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Campaign Walkthrough Act 1: Ashes Act 2: Nightfall Act 3: Belly of the Beast Act 4: The Long Road Home Act 5: Desperation
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Gears of Wars - Act 4: The Long Road Home

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Campus Grinder
Bad to Worse
Close to Home
Imaginary Place

Campus Grinder
Right off the bat, another battle. You just never get a break, do you? Head through the gates and get behind some cover, the stone blocks will do. Hopefully you still have an adequate amount of ammo for the Longshot. With whatever ammo you have left, hang back and pick off any Drones that you can.

COG Tag 25: You'll probably want to wait until the amount of enemies has dwindled somewhat before you pursue this tag. The tag is up the second set of stairs, straight ahead from where you began this act. It's right next to the stairs that lead up to a blocked door.

crimson omen
Crimson Omen
cog tag 25]
Cog Tag 25]
Fact: There is a sniper around the building north of the COG statue. There are also some Gnasher users, as well as Drones who will use the Lancer Chainsaw Bayonet. Whatever you do, donít let a Drone get too close to you. There are also Torque Bows, so watch out. Be ready because once the initial batch of Drones has been killed, more Drones and some Theron Guards will enter the battle field. They'll appear where the COG Tag is found.

If you're running low on Longshot ammo, head towards the building north of the COG statue, where the sniper was. There is a box of ammo sitting in front of this building and another one behind the sand bags outside. After that, two Boomers will appear. Great! Luckily, if you have a Torque Bow with you (or killed something that had a Torque Bow), just one bolt will kill a Boomer. If you don't have a bow on hand, take cover and kill them with your Longshot. After the battle, you are presented with another left and right path choice. Again, for the purpose of following this walkthrough, take the left path. The left path is much better than the right, if you have a Longshot with you.

On the LEFT path: Follow Baird, but be careful! There are Theron Guards around this area. When you come to the window area, overlooking the courtyard where the other two squad members are, take out the Drones down below. There's a Longshot up here if you do not already have one. Again, be careful because there are Theron Guards among them and they can easily get you with a Torque Bow bolt from down below. Should that happen, it would mean game over for you.

With the yard below clear, hop over the cover to the left of the window. As you will quickly become aware, there is a Seeder down below. Shoot the Nemacyst out of the air without letting them get too close to you.

There are Wretches in the next area - the non-explosive variation, thankfully. In the Wretch room near the windows there is a Hammer of Dawn. Pick it up and use it to kill the Seeder outside, through the windows. With the Seeder dead, snipe the Drones down below. Once again, watch for the Theron Guards and their Torque Bows. With everything dead, move to the end of this area and use the handwheel on the wall to open the gate for the others.

Move along the walkway and through the doorway at the opposite end. Careful as you walk past the windows, as there is a sniper standing in the doorway of the building across the way. There are some Frag Grenades and an ammo box down the stairs at the end of the walkway. Outside, a couple of Drones will appear. Stay behind the pillars, using the hedges as cover, and take them out with your Longshot. Wretches will come out of the crack in the middle of the street, so beat them down. Cross the street and head into the building, turn left and go through the doorway on the opposite side of the fence. As pointed out to you, shoot the propane tank next to the truck in front of the gate to open the way.

propane tanks
Propane Tanks
Bad to Worse
COG Tag 26: Head down the street and turn right at the rubble. Look near the wall across from the scrap carís trunk for the tag.

crimson omen
Crimson Omen
cog tag 26
Cog Tag 26
Turn left at the rubble. There is an ammo box behind the sandbags to the right. You will come to two doors that need to be opened by Jack. While Jack is in the process of opening the door, you will be attacked by a couple of Drones and some Wretches, coming from the path behind you. Kill the Drones from afar with your Longshot, and beat down the Wretches as they come towards you. After those enemies have been dealt with, an Emergence Hole opens up across from the conservatory doors, and two Boomers come out. If you have a Torque Bow with you, this will be simple. Hide behind cover and wind up the bow by holding down on the right trigger. Once it is loaded, aim with the left trigger and hit a Boomer with the bolt. One bolt kills. If you don't have a Torque Bow with you, take cover and use the Longshot.

After the fight, head into the conservatory. Inside the conservatory, head up the walkway. Follow this walkway and eventually you will reach some stairs leading down. Take the Hammer of Dawn at the end of these stairs because you'll need it. You've probably already figured out what's coming next. Through the door and into the main area, head for the doorway on the far left. Berserker! Head through the door and the Berserker will crash through the wall as you move down the hall and into the next area. In the next area, the Berserker breaks through the wall to join you. Anya confirms that the Hammer of Dawn is online so now it's only a matter of getting an open sky above your head.

