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12. Kaiser Wilhelm: Candyslides

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Level Medal 1: Kill 250 Units with their Counter-Turret.

Level Medal 2: Finish the level without upgrading turrets.

This time we are facing off against Star Bright's Army, and of course that means harder to hit smaller Infantry targets. Sigh.

This battlefield has FOUR Toyboxes that you need to defend, and the attacks can come from any side of the field. The first one usually comes from the left - but you should build at least one MG on either side. Ideally in the middle battlefield area.

Critical Strategy: To get through this level with anything like a healthy Toybox you have to do three things - you have to rapidly switch to the strategically placed Turrets and fight, you have to place a LOT of Turrets - and you have to build Air Defense BEFORE you need it.

The reason for that last is that you need to get the Air Defense Range, Damage AND HP upgraded! Because the secret punch to this level is the literally air force attack that comes once the Infantry has you lulled into a false sense of security.

Remember to savor your successes - the Platimum Medals will not all come easy!

Here is the thing... To have ANY chance of finishing this level, you really seriously truly NEED to protect the Toyboxes. Every single point matters. And you only have 100. Period.

So with those essential details covered, it is time to address the challenges.

Level Medal 1: Kill 250 Units with their Counter-Turret.

Since you are going to be manning turrets a LOT this one will come naturally. In fact the only issue for this is actually surviving the level!

No, we were not being funny there. Maybe a little sarcastic. Look, this is really a hard level. Do not expect to cake-walk it!

But if you remember that you can use the D-Pad to change turrets, and you get really good at protecting your Toyboxes... You can do this!

Level Medal 2: Finish the level without upgrading turrets.

To be honest here, we do not recommend you try this with The Kaiser. Oh, in theory it might maybe could be done, but probably not.

While we are on this subject we should re-state something that we broached previously... And that is, all Heroes are NOT made equal. The Kaiser uses older turrets that have serious limitations in terms of what you can accomplish with them, and what they can accomplish on their own.

The point we are making here is that you should not assume that The Kaiser weapons are intended to be sufficient for this challenge - or to completing all of the Hero Challenges period. You will find that some of the other Heroes have an easier time with these. That is plain fact.

That said if you truly mean to beat your head against the wall and try with The Kaiser, well, good luck with that. We feel like we owe it to you to tell you how bad an idea that is though. After all this IS a guide to the game, and the truth is that this level in particular is hard enough just to get through at ALL. Let alone get through with the challenges unlocked.

We are just saying.

Score Run

As noted above this is a really rough and tough level - and it is not the hardest - that is still coming up!

So with that in mind you should consider just getting through this to be a major accomplishment. Ah, but how do you do that?

You get through this level by doing the following:

  • Place lots of Turrets.

  • Place and upgrade Air Defenses early.

  • Learn to quickly man the turrets to defend.

  • Learn WHICH turrets are the most strategic.

That really is all that there is to this.

Each Hero offers different challenges as your enemy, and different perks as your Hero

Hero: Phantom

You can say a lot about this level - it is challenging, it is tough - but one thing is for sure, it was NOT made for Phantom's Turrets. In fact due to their need to overlap their fire to be effective, using Phantom for this is harder than it was with The Kaiser.

A lot of that has to do with the strategic use of beam weapons. The rapid cycle rate for their fire actually makes them weaker than the standard MG and Anti-Armor overall, but of course the Anti-Armor is more effective versus Armor Units - but wow they suck against fairies!

What we are saying is that you may have a little trouble actually getting through this one, let alone unlocking its Challenges. Just saying.

Due to the weaknesses of the turrets the best working strategy is to lay in a line of MG Turrets from left to right, their range upgraded as much as possible. Range in this instance is more important than damage - but damage is also important. So be sure to upgrade that when you can.

Now that said, the aiming of the Turrets on their own are not good - so you have to take control and protect the Toyboxes.

With that basic line of defense covering each box, you then add Anti-Armor in the next line, and above that more MG Turrets. But do NOT fixate on that as you ALSO need to add adequate Anti-Air because if you do not, when the floating castles arrive, you are dead.

Follow that basic strategy and you can get this level completed with this Hero. Not easily mind you, but it can be done.

Hero: Star Bright

The first observation that needs to be made here is that the army we are facing is Star Bright. Which means that as we are using Star Bright, we are at a decided advantage. Mostly thanks to the splash damage from the MG turrets to be honest but still, the powerful Anti-Armor and better than decent Flak does not hurt here!

For the first time with a hero and this level, as long as you pay attention to the toybox approaches and man the MG turrets as needed it is easily possible to come through this with a toybox that is 100 points. So yeah, bonus!

As you play with and against them you will find that there are one or two Heroes you just like better than the others. Finding the Hero you like best is key to finding the one to conquer the game with!

Hero: Darklord

You will be using the same strategy that we used for The Kaiser for this hero.

His weapons are not as robust in terms of dishing damage overall as that of Star Bright, but they are as strong and maybe - at least in the case of the Anti-Armor - a little bit stronger.

You may find that this hero is particularly challenged for doing the challenges / medals - which is why we don't recommend it. This one, specifically, is what you might call an acquired taste.

Hero: GI Joe Duke

This hero is basically a new and improved version of The Kaiser - which means you can follow the strategy from The Kaiser run-thru pretty much to the letter, though Duke will be a bit more effective both in damage dealing and defense.

Hero: GI Joe Cobra Enemy

The Cobra Hero uses the same strategy that you used for The Kaiser, having similar weapon platforms (though more modern).

If you are looking for the perfect hero to do the medal challenges, this is very likely the one. It certainly has an edge over all of the other Heroes, that is for sure. Particularly in terms of its anti-armor, which is Stinger Missile based.

Simply follow the strategy from The Kaiser section to complete the level.

Hero: He-Man

This hero is basically an energy-based version of The Kaiser - which means you can follow the strategy from The Kaiser run-thru pretty much to the letter, though He-Man will be a bit less effective both in damage dealing and defense.

Of course if you just want to play He-Man - you know, you have He-Man fantasies and such - well nobody is stopping you! Go for it!

Hero: Ezio

For the Ezio Hero you follow the standard strategy that is used by The Kaiser. Bear in mind though that the weaker attack and damage powers of Ezio's turrets means you will need to begin your attacks earlier and pay closer attention to how close you allow the enemy to get to your toybox.

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