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The Basics Controls Active Reload Weapons Enemies
Campaign Walkthrough Act 1: Ashes Act 2: Nightfall Act 3: Belly of the Beast Act 4: The Long Road Home Act 5: Desperation
COG Tag Locations Achievements

COG Tag Locations

Act 1 COG Tag Locations

COG Tag: 01
Chapter: 14 Years After E-day

Once you are out of the cell (it does not matter whether you choose left or right), in the initial area, look in the distance for a sheet of metal. This sheet of metal contains the Crimson Omen symbol. On the ground at the foot of this sheet of metal is the COG Tag.
COG Tag: 02
Chapter: 14 Years After E-day

In the first chapter, you will reach a point where some Drones break through a door. From the door where the Locust broke through turn around and go straight until you reach the two downed pillars near the end of the room. Facing these pillars, turn right and notice the Crimson Omen on the standing pillar. Behind this pillar is a box of ammo and the COG Tag.
COG Tag: 03
Chapter: 14 Years After E-day

In the last area of this chapter, where the helicopter lands to pick Dom and Marcus up, as soon as you step into this area turn left and head up the steps. As soon as you are at the top of the stairs, turn left and retrieve the COG Tag in the corner. If you want this COG Tag, you must get to it before all of the enemies are dead, because if you don't you will be forced into the chapter end cutscene.
COG Tag: 04
Chapter: Trial By Fire

In the second area of this chapter, notice the Crimson Omen on the stone block at the far end. Can't miss it. Approach it, and while facing the omen turn right. Look in the grass between the stone blocks for the COG Tag.
COG Tag: 05
Chapter: Trial By Fire

You'll reach a ruins area with some Drones. An Emergence Hole opens up in between two pieces of cover. Once the room has been cleared, a door will open. Before heading out through the recently opened door, turn left while facing the door, look down and the tag is along the wall.
COG Tag: 06
Chapter: Fish in a Barrel

They are outside of the fountain, during the fountain battle at the end of the chapter. While in the fountain, look around near the stone blocks for the glint of the COG Tag. While it is safe, hop out from cover and retrieve the tag.
COG Tag: 07
Chapter: Knock Knock

This tag is found at the beginning of the chapter. Follow the hall and kick in the door at the end. You will find yourself back outside. The COG Tag is near. Facing towards the steps, turn left and stand along the edge of the giant hole in the street. Climb up the stairs here and placed along the stone fence is the tag.

COG Tag: 08
Chapter: Hammer

After finding Cole, follow your squad to a door. Kim will open it. As soon as you step through the doorway, turn left. The tag is next to a cement block.
COG Tag: 09
Chapter: Hammer

You'll come to a room containing the mutilated remains of a COG soldier. As soon as you reach the bottom of the stairs, turn right and look in the corner for the COG Tag.
COG Tag: 10
Chapter: China Shop

After the cutscene at the beginning of this chapter, move past the table that is on fire along the wall and turn right. Look down on the right side of this hall next to the fire for the tag.
COG Tag: 11
Chapter: China Shop

To the right of where the berserker smashes through the wall is a door. Roadie Run straight ahead to the other end of this area and position yourself in front of the big door. Shoot at the Berserker to get her attention, she will charge at you. When she is about to crash into you, roll to the side. The Berserker will break through the door, allowing you to access a new area. Lead her through the next room until you reach a door that looks like the first breakable one. Again, shoot to get her attention. Once it has been broken down, move into the next room. There is another breakable door here. Face the breakable door and turn left. In the corner below the window is the COG Tag.
COG Tag: 12
Chapter: China Shop

Once you have managed to get the Berserker outside, and as soon as you are outside, turn left and Roadie Run down to the large stone planter with the lamppost next to it. The tag is right beside the stone planter.

