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The Basics Controls Active Reload Weapons Enemies
Campaign Walkthrough Act 1: Ashes Act 2: Nightfall Act 3: Belly of the Beast Act 4: The Long Road Home Act 5: Desperation
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Gears of Wars - Act 5: Desperation

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Special Delivery
Train Wreck
Pale Horse

Special Delivery
Snipers on the bridge! Get behind some cover quickly. Use your own Longshot to kill them, preferably by headshot. From the left of your starting position, some Wretches are around the corner. An Emergence Hole also opens to your left, behind the overturned van. There are some Frag Grenades near the downed COG soldier, to the right of the statue by the dumpster. Even more Emergence Holes will open up once you have plugged up the first one. Possibly more than you have the frags for, but at least close up a few of them to make things easier on yourself. As soon as you have closed the one that opens to the left of your starting position, turn around and go to the right of your starting position, by the train. Another one will open up there, so be ready with a Frag Grenade.

emergence hole
Emergence Hole
The next one opens up directly behind the last one, near the rubble. Careful, the Drones that come up from this hole will use the Lancer's chainsaw bayonet so don't get too close if they have emerged. Drones will enter the train car next, so grab some cover and kill them with your Longshot as they are shooting through the car's windows. After the fight, take the two planks of wood at the back of the train car to the opposite side of the track.

Train Wreck
There's plenty of cover for you to use on the freight train. You have to make your way to the train cars but Drones and Theron Guards stand in your way. Don't stay out in the open while Theron Guards are around (remember: they are the ones with the Torque Bows). If you notice that one is charging their bow, do not leave your cover. They can only hold the bolt in place for so long, so once they are forced to let it fly, inevitably missing you, leave cover and attack them. Grab a Torque Bow if you don't mind parting with one of your current weapons, just be sure to keep the Longshot. The Drones here have Lancers, and they seem to charge and jump cover quite often. If they get too close, fallback.

torque bow
Torque Bow
Once you have reached the end of the way, try and open the door to the left. Jack will have to open it for you. In the meantime, you'll have your hands full dealing with the Berserker that somehow got herself onto the train.

BOSS BATTLE: Berserker
Berserker number three. You don't have a Hammer of Dawn this time, but you can still be rid of this beast. There are three ways that you can go about doing this. (Donít forget the Berserker is blind and relies on scent and sound to move around, so you will have to guide her.) One way that you can kill her is to lure her to the cart past the green button. When she is standing on that cart, roll back to the previous cart and press the green button to detach the cart she is on, killing the Berserker in the process.

Way number two, lure her to the cart with the red fuel tank. While she is standing on that cart, throw a frag next to the red fuel tank, or shoot it with a Torque Bow -- just don't be on that cart yourself. If you are quick enough, you can kill her before she can even reach your cart.

Way number three to kill her is to detach the cart with the green button or fuel tank, then stand before the train's end. Have the Berserker charge towards you, roll out of the way and she will fall off of the train.

Launch in external player
Berserker Video

Now that she's out of the way, you can proceed into the train cars.

COG Tag 28: Go through the door that Jack opened and immediately turn to your left. The COG Tag is in the corner here.

Crimson Omen
Crimson Omen
Cog Tag 28
Cog Tag 28
There are a couple of Drones in this car. There are also Reavers flying alongside the train. These Reavers will shoot through the windows, so to avoid their fire, crouch and take cover somewhere in the middle of the car. Back outside, if you wish, you can shoot at the Reavers. A few perfect reload Longshot bullets seem to dismantle these guys, in Hardcore at least. A Torque Bow will do, too. Take out the Drones and Theron on the outside car here, and then enter the next car.

COG Tag 29: When you pass by a metal divider on the right, turn right and look in the corner for a COG Tag.

