wood cracking, and feel a rumble from your controller (if enabled, of course), step back to the last safe piece of wood behind you. For this reason you must test the path before you take it. Step forward and then immediately backwards again after stepping on a new patch of wood. Simply stepping on it will trigger the fall.

COG Tag 20: This tag can be found in the far right corner of the rotting boards. Watch your step!

crimson omen
Crimson Omen
cog tag 20
Cog Tag 20
Once you have made it safely across, grab the ammo box, Frag Grenades and Gnasher (if you wish) that are in front of you, and move through the next set of rooms until you find yourself in a mining area. There are Lambent Wretches in here, too, so be careful and move slowly so you can see them coming towards you. The Gnasher could be helpful here, just blow them apart as they run towards you, but be sure to get out of the way as they explode. It would be wise to get out of this area altogether and return to the previous room because they spawn from all sides and might be too difficult to avoid if you remain.

With all of the Wretches dead, go through the doorway on the opposite side of this area. Watch out for the lone Wretch down this hall. In the next room, get on the handwheel and turn it to open the door to the right of it. Grab the ammo and proceed through the door to the left of the handwheel. There's a Longshot down the stairs that would be best to take with you if you don't already have one.

Through the next door, you will be reunited with the other two members of the squad. There is a gate to the left of where those members came out from, use the handwheel on the wall next to the gate to lift it up. More Lambent Wretches, wonderful. Just keep your distance and you'll be fine. Watch your back and fallback if necessary. There are Drones about, too, which might make things a bit hectic since you can't stay behind cover for too long with the Wretches in the area. Hopefully you have a Longshot with you, if you do you can kill the Drones from afar, leaving they're weapons harmless. There are Wretches littering your path, again just watch your back.

Eventually you will reach an iron gate. This is actually an elevator. Try to kick in the door to the right of it. Jack will need to unlock it. Look to see what's coming down the elevator. Ready a frag and get behind the cover across from the elevator. If you've got the Longshot with you, try getting a headshot on the grenadier to left of the Boomer, than get a few perfect reloaded bullets into the Boomer. With your squad shooting at him as well, he should be dead before he can step through the gate. Donít bother picking up that Boomshot at this point. Go through the door once Jack has finished opening it.

Coalition Cargo
There is plenty of ammo in here, so stock up.

COG Tag 21: Before touching the green switch to the right, go through the doorway to your left. Down the stairs, turn right and look next to the stairs near the plant to find the COG Tag.

Crimson Omen
Cog Tag 21
Cog Tag 21
Now, hit the switch by the computer and head down to the stairs to the carts. Ignore the group of Drones to your immediate right, you have adequate cover. While you are in the cart traveling along the track, watch for the exploding Wretches on the ceiling. These are quite dangerous because if you kill them when they are too close to you, they will fall onto the track and explode as your cart travels over their corpse, damaging you. In Insane, this is lethal, as you can imagine. Near the end of the line, there is a Drone waiting for you with a Boltok Pistol. Cut him down with your Lancer before your cart gets too close.

Once you are off of the "ride" and the transmission has ended, take the box of ammo if you need, then proceed through the door. Your squad has been split up, but they are on a path parallel to yours. When you reach the switch door, a Lambent Wretch will drop down from the vent above, so be prepared. Kill the Wretches along the walkway before you proceed. Now, down the pipeline, making sure to grab the frags at the end. If you want to risk it, ready a frag and stand near the edge of the walkway. It is safe to take this risk, since you just recently hit a checkpoint.

When the Boomer reaches the walkway, walk up to him and stick the Frag Grenade on him by pressing the B button. Once the grenade is attached, immediately roll back away from the Boomer. If you don't want to take the risk, stay back behind the metal railing and use your Longshot, or throw Frag Grenades to kill the Boomer while using the railing for cover. Either way, once the Boomer on your side is dead, help your buddies out with theirs.

Darkest Before Dawn
COG Tag 22: Travel along the underground path and you will eventually see a Crimson Omen on the wall in the distance. The tag is on the ground just before the omen.

Crimson Omen
Crimson Omen
Cog Tag 22
Cog Tag 22
Head back along the path, grab the box of ammo near the rock to the left, then turn right and travel down this path. You're not free from the Lambent Wretches yet, so take it slow. You will eventually reach a cutscene with Dom and Marcus falling down. Some Drones will appear, take cover and kill them off.

COG Tag 23: After the battle, cross the stream and turn right. Look next to the ruined stone steps.

