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4. Kaiser Wilhelm: Ancient Battlefield

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Level Medal 1: Kill 50 Infantry with Anti-Tank Turret.

Level Medal 2: Finish the Level without taking control of a Turret.

This tine we get treated to an even more interesting starting setup in that we enter the level in control of the special flying mob - a large hawk or eagle who has two weapons - MGs that you use the Right Trigger to fire, and Bombs (in the form of 20-sided dies and how freaking cool is THAT?!) that you drop with the Left Trigger.

Now the tricks to this flying mob are simple enough - try not to fly into the ground with it, and remember that it is battery powered - so to keep it in play you have to collect batteries.

The Full Campaign Map - 17 Battlefields to Conquer
The Full Campaign Map - 17 Battlefields to Conquer

That said though, you are not going to want to keep it in play immediately because if you do you are not seeing to the defenses of your Toybox - and since this is a game ABOUT defending your Toybox, well, that is not so good a thing...

So dump out of the eagle/hawk after you drop some bombs than consider your build strategy. Ah, but before we DO that, we need to pay attention to the challenges for this level - since you know, starting out is generally all about the challenges, right?

Those are to kill 50 Infantry with the Anti-Tank Turret, and to complete the level without manning ANY turrets. So obviously we cannot unlock both of them at the same go because, naturally, Infantry kills only count when WE do the killing by manning the Anti-Tank Turret.

Right, so first run through, a good basic strategy is to build an MG on the left, and an Anti-Tank Turret on the right of the second set of spots back from the front.

Honestly we did not build on the two forward spots at all because they are too close to the enemy line and so get pounded to dust quickly.

An MG turret on the back spot near the Toybox will nicely clean up anything we miss, while two (2) Anti-Arkraft Flak Guns (with as much upgrade as we can quickly manage) will nicely address the flying menace of the enemy eagle.hawks and their 20c dice bombs, we are just saying.

Right, so with that setup, you should easily be able to accomplish the following, in successive playthroughs:

  • First - manning the Anti-Tank Turret, kill 50 Infantry.

  • Second - NOT manning ANY Turret, win the level.

Be aware that you will likely get the lowest score when you attempt the second challenge largely due to the need to constantly repair and upgrade turrets. That said, so what? You meet the challenge, and that is what is important!

With that managed our next goal should be to obtain the best possible score - and to do that we need to do a number of things. Those are:

  • Quickly place our turrets.

  • Focus your upgrades on a single turret - the one you will use more - to save money.

  • Skip timers as fast as possible.

  • DO as much damage to the enemy through manned turrets as we can manage.

Follow that step-by-step approach and you should easily get the measure of score you are seeking!

Completing the first play-through and victory of this Level will also unlock the Hero Dark Lord. So well done you! That is ALL of the Heroes unlocked now and, if you purchased the Hall of Fame Edition (as we did) you should also have all of the Premium Heroes as well. If not, then you will have to buy them as DLC.

Hints and Tips: First and foremost, do NOT sweat the little stuff. If you are only scoring an overall Silver on these levels that is pretty good for a player who is just getting used to and learning a game! So do not worry about that for now. There are more important and strategic elements to concern yourself with.

General Strategy calls for placing your first tactical unit - the MG Turret - on each map
General Strategy calls for placing your first tactical unit - the MG Turret - on each map

Like leveling up your Heroes! The best approach to that is very much like how you approach all of the other aspects of level completion. Split it up into manageable parts. For example at first your focus should be to get each Hero to Level 20. Naturally along the way you are also wanting to unlock every Medal (challenge) as that applies to the Hero who is attached to the Campaign, but that should come as a natural part of your play once you divide up the goals!

Another important tip is to repeat a level if you feel like you could have done better immediately because, if you feel that way, you probably COULD have done better.

When you complete this Level in addition to unlocking the Hero Dark Lord, you will also unlock the Achievement: Love and Happiness (100g) Completed Star Power's Intro Campaign Mission.

Hero: Phantom

As you may previously have discovered, Phantom's more modern and powerful weapons translates into needing fewer turrets to do the same basic job, which naturally translates into higher scores for you!

For this battlefield you will find that you can easily complete it using just 1 Anti-Armor Turret, 1 Flak Gun, and 2 MG Turrets (if you are doing the challenge to complete the level without manning a turret - otherwise you can do it with ONE MG Turret).

Turret Placements... The Flak Gun is placed for you as you start the level with it. Place the MG closest to the Toybox so it has a clear sight along the left-right road. Place the Anti-Armor Turret up front in the middle.

With those tasks accomplished all you need to do is upgrade damage and range and you will find this level a trivial challenge at the most....

The next step is to upgrade damage and range for your MG Turret
The next step is to upgrade damage and range for your MG Turret

Hero: Star Bright

Despite the silly factor as it relates to this Heroes weapons they actually do pretty well against the Dark Lord and his forces! In fact it is something of a toss up as to whether Star Bright is the best (so far) - though the indirect nature of her MG fire does sort of make that turret more effective when the auto-aim tries to shoot through the foundations of other turret bases - so yeah, more effective generally and better.

The approach for this level is pretty much the same as it was with The Kaiser, though again it was slightly more easy using that strategy with Star Bright than with The Kaiser or Phantom. Just saying... And that was equally true with the medal challenges as well.

Hero: Darklord

You will be using the same strategy that we used for The Kaiser for this hero.

His weapons are not as robust in terms of dishing damage overall as that of Star Bright, but they are as strong and maybe - at least in the case of the Anti-Armor - a little bit stronger.

You may find that this hero is particularly challenged for doing the challenges / medals - which is why we don't recommend it. This one, specifically, is what you might call an acquired taste.

Hero: GI Joe Duke

This hero is basically a new and improved version of The Kaiser - which means you can follow the strategy from The Kaiser run-thru pretty much to the letter, though Duke will be a bit more effective both in damage dealing and defense.

Hero: GI Joe Cobra Enemy

The Cobra Hero uses the same strategy that you used for The Kaiser, having similar weapon platforms (though more modern).

If you are looking for the perfect hero to do the medal challenges, this is very likely the one. It certainly has an edge over all of the other Heroes, that is for sure. Particularly in terms of its anti-armor, which is Stinger Missile based.

Simply follow the strategy from The Kaiser section to complete the level.

Hero: He-Man

This hero is basically an energy-based version of The Kaiser - which means you can follow the strategy from The Kaiser run-thru pretty much to the letter, though He-Man will be a bit less effective both in damage dealing and defense.

Of course if you just want to play He-Man - you know, you have He-Man fantasies and such - well nobody is stopping you! Go for it!

Hero: Ezio

For the Ezio Hero you follow the standard strategy that is used by The Kaiser. Bear in mind though that the weaker attack and damage powers of Ezio's turrets means you will need to begin your attacks earlier and pay closer attention to how close you allow the enemy to get to your toybox.

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