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Tomb Raider PC Cheats and Tips

We have 9 cheats and tips on PC. If you have any cheats or tips for Tomb Raider please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : PlayStation : PlayStation 3 : Xbox 360

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All Tomb Raider Cheats and Tips - Latest First.

Easy XP and Salvage

For a way to get roughly 10,000 XP and 2,000 salvage every 5 minutes, head to the multiplayer menu and create a private match. Note that this method works alone too, you just have to do it in the multiplayer mode.

Choose the Rescue mode and the Beach map. Choose the Survivor team and go to customize loadouts. Once you are a high enough level, pick 'Second Wind' for your offensive skill. For the survival skill, you want 'Advanced Looting'. Next, exit the loadouts and choose Match Options. Set the time to as long as you like, bearing in mind it takes around 10 minutes to complete this method.

Set the "Medkits To Retrieve" option to "20", then start the

Match. Once in the game you need to go and get the medkits as quickly as you can. They appear randomly, but you will get to learn the most likely locations for them. Once you spawn in there will be a circle nearby where the medkits are dropped off. From there, a white waypoint icon will show you where the medkit is located. Run to each waypoint in turn and take them to the drop off point. Collect Salvage on your way (this respawns not long after it is collected). Keep doing this until the match ends. You can do this as much as you like!

'Boom Goes the Dynamite' Achievement Guide

For the easiest way to get the 'Boom Goes the Dynamite' Achievement, equip a Shotgun while you are going through Shantytown and get ambushed on a rooftop. The enemy will throw dynamite at you and all you have to do is shoot one of them out of the air.

'Chatterbox' Achievement Guide

For the best way to get this achievement, follow these instructions. The basics are that you have to speak to your friends on all seven of the possible occasions, and listen to everything they have to say.

Once the "X" symbol above a character's head is gone, you cannot talk to them any more. You will also notice the game auto-saving each time you exhaust all conversation options.

You can find a complete list of all the people that you need to talk to, and the correct times to talk to them, below:

1. Before you have to search for the 50 pieces of salvage, speak to Whitman.

2. Once you have the 50 pieces of salvage, talk to Whitman again. Make sure you do this before you repair the Axe.

3. Once you have helped Roth with the wolves, speak to him.

4. Once you get the Rope Arrows, you will soon after meet Roth again. Speak to him before you use the zipline.

5. Once you reach the shipwreck beach, you will be able to talk to Sam, Reyes, and Jonah.

6. Before you go to the Endurance to help Alex and get the tools, speak to Whitman, Sam, Jonah, and Reyes (on the boat) at the beach camp

7. After coming back from the Endurance, talk to Whitman, Reyes, and Jonah.

Lara Croft Death Scenes

Check out the video below if you want to see the most brutal and painful Lara Croft death scenes in the game.

Watch the video

Relic Locations

Search the following coordinates to find the corresponding relic.

Coastal Forest

Oni Noh Mask:

Coordinates 53N 712367 UTM 3416125.

Hannya Mask:

Coordinates 53N 712351 UTM 3416086.

Female Noh Mask:

Coordinates 53N 712381 UTM 3416100.

Mountain Temple

Green Folded Fan:

Coordinates 53N 712435 UTM 3416145.

Gunbai War Fan:

Coordinates 53N 712434 UTM 3416147.

Mountain Village

USMC Dogtags:

Coordinates 53N 712456 UTM 3416141.

Dried Gobo Root:

Coordinates 53N 712462 UTM 3416166.

Old Photograph:

Coordinates 53N 712458 UTM 3416171.

Medicinal Herb Vial:

Coordinates 53N 712446 UTM 3416181.


Coordinates 53N 712468 UTM 3416195.

Old Photograph:

Coordinates 53N 712497 UTM 3416202.

Base Approach

Bronze Chinese Coin:

Coordinates 53N 712464 UTM 3416225.

Bronze Japanese Coin:

Coordinates 53N 712445 UTM 3416258.

Base Exterior

Japanese Dogtags:

Coordinates 53N 712395 UTM 3416281.