Crimson Omen
Crimson Omen
Cog Tag 23
Cog Tag 23
Head up the steps and kick in the door for an ammo box and some Frag Grenades. There's a sniper to your right as you continue along the path to the left of the stream. Hold Y to focus your view on the weakened column and shoot it to kill the sniper.

Moving on, more Wretches, so again, take it slow. You will eventually come to another Boomer. Just kill him from afar with your Longshot. At the same time you will have to take out the Lambent Wretches that are running towards your cover. Boomers and Wretches do not mix well, not in your favor anyway. A couple of perfect reload headshots should take that Boomer right out. With the way clear, travel along to the left. There is an ammo box next to a fallen COG soldier if you are in need of ammo.

Continue along the path until you fall to a lower level. Here you will be assaulted by Wretches. Get your Lancer out and blast them while walking backwards; make sure you roll back to avoid their explosive deaths. After that onslaught, Marcus and Dom must split up. It doesn't matter which path you choose, you will not miss anything if you take either one over the other. For the purpose of following this walkthrough, take the left path.

lambent wretch
Lambent Wretch
On the LEFT path: You'll want to keep your distance from the enemies here, for the most part. Your path is riddled with Wretches and Drones so stay back behind cover and kill the Wretches before they can get too close, then switch to your Longshot and pick off the Drones in the distance. If you've get any downtime, you may as well help Dom with his side. At the end of the way, the two paths will intersect. Down the slope you will reach another Drone chokepoint. Watch out for the Lambent Wretches crawling on the roof above. The Gnasher users tend to try and jump your cover, so kill them before they can get too close.

COG Tag 24: When you reach the end of the tunnel, look for the Crimson Omen on the left side of the wall. As soon as the tunnel leads into the larger, open area, turn right and follow this wall, past the ammo box, to the COG Tag.

crimson omen
Crimson Omen
cog tag 24
Cog Tag 24
Angry Titan
Huh? Well that sure is a big Locust, isn't it?

This is a fairly simple battle; just try your best to avoid being crushed by those giant claws. Don't get too close, you can kill this thing while still retaining a good distance. If you're packing a Longshot here, you'll find that it isn't very useful against the Corpser, the Lancer will work much better. Wait until the Corpser raises its giant claws to bring them down upon you, then while the beast's stomach is exposed, unload the Lancer into it.

weak spot
Weak Spot
While it is writhing in pain, switch your aim to its chin and hit that to push it back. You'll need to do this a few times before the Corpser is in place. Once it is standing on the suspended platform, shoot at the clamps that are holding the platform in place. The platform will break off and fall into the Immultion below, taking the Corpser with it.

Launch in external player
Corpser Video

With the Corpser out of the way, take the path to the right of the fallen platform and regroup with your squad mates.

Tip of the Iceberg
You'll eventually reach the pumping station. Be sure to pick up the boxes of ammo as you go. Along the way, a Torque Bow will be pointed out to you. The Torque Bow is a powerful weapon. You can take it with you if you like, but the Longshot is preferable. The Torque Bow will prove useful against what you are about to face, however. If you've been using the Longshot against Drones primarily at this point, it would probably be safe to switch out the Lancer for the Torque Bow. If it helps, you won't be running into any more Wretches. Make your decision and proceed down the path. As Marcus explains, you're going straight through the middle, so when the path splits, continue moving forward.

pumping station
Pumping Station
Remember that Torque Bow you picked up? Yeah, well these Theron Guards are using Torque Bows, too. It probably wouldn't be a wise decision to simply rush into the station, so hang back with your Longshot and try to take out some of the Theron Guards that are visible on the outskirts of the station. Take cover behind the giant box northwest of the station, the far corner. One perfect reload Longshot bullet still kills these guys instantly in Casual or Hardcore, headshot or body shot. Be careful though and stay behind cover when you notice that a guard is preparing a bolt on the Torque Bow, because if one sticks to you, you're in pieces. The Torque Bow is also effective against the Theron Guards.

torque bow
Torque Bow
When the amount of enemies in the station has somewhat diminished, feel free to circle around in an attempt to get a shot at any stragglers. Once you have killed each visible Theron Guard, you'll have to step up onto the pumping station and finish clearing it out. Be wary! There are Gnasher-wielding Drones about. Once you have cleared out the station, hold the Y button to find your way to the Elevator button. Press it to complete the third act.

This guide is copyright 2007, no part of it may be reproduced without permission.