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13: Mountain Village - Final Tour

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Head outside to discover the day camp 'Mountain Descent'. Sit down to collect [DOCUMENT - #5 LARA'S JOURNALS (ANCIENT GUARDIANS)].

Mountain Village collectibles in this zone.

You can find [ILLUMINATION STATUE #8] on the left, next to the waterfall. Move to the right/east and follow the river to make a brief detour, finding a [SALVAGE BAG] along the way, along with more [SALVAGE] and a [LARGE SALVAGE BOX] underneath the hut. You'll likely find [RIFLE PARTS 2/3] here as well. To burn the second [SALVAGE BAG], light the first torch, jump over the river, pull the unlit torch away from the first (so it catches fire), then stand underneath the bag and pull it towards it. Don't forget to collect the [GPS CACHE] directly across the hut in which you found the large salvage crate.

Backtrack to where you came from and create a rope bridge on the left side of the wooden bridge to reach a path that's otherwise inaccessible. Move to the far end to find a [GPS CACHE]. But that's not all; this is also an amazing vantage point to take out three guards below, while they're harmless. And that's still not all. Jump on top of the arch to reach an other platform that contains [SALVAGE], [ARROWS], and [ILLUMINATION STATUE #9]!

Loot the three enemies and create a rope bridge sliding down the big hut. You can find a [GPS CACHE] to the right, and some [SHOTGUN SHELLS] to the left. (Those *have* to be here, similar to other ammunition placements, to prevent the player from getting stuck. This also happens to supply the gamer with a little too much ammunition for my personal liking, even on the hardest difficulty.) In any case, don't immediately proceed east; there's much to do.

Blast the barricade out of the way and head inside to trigger a scene. You can find some [SHOTGUN SHELLS] afterward. You can climb to the upper floor by moving over the bell and grabbing the beams to find an [XP BOX], [RIFLE AMMO] and [SHOTGUN SHELLS], and [DOCUMENT - #5 ANCIENT SCROLLS (NOSHI: AT HER SIDE)].

Destroy the barricade on the ground to find some [SHOTGUN SHELLS] and a [PLANT] on the one side of the building, and a [SALVAGE BAG] on the other. It's now possible to explore the last parts of the mountain village, and there's no better time to do this than right now, since you're already in the neighborhood.

Optional Exploration

• First of all, you may have tried to collect the contents of the [SALVAGE BAG] nearby the first base camp of the mountain village, and inevitably failing every attempt. It can now be easily gotten bu swinging the lit torch in its direction.

• You can find [HANDGUN AMMO] next to the tree on the left/south after crossing the river.

• There's also some [HANDGUN AMMO] to your immediate right after crossing the river (near the wreck).

• An [XP BOX] can be found near the base camp.

• [DOCUMENT - #2 ENDURANCE OFFICERS (REYES: DEAR ROTH)] can be found next to the campfire.

• There's an [XP BOX] near the hill, and a [LARGE SALVAGE CRATE] near the main plane wreck.

• Inside the plane wreck itself you can find surprisingly little. Only some [HANDGUN AMMO] and an [XP BOX] are located inside. All the rest must've fallen out.

• Move over the wreck in northeastern direction to reach a previously inaccessible platform that contains some [SALVAGE], [ARROWS] and a [GPS CACHE] nearby the tree.

• Scramble up the wall at this platform to find a [SALVAGE BAG] upstairs, as well as some regular [SALVAGE].

• Climb the rock wall (if you wish) to reach the upper part of the mountain village. The nearby rope takes you to a part of the village you haven't been before (although you can also just walk there from the wreck, since the crash has leveled the floor somewhat.) In any case, here you can find the following items and collectibles:

• In the (western) house Lara lands at after sliding down the rope, one can find [HANDGUN AMMO], [ARROWS] and some [SALVAGE].

NOTE: There are boar in this part of the mountain village. You can hunt them for experience, but they won't go down in one hit. Although it rarely happens, a boar can run Lara over, which will hurt significantly. Even so, it's nearly impossible to die from boar, if not impossible.

• The other (eastern) house contains an [XP BOX], [RIFLE AMMO], [ARROWS] and [RELIC - #SEMPER FI (USMC DOGTAGS)]. There's also some [SALVAGE] just outside around the corner.

• A [LARGE SALVAGE BOX] can be found near the tail of the plane.

• You can scramble up the wall behind the western house to find some [SALVAGE] and the final [ILLUMINATION STATUE #10]! You can also light a torch here to ignite the second one as well (stand against the other house and pull it, then use the second torch to bring down the [SALVAGE BAG x2].

• From the platform with the last illumination statue you can also jump on top of the roof of the western house to find the last [EGG POACHER #5].

• You can also go upstairs from the platform where you found the last statue (behind the western building), to find [SALVAGE x2], and also a [GPS CACHE] not too far from the tree on the far west side.

• Back to the main area of the mountain village, move west of the wreck, past the very first statue you lit, and destroy the door at the far end with a rope arrow. In the room behind it you'll find [SALVAGE], some [RIFLE AMMO] and [RELIC - #3 KANPO HERBS (DRIED GOBO ROOT)].

• You can now also collect the contents of the [SALVAGE BAG] hanging next to the large building. Simply destroy the barricade with your shotgun, light the torch and swing it towards the bag by pulling it away first.

• This building also has a rope door you can now pull out on the northwest/left section of the first floor. Inside the room is [SALVAGE] and [RIFLE AMMO].

• Move on the rocky platform west/left of this large house and climb to the top. Blast out the barricade to access the hut which is attached to the rock wall. Inside you'll find [SALVAGE x2].

• From here, jump down to the roof below/north to find a [GPS CACHE].

• Head back to camp and fast travel to the 'Village Overlook' base camp. Slide down the rope and head inside the building. Look for the barricade and blast it out to find [DOCUMENT - #6 ANCIENT SCROLLS (GENERAL: THE OATH)] behind it.

Mountain Village collectibles in this zone.

After collecting all these items, or whenever you feel like proceeding, return to the base camp on the lower level ('Village Plateau') and create a rope bridge to return to the east building across the river. Leap over the gap to the east and collect [SHOTGUN SHELLS x2]. Move to the end of the path and slide down the rope.


Lara will first need to get a good grip, but you don't want to climb up right away. Wait for the guard to check the hut and walk away, then hide behind the low fence. Shoot the lantern before the guards finish their conversation to waste at least two of them, then dispatch the last one as well.

Take the right path and move up the arch to collect [SHOTGUN SHELLS x2]. You can move over the wreck and take one guy out below, then jump to the platform to the right and take out the other two who are usually still 'working' on the wreck. You can go back to kill the others, although this is optional. Cross the river and the descent starts.

Stay in the middle of the river and avoid the sharp spikes on the sides. The plane propellor also needs to be avoided. When falling down, press X or Square, followed by B or Circle, then steer away from any trees (you can steer with the left stick, but the right stick may also help with adjusting the camera). [100 XP].

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