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31: Chasm Stronghold

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Make a rope bridge and follow the linear path to trigger a scene. After this, shoot a rope arrow into the climbable wall to the far right side and make your way into the stronghold.

Proceed around the corner of the hallway, collect some [SHOTGUN SHELLS] here, and continue through the hall. Lara spots some Stormguards who vanish soon enough. Set fire to the wooden fabric in the center of the area to clear the way. Head through the tunnel and sneak upstairs. An [XP BOX] can be found on the right side of the area. Move over the beam, then climb the beams on the wall to sneak past the entire Stormguard .. up to the end. You'll have to run through the hall and Lara will automatically slide down afterward. [100 XP]

Kill the three Stormguards, then set foot for the 'Sheltered Hallway' day camp up ahead. [DOCUMENT - #9 LARA'S JOURNALS (THE MONASTERY)] is unlocked by using this camp. There's an [XP BOX] here as well, and a second one can be found up the path. Proceed to the end for a brief scene. [100 XP].

Climb up the walkway to your left and slide down to reach an area with corpses. You can find [SHOTGUN SHELLS x2] and [RIFLE AMMO x2] here. After moving over the bridge you're up against what appears to be almost the entire Stormguard. There are (red) explosives around the area which you can use to your advantage. Take out Stormguards with shields by aiming your shotgun to their head and unloading your mag on them (or by shooting an explosive whenever they're close.

NOTE: You can destroy many fences on buildings by using rope arrows. It won't always be necessary, but it can be useful to take out some archers more easily.

Chasm Stronghold.

You can find the following ammo around here:

• [SHOTGUN SHELLS x2] and [ARROWS] on the platform to the far left.

• [RIFLE AMMO] on top of the first platform (left side), close to the bridge. More [RIFLE AMMO] can be found on the right side of this structure, and [SHOTGUN SHELLS x2] are lying all the way on top, as are some [ARROWS].

• [ARROWS] and [RIFLE AMMO] can be found on the platform to the right.

• There are [SHOTGUN SHELLS] on the first floor of the center structure. The second floor contains [RIFLE AMMO x2], [SHOTGUN SHELLS] and [ARROWS].

As you move over the large stone pillar the Stormguard pulled down, more items can be found:

• [SHOTGUN SHELLS x2] are lying on the right side of the path.

• [RIFLE AMMO x2] can be found near one of the hiding spots a little further.

• The building with archers contains [SHOTGUN SHELLS x2] and [GRENADES].

Head around the corner and the Stormguard in the tower will throw some explosives at you. Quickly step back, then move in and shoot the large stack of explosives in the center of the tower to destroy all enemies inside. There are [SHOTGUN SHELLS] near the rocks here, [SHOTGUN SHELLS x2] near the tower, and [SHOTGUN SHELLS] inside the tower. As you approach the next section, more Stormguard spawn. You can backtrack slightly and shoot most of them from a distance.

• There are [SHOTGUN SHELLS] lying next to the stairs of the building to the right side of the area. [RIFLE AMMO x3] and [SHOTGUN SHELLS] can be found on top of it.

• [RIFLE AMMO] can be found in the middle of the area.

• The building to the left contains [GRENADES], [RIFLE AMMO x3] and [SHOTGUN SHELLS].

Destroy the barricade with a rope arrow and approach the gate for a scene.

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6 comments, latest first.
May 11th 2015 Guest
(Move over the beam, then climb the beams on the wall to sneak past the entire Stormguard .. up to the end. You'll have to run through the hall and Lara will automatically slide down afterward. [100 XP] ) Which beams on the wall do I climb? b/c I moved over the first beam and now I am lost to which beams to climb on next so I can get past all the stormguards. Please help me out. Thanks.
ID #555063
May 11th 2015 Guest
I dont need help on this anymore thanks
ID #555091
Jan 2nd 2015 Guest
Ugh, this is so frustrating!!! I'm stuck on this stormguard part!!! I cannot beat them!!! There's just so many! God, if anyone could help that would be brilliant!!!
ID #494630
Aug 6th 2014 Guest
Guys.i am stuck at the door before casm shrine.
A cut scene with an oni was introduced whom was thrown away by can i get past the door
ID #431593
Apr 6th 2013 Guest
The barricade has wood in front of it will not let me pass can see through it however my rope arrow does nothing
ID #271161
Mar 9th 2013 Guest
Think my games glitched the final stormguards will not spawn
ID #262043
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