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The base game contains 23 Achievements that are worth a total of 1000g.

Regular Achievements

  • Beast Master (100g) Complete Dark Lord's Intro Campaign Mission.

    This will come naturally as you play the game and requires no special action on your part.

  • Challenger (40g) Complete all of the challenges for every level of one hero's campaign.

    This Achievement is unlocked exactly as described - for completing all of the challenges (medals) for a single Hero. This may very well be one of the most difficult Achievement in the game and certainly will be for some players who have problems with specific challenges.

    The most effective tactic seems to be to grind this with the Hero you feel is the most capable.

  • Close Calls (10g) Kill 10 units threatening your toybox in one mission.

    This is unlocked for killing units that are about to enter your Toybox. Basically when you get the prompt that your Toybox is under attack, killing the unit(s) that caused that alarm qualifies for this. Simply kill 10 of them and you unlock it.

    Base Hero: Kaiser Wilhelm
    Base Hero: Kaiser Wilhelm

  • Collector (35g) Collect all of the toys for a single hero.

    This refers specifically to the weapons that each Hero can be equipped with. In the Army Upgrade Menu when you select the Hero you have active you can see the three different options for each weapon slot. Simply unlock them all to unlock this Achievement.

    Note: You do NOT have to PAY Tokens for this. As you complete each level, at around 25% completion for the Hero, you should have won all of them.

  • Completionist (100g) Collect all of the toys for all of the core Heroes.

    This Achievement applies ONLY to the following Heroes: The Kaiser, Dark Lord, Phantom, and Star Bright. The other four Heroes are DLC add-ons for the base version of the game and are included in the premium version, but do not apply to this Achievement.

  • Emperor (100g) Complete Kaiser's Intro Campaign Mission.

    This will come naturally as you play the game and requires no special action on your part.

  • Eye for an Eye (5g) Get 10 paybacks in a single player or multi-player match.

    The criteria for this is not entirely clear, but it appears to be units that have done damage to one of your turrets. We unlocked this during a wave for which we did not lose ANY turrets, so it cannot be for killing units that killed one of your turrets. Just saying. This should come naturally from regular game play and should not require any special action on your part.

  • Future Soldier (100g) Complete Phantom's Intro Campaign Mission.

    This will come naturally as you play the game and requires no special action on your part.

  • Love and Happiness (100g) Complete Star Power's Intro Campaign Mission.

    This will come naturally as you play the game and requires no special action on your part.

  • Maximum Power! (30g) Attach every upgrade to a turret.

    Just like it sounds - it will unlock when you have added all of the upgrades for a single turret.

  • Oooooo Shiny (30g) Get a platinum medal on any level.

    This one is just as it sounds - it unlocks once you score a Platinum Finishing Medal for a level. Scoring high enough to obtain Platinum basically requires three things from you - effective manual occupation and use of the turrets, skipping timers, and good Toybox health score.

  • Pew Pew (25g) Use every turret and hero weapon of every core hero.

    This is unlocked just as it sounds, using JUST the core Heroes that come with the base game. It does not come naturally as you do have to make the effort to use each of the Hero weapons.

  • Power Up (10g) Attach an upgrade to a turret.

    This should come naturally as part of regular game play, and unlock the first time you upgrade a turret.

    Base Hero: Phantom
    Base Hero: Phantom

  • Squish (10g) Crush a turret with a hero vehicle.

    When you use a Hero Vehicle to "crush" an enemy turret this will unlock. During Imperial Railroad, instead of shooting the enemy turrets with the Tank, simply drive it on top of them, and it will "crush" them (you will note that their health drops as it is on top of them), thus unlocking this Achievement.

  • Welcome to the Toybox (5g) Choose your first hero.

    This comes naturally as you play the game, and is awarded the first time you change Heroes.

  • What's in the Box? (20g) Purchase a Blind Box pack.

    This unlocks when you spend Tokens in the in-game store to buy any of the boxes there, and redeem it.

  • You Shall Not Pass (30g) Survive 10 rounds in any Survival mission.

    This is unlocked just like it sounds, though to be honest for a lot of players this is actually a pretty tough one! We found that it was easiest to unlock from the He-Man Survival Level. YMMV.

Multi-Player Achievements

  • Always Stealing mah Kills (20g) Get 10 assists in a multi-player match.

    An "Assist" during MP play is where you kill a unit that your partner has previously damaged.

  • Best Friends (20g) Play a co-op game to completion.

    This is unlocked just as it sounds - for completing the game with your co-op partner.

  • Booooom! (30g) Call in your barrage in a multi-player match.

    Simply obtain the necessary Action Points and then trigger your barrage to claim this one.

  • Competitive Urge (40g) Win 100 multi-player matches.

    This will come naturally - eventually - if you are playing MP.

  • Hero POWER! (100g) Call in your hero vehicle in a multi-player match.

    This should come easily during MP play.

  • Shut Down (40g) Kill an enemy player's hero in a multi-player match.

    Just like it sounds, and relatively easy to unlock.

Base Hero: Darklord
Base Hero: Darklord


Most of the MP Achievements can be boosted locally, using a second controller, on your console.

When boosting them in this fashion though, it helps to actually have another player using the controller, as you will need to juggle them otherwise.

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