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03: Coastal Forest - Northern Zone

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You can find [DOCUMENT - #3 ENDURANCE CREW: (SAM: FAMILY STORY)] on the desk near the camp fire, and there's a [SALVAGE BAG] hanging nearby as well, which you can burn to receive some salvage. This is used to upgrade your gear and weapons. (You can now also head back to the southern part of the forest to collect the salvage you had to leave behind earlier.) Salvage bags grant twice as much salvage as regular boxes. There are [ARROWS x2] on near the camp exit too, and there's a [LARGE SALVAGE BOX] just left of here, which cannot be opened yet, but soon enough you can return to get its contents.

Again, there are MANY optional items to be found in this area. You should beware that this area houses wolves. You'll certainly encounter them at the bridge in the middle of the area, but after that they also spawn at various 'spawn points' that are located on the west and east side of the hill. If you keep walking past those points, you'll be fighting a LOT of wolves, so avoid those spots (that is, avoid going up) unless it's absolutely necessary or when you want to continue with the story.

All collectibles, Coastal Forest, second/northern zone.

Optional Exploration

• Going down the stairs from the base camp, move right/south onto the rocky plateau to find a [GPS CACHE].

• There's some [SALVAGE] underneath the nearby tree bridge, and [ARROWS x2] next to a tree closeby. This is all still in the southern part of the area.

• Move over the tree (or alternatively, approach the bridge from the other side, although you risk spawning more wolves this way) to reach a platform with a collapsed mine. [DOCUMENT - #1 ENDURANCE CREW: (SAM: FEELINGS OF UNEASE)] can be found on top of the crate.

• [RELIC - #2 NOH MASKS (FEMALE NOH MASK)] can be found underneath the nearby bridge. This is still in the southeast part of the area.

• There are [ARROWS] on the other side of the destroyed bridge near the waterfall. If you approach from the south, you'll definitely trigger the wolf spawn point just before that bridge, so decide for yourself if it's worth it (at least coming from that direction). There's more than just this about this bridge, though....

• You can find [#6 TOTEM] hanging underneath this destroyed bridge (which is close to the waterfall on the east side of the area).

• You can find [SALVAGE] on the platform to the right of this destroyed bridge (and to the right of the waterfall).

• Better yet, from this platform you can jump on top of the beam of the high bridge arch and move over to reach a tree outpost that contains the complete [TREASURE MAP] of the Coastal Forest area. You can slide down the rope from here to reach the bridge in the center of the area.

• In the center of the area is a bridge with [ARROWS x2] and [ARROWS x2] on both sides. There's also a [PLANT] closeby, on the south side of it.

• [SALVAGE] can be found to the right/east of the bridge in the center of the area.

• There's a [#7 TOTEM] hanging underneath the bridge in the center of the area.

• [#8 TOTEM] is hanging in a tree just to the left/west of this bridge, across the brook.

• After crossing the bridge, look left/west to find some [SALVAGE] and a [PLANT] near the rocks.

• Left/west of the bridge in the center of the area (before crossing it) is some more [SALVAGE] near the brook.

• A few steps south of here (and slightly southwest of the bridge) is even more [SALVAGE] to be found near the rock wall.

• Cross the stream to find still more [SALVAGE] to the west, near the rocks.

• Further (north)west is a shrine. You can find [ARROWS x2] and some [SALVAGE] fairly close to the stairs.

• [DOCUMENT - #2 ENDURANCE CREW: (SAM: FILMMAKER)] can be found left of the statue. There's also a [SALVAGE BAG] here that you can burn with your torch; light it first by the fire to right of the statue.

• [#9 TOTEM] is hanging from the shrine roof.

• Keep hugging the west wall while moving north from the shrine to reach a small cave. Inside is [RELIC - #3 NOH MASKS (ONI NOH MASK)] as well as some [ARROWS] you can pull from the corpse.

• East of this cave is a fallen tree, and just east from that is a stone platform with a [GPS CACHE]. Backtrack slightly south to climb the stone steps to reach it. (Proceeding north from these rocks is a good way to avoid the wolf spawn located to the path west of it, where the falled tree lies.)

• The camp is just north from here. [ARROWS x2] can be found at the lantern on the middle path. You can find [SALVAGE] and [ARROWS x2] near the western arch, [ARROWS] and a [LARGE SALVAGE BOX] near the campfire, and [DOCUMENT - #1 ENDURANCE OFFICERS (WHITMAN: DON'T LEAVE ME)] to the left of the gate.

• The last [#10 TOTEM] can be found hanging to the right of the gate, just past the burning barrel.

NOTE: You can continue to hunt animals until the message appears that this region has been hunted out. Animals (including wolves) will still spawn, but killing/looting them only grants 1 XP after this. Proceed with the game and return later; the area will be refreshed.

You receive [100 XP] for finding meeting up with Whitman. Since the wheel won't budge and is missing its handle, you'll have to find enough salvage to upgrade and strengthen your axe; 50 salvage is needed in total. Follow the instructions above to collect enough salvage and return to one of the two camps to perform the upgrade. [100 XP]. You can now also open the large salvage crates (there is one near each camp) to collect extra salvage). Return to Whitman whenever you're ready.

Simply follow Whitman and a few scenes will take place.

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Jun 23rd 2014 Guest
how to get pass coastal forest wen complete with everything still stuck in coastal forest
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Mar 10th 2013 Guest
Is there any purpose for the tree with the rope around it, besides sliding down from the ledge?
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