Crimson Omen
Crimson Omen
Cog Tag 28
Cog Tag 29
Grab the frags on the left, then open and proceed through the door on the right. There's a Torque Bow in this area so if you don't already have one with you, definitely take one now. Climb up the ladder. There are chainguns up here that you can use to fend off the Reavers. The Torque Bow is quite effective, too. If you have collected an adequate amount of ammo from Theron Guards up to this point, use the Torque Bow against them. However, be careful not to stand out of cover as some of the Reaver riders are packing Torque Bows. Try to attach the bolts on the top part of the Reaver, in front of the rider. This way the blast from the bolt should kill both. Perfect reload Torque Bow bolts work well this way.

When you have exhausted the Torque Bow, either switch to the Chainguns or switch to your Longshot. The Longshot is only really effective if you can manage to get perfect reloads each time. In order to kill both the Reavers on the right and the Reavers on the left, you'll have to switch from chaingun to chaingun to get a shot on them. With all of the Reavers surrounding the train gone, head back down the ladder and follow Dom through the door.

You will now find yourself on the side of the train. The Lambent Wretches return here. Great. If you have the Boltok Pistol with you, itíll make short work of them. Shoot them and quickly back away to avoid the explosion. You will eventually reach an area with four large fuel tanks piled up along the side of the train. More Reavers, so take them out with either a Longshot or Torque Bow.

Press the button to release the four fuel tanks. Travel along the side of the train and go through the door. Run to the end of this car and try to open the door. Jack will need to open it for you, but in the meantime you will be facing an onslaught of Lambent Wretches. This part may prove difficult, but lucky for you, you just hit a checkpoint. Try to keep your distance from them, though that can be a difficult thing to do because of their speed. If they die right in front of you, roll backwards to avoid taking damage.

Sorry, you're not done just yet! Once Jack has opened the door, run to the other side because the section of train that you are currently on is about to detach! When you have made it safely to the other side, hit the green button and go through the door. Now release the fuel tanks along the side of the train.

COG Tag 30: You know what that Crimson Omen means. Go left as soon as you turn the corner. Left again to go through the doorway here. Travel this path all the way down to the switch activated door. Inside you will find the final COG Tag.

Crimson Omen
Crimson Omen
Cog Tag 30
Cog Tag 30
Pale Horse
Stock up on everything that you can get your greedy little hands on. First of all, be sure that your Longshot is fully loaded. Frag Grenades, you'll need them, too. If you still have Torque Bow ammo, that's wonderful.

Alright, once you're ready, take a deep breath and open the door for the final showdown!

General Raam is one scary looking Locust. And that is a Troika that he's holding! There are also Kryll flying around him. Sure, heís scary, but fortunately he isn't as tough as he looks. The Longshot is your best friend here, even more so if you are able to achieve perfect reloads 90% of the time. Raam is invulnerable while the Kryll are surrounding him. They will disperse occasionally; this is the time to deal damage. You can force them to separate from Raam if you hit him with something explosive, such as a Frag Grenade or Torque Bow bolt. Torque Bow bolts work best, but if you do not have any with you, you will have to make due with frags. It is easy to blind throw and hit Raam as he is walking slowly towards you.

general raam
General Raam
kryll dispersed
Kryll Dispersed
Perfect reloads are more important then ever during this battle. When the Kryll disperse, use your Longshot to damage Raam. Aim for the head, but it will be kind of hard due to the fact that you are more than likely being shot by Raam's Troika while you are trying to aim. If you must, use a perfect reload Longshot bullet on Raam's body. His Troika can cut you down pretty quickly so do not take any chances. Cease aiming and duck back down into cover if you are taking too much damage.

Raam will slowly walk towards you. When he reaches your location (that is standing right in front of your piece of cover), you'll have to run to the opposite side of the cart and seek refuge behind an identical piece of cover. This is dangerous because Raam will be shooting at you, and with Kryll about, you cannot step into the darkness. That is why you must move fast. Roadie Run and roll, do whatever you must do to get yourself safely behind that piece of cover.

As mentioned before, Raam (on Casual and Hardcore, at least) is not too difficult for a final boss battle. It may take a few tries, but don't give up. If you are hitting perfect reloads all the time, you'll be able to down him pretty quickly.

That's it, youíve completed Gears of War! Congratulations on a job well done. Think you're up for Insane?

This guide is copyright 2007, no part of it may be reproduced without permission.