Act 2 COG Tag Locations

COG Tag: 13
Chapter: Tick Tick Boom

At one point your squad will split up. This tag is found after your squad has reunited. In the room where the squad reunites, behind the Troika gun emplacement there is a door. Try to kick it in; Jack will then open it for you. Go outside and follow this path until you reach a door in the next area. There is a set of stairs behind the door, head down them, hop over the cover and destroy the couch to the left. Under this couch you will find the COG Tag.
COG Tag: 14
Chapter: Grist

In the area where the Catwalk breaks, go through the doorway at the end of the catwalk. Here you will find yourself back outside. Take the stairs down, turn right and go behind the stairs to find the COG Tag.
COG Tag: 15
Chapter: Grist

Once the Stranded settlement is in view, and before proceeding, from the top of the stairs move straight ahead. Look behind the newspaper stands along the sidewalk for the COG Tag.
COG Tag: 16
Chapter: Lethal Dusk

After you witness the deaths of the guys at Checkpoint One, make your way through the building until you are back outside. A short battle will take place once you are back outside. Once those Drones are dead, shoot at the propane tank to the right of the car. Move over to the next car and shoot the propane tank behind the sheet of metal. There is a COG Tag near. From the closed Emergence Hole, look to your left for a propane tank underneath the shelter. Shoot it and then roll into the light. The tag is here.
COG Tag: 17
Chapter: Lethal Dusk

At one point you will have to control a spotlight for Dom while he makes his way to a switch that will turn on the streetlights. When the lights have been activated, move the spotlight over to the dark corner on the left side of your vision. Get off of the spotlight, exit this building and grab the COG Tag.
COG Tag: 18
Chapter: Dark Labyrinth

After a short cutscene, you will find yourself in an interior area. When you are back outside, turn right and look down to find the COG Tag.

Act 3 COG Tag Locations

COG Tag: 19
Chapter: Downpour

After your first encounter with the Lambent Wretches go through the doorway leading to a walkway. Travel the walkway to its end and as you walk along watch for a Crimson Omen on the wall to your right. Go behind the building with the mark on it and follow the bridge to its end to find COG Tag.
COG Tag: 20
Chapter: Evolution

This tag is found in the area where you must walk over planks of wood that are unstable. It is in the top right corner of this area. Watch your step!
COG Tag: 21
Chapter: Coalition Cargo

When you first reach this chapter in the mine cart room, before touching the green switch to the right, go through the doorway to your left. Down the stairs, turn right and look on the right side of the stairs by the plants for the COG Tag.
COG Tag: 22
Chapter: Darkest Before Dawn

At the beginning of the chapter, travel along the underground path, eventually you should see a Crimson Omen on the wall in the distance. The COG Tag is on the ground just before the omen.
COG Tag: 23
Chapter: Darkest Before Dawn

You will eventually reach a cutscene with Dom and Marcus falling down. Some Drones will appear, so kill them off. The COG Tag is over the stream to the right, next to the stone steps.
COG Tag: 24
Chapter: Darkest Before Dawn

This tag is found just before the Corpser Battle, but it can also be found and picked up during the "Angry Titan" chapter. When you reach the end of the tunnel before the Corpser's lair, look for the Crimson Omen on the left side of the wall. As soon as the tunnel leads into the larger, open area, turn right and follow this wall past the ammo box, to the COG Tag.

Act 4 COG Tag Locations

COG Tag: 25
Chapter: Campus Grinder

The tag is up the second set of stairs, straight ahead from where you began this act. It's right next to the stairs that lead up to a blocked door.
COG Tag: 26
Chapter: Bad to Worse

At the beginning of this chapter, head down the street and turn right at the rubble, near the wall across from the scrap car's trunk. The tag is there.
COG Tag: 27
Chapter: Imaginary Place

The tag is in the library, inside of the Fenix estate. Destroy the desk in this room to find the COG Tag underneath it.

Act 5 COG Tag Locations

COG Tag: 28
Chapter: Train Wreck

After the Berserker encounter on the freight train, go through the door that Jack opened and immediately turn to your left. The tag is in the corner.
COG Tag: 29
Chapter: Train Wreck

After obtaining COG Tag 28, go inside the car, back outside into the next one, and then inside the next one up. Moving through this car, when you pass the metal divider to your right, turn right and look in the corner for the COG Tag.
COG Tag: 30
Chapter: Train Wreck

Near the end, you'll come to a spot with four fuel tanks that can be released with the press of a button. While walking along this wall, look for a Crimson Omen to the left. Turn left as soon as you turn the corner. Left again to go through the doorway here, traveling this path all the way down to the switch activated door. Inside is the final COG Tag.

This guide is copyright 2007, no part of it may be reproduced without permission.