BOSS BATTLE: Berserker
With the Hammer of Dawn online, all you need to do is open up the sky and trap the Berserker in the same manner you did the first time. In the conservatory area, there are several pillars holding the glass above in place. You must guide the Berserker to these pillars. (Remember, she is blind and relies on scent and sound to track her enemies.) You will have to stand in front of the pillars and draw her attention in some way in order to get her charging in your direction so she can collide with the pillars. Getting her attention is simple. While standing in front of one of the pillars, just shoot her. Of course, get out of the way before she rams into you, unless you want to see what would happen to Marcus if he were struck by a freight train. Spoiler: He dies.

Once the Berserker has removed one or more of the pillars in the conservatory, it's time to use the Hammer of Dawn. Same deal here as the last time: Wait until after the Berserker has finished charging, then charge the Hammer of Dawn, guiding the beam with the right thumbstick once the Hammer is activated. You don't have to bust more than one pillar. If you are quick enough you can take the Berserker out as soon as she rams into the first pillar. If you were the bait, just roll away from the pillar she'll be colliding with, then charge the Hammer while she is still confused. Use the Hammer of Dawn on this Berserker a couple of times in order to kill her.

hammer of dawn
Hammer of Dawn
After the fight, a way out will be shown to you. Head for the handwheel in the middle of the wall at the end of the conservatory to turn on the water, which will get rid of the flames blocking the way.

Proceed through the doorway left of the giant statue in the middle of this area. If you managed to defeat the Berserker fast enough, you will still have some time left to use the Hammer of Dawn. If this is the scenario, things will be simple in this next area. Use the Hammer of Dawn to kill the Troika Gunner. If the Hammer of Dawn is offline, use your Longshot. As long as the Hammer of Dawn is offline, you can switch it for a Gnasher inside the building here, to the right as soon as you enter. An Emergence Hole will open up in the distance, then one behind you near the doorway that you came through to enter this area. If you've got some frags with you, plug them up. If not, take cover by the Troika gun emplacement, behind the sandbags. The Wretches will climb up the steps and hop over the sandbags one by one. Beat them down as they do. Use your Longshot to kill the Drones in the area down below.

After the fight, go through the doorway opposite the one you came through. Watch out, there's a Theron Elite up on one of the roofs in this area, and he's gunning for you. Some Nemacyst will also appear, so shoot them down before they can get close enough to cause any damage. Hang back in the building and take out the Drones from afar with your Longshot. Quite a few Drones will drop down and join the fight from various places, so watch your back.

There is a box of ammo between the two stone flower holders in the middle of this area, if you are in need of ammo. You'll probably need it, and then once all of the Drones are dead, a Boomer will appear. Get behind some cover and take him out. Luckily, there's only one Boomer this time. Proceed and when you reach the corpse of a Seeder, take the Frag Grenades from on the ground next to it.

Head down the hall and kick in the door. Here you'll catch a quick glimpse of our Theron friend. Follow him but don't try to shoot him because, for now, he can't be killed. Before you can continue the pursuit, there are some Drones in your path. Don't get too close to these guys because they are using Gnasher Shotguns. You'll also have to face yet another Boomer here. There are some frags at the bottom of the left set of stairs. Since you just hit a checkpoint you can afford to take chances.

If you are out of Longshot ammo, get close to the Boomer with a Frag Grenade in hand and press the B button to attach it to him, then quickly roll away to avoid the explosion. After the fight, head into the next area. If you need some ammo, turn left when you enter the next area and walk all the way down to the gate in the distance. Turn left here and there's your box of ammo. Proceed through the archway and turn right. Go through the gate on your left when you reach it.

Close to Home
Take some cover behind the railing. There are some Drones down below, as well as some Theron Guards. The guards have Torque Bows so be careful. Taking a Torque Bow for yourself will prove useful here. There's a box of ammo behind you in the indent along the wall. Once everything below you is dead, head down the stairs. Kick in the door on the wall to your left. Go into the washroom for a grisly scene, as well as a box of ammo. Back outside, step past the back wall and you will find yourself in a mausoleum. There are Drones here, careful because some of them may attempt to chainsaw you.

Through the mausoleum and into the next area, there are some Drones and a Troika gun emplacement across from you. If you've got a Torque Bow with you, you can take the gunner out easily. Take cover behind the statue or rail, and hold down on the right trigger to charge the bow. Once it is charged you can pop out from cover and shoot the gunner, killing him if it sticks. There are Gnasher users about, so watch your back.

theron guard
Theron Guard
torque bow
Torque Bow
At the end of the walkway that has the Troika on it, there are some Frag Grenades. With all of the Drones dead, the gate at the end of the road will open. There is a Theron Guard here. Kill him and take the Torque Bow ammo if you've got one with you. There's a box of ammo up the steps by the door to the left. Continue down the path, kick in the gate when you reach it.

Imaginary Place
You must make your way to the Fenix estate, which is at the top of this area. You'll finally get to kill that Theron Elite, too. If you need ammo, hop over the railing on the first level; there's a box next to the statue. Boomer? Afraid so. You're going to want to be extra careful here. Since he has the height advantage, he can easily clip you with the Boomshot. If you've got a Torque Bow you can kill this Boomer easily. If you donít have a Torque Bow, grab one from the downed Theron. You'll be able to find plenty of ammo on your way up. Once you have made it to the top, a Theron Guard will come out through the gate. After a short cutscene, approach the estate and kick the door in.

theron elite
Theron Elite
Move through the main hall and take the stairs up to the second level. After a short fight with some Drones, head back down the stairs and turn right. Emergence Hole found here, so throw a frag in to close it up. Once that hole has been closed, another one will open up somewhere else. A Drone wielding a Gnasher Shotgun will break through the door straight across from the area where the first hole opened up, so don't run ahead too quickly.

fenix estate
Fenix Estate
emergence hole
Emergence Hole
Proceed through the recently opened door. Down the hall, another Emergence Hole will open. You can try and throw a Frag Grenade into the room, if you wish. If you don't have any, take cover behind the couch in the middle of the room. Be warned, the couch is destructible cover. When the hole has closed, facing away from the couch, head down the hall and go through the doorway to the left. Follow this hall down to the library.

COG Tag 27: Destroy the desk in the library room to find the COG Tag.

crimson omen
Crimson Omen
cog tag 27
Cog Tag 27
In the next room, use the handwheel by the gate to raise it. Head down the stairs and into the basement. At the bottom of the stairs in the next room, there are a couple of Drones so don't move too fast. Move through the proceeding rooms, eventually you will reach the hidden lab.

Down the steps, kick the shelf along the back wall, the one on the farthest left - it will be pointed out to you. Jack will have to open this door, but in the meantime you can fend of the group of Drones coming your way. The pillars in this area make fine cover so let the Drones come to you, all the while making sure to protect Jack until he has opened the door. This onslaught may be tough to handle. From afar, and with your Longshot if you have one, try picking off the Drones down the hall.

When one gets through the hall, use a Gnasher or other weapon to kill them. As mentioned earlier, the pillars make good cover as you can run around them to avoid fire from Drones that have managed to get too close. Since the hall is narrow, Frag Grenades can be useful here. Once Jack has opened the door, head on inside.

drone onslaught
Drone Onslaught
After the cutscene, make your way back to the upper level. Wretches will spawn in the basement, so ready your beat down weapon. Back upstairs in the library, more Wretches. The yellow doors will only open once Wretches stop spawning, so stand your ground. When you have made it back to the main hall, head up the stairs to the second level. Approach the window on the left side for a short cutscene. After that, begin sniping the Drones down below.

A Boomer appears with a large, blunt object. You can't kill this one, so don't even bother shooting at him. When the enemies have entered the house, circle around the walkway and use your Longshot (if you have one), to kill them. By circling around, you can easily get a shot at most of the Drones, even if they are behind cover. Watch for the Boomer. After the initial onslaught, get back down to the first level and go through the open doorway near the stairs.

Move through these rooms until you come to the windows overlooking the courtyard. There is an Emergence Hole down below, throw a grenade into it if you have one. Snipe any Drones down below, then shoot at the two planks of wood that are blocking the door at the opposite end of the courtyard. Head back down the stairs and kick in the double doors.

blocked door
Blocked Door
This next part should be fun. You've got thirty seconds to get your ass to the APC, while a bunch of Drones and a couple of Boomers stand in your way. It's time to show off those evasive skills. Roadie Run or roll in every direction, anything that you can do to avoid being blown to pieces by those Boomers. Luckily the APC is not very far, so just start running for it as soon as you are out of the house. Nope, no Brumak boss battle for you, 360 gamers. What a letdown...

This guide is copyright 2007, no part of it may be reproduced without permission.