Marksmanship Badge:

Coordinates 53N 712382 UTM 3416295.


Metal Inro:

Coordinates 53N 712586 UTM 3416095.

Decorative Inro:

Coordinates 53N 712569 UTM 3416092.

Jade Horse:

Coordinates 53N 712591 UTM 3416080.

Commander's Inro:

Coordinates 53N 712582 UTM 3416036.

Scribe's Inro:

Coordinates 53N 71259 UTM 3416060.

Jade Drinking Vessel:

Coordinates 53N 712611 UTM 3416061.

Geothermal Caverns

Funeral Fan:

Coordinates 53N 712683 UTM 3416015.

Wedding Fan:

Coordinates 53N 712704 UTM 3416005.

Inscribed Silk Fan:

Coordinates 53N 712692 UTM 3416035.

Summit Forest

Chao Dynasty Dagger:

Coordinates 53N 712605 UTM 3415995.

Jade Ceremonial Dagger:

Coordinates 53N 712628 UTM 3415997.

Japanese Ceremonial Dagger:

Coordinates 712639 UTM 3415988.

Shipwreck Beach

Brown Jade Ink Box:

Coordinates 53N 712476 UTM 3415933.

Stuffed Bunny:

Coordinates 53N 712516 UTM 3415973.

Stained Jade Head Rest:

Coordinates 53N 712513 UTM 3415972.

Toy Train:

Coordinates 53N 712506 UTM 3415952.

Shaped Jade Head Rest:

Coordinates 53N 712524 UTM 3415962.

Worn Wallet:

Coordinates 53N 712526 UTM 3415964.

Cliffside Bunker

Portuguese Tin Coin:

Coordinates 53N 712558 UTM 3415925.

100 Mon Coin:

Coordinates 53N 712568 UTM 3415928.

Japanese 2 Sen Coin:

Coordinates 53N 712572 UTM 3415930.

Research Base

Chou Dynasty Helmet:

Coordinates 53N 712456 UTM 3416046.

Ceremonial Helmet:

Coordinates 53N 712441 UTM 3416048.

Chasm Shrine

Kansu Burial Urn:

Coordinates 53N 712595 UTM 3416265.

Ban Chiang Vase:

Coordinates 53N 712595 UTM 3416261.

Satsume Vase:

Coordinates 53N 712616 UTM 3416243.

Optional Tombs

In total there are 7 optional tombs that require you to complete little puzzles to open a treasure chest. Buying the Cartography (Tier III survival) skill will automatically unlock ALL the tomb entrances on the world map. Check out the video below to see the location of each of the optional tombs.

Watch the video

#1 - 0:05

#2 - 2:02

#3 - 4:25

#4 - 6:42

#5 - 9:41

#6 - 11:15

#7 - 13:20

All Treasure Map Locations

Altogether there are 14 treasure maps which will unlock ALL the relic, gps and document locations on your world map. Buying the 'Cartography' (Tier III survival) skill will automatically unlock ALL treasure map locations on your in-game world map. The video below will show you the location of each of the treasure maps.

Watch the video

#1 - Coastal Forest - 0:05

#2 - Mountain Temple - 0:28

#3 - Mountain Village (Inside Tomb) - 0:54

#4 - Mountain Village (Inside Tomb) - 1:40

#5 - Base Exterior - 2:16

#6 - Shantytown (Inside Tomb) - 2:38

#7 - Shantytown (Inside Tomb) - 3:24

#8 - Geothermal Caverns - 4:15

#9 - Summit Forest (Inside Tomb) - 4:39

#10 - Shipwreck Beach (Inside Tomb) - 5:19

#11 - Shipwreck Beach (Inside Tomb) - 6:00

#12 - Cliffside Bunker - 6:45

#13 - Research Base - 7:05

#14 - Chasm Shrine - 7:29


Unlock Level Skip:

Using the Shift keys have Lara walk one step forward, then one step back and then rotate in 3 full circles to the right and then press the Alt key to jump forward.

Unlock ALL Weapons:

Using the Shift keys have Lara walk one step forward, then one step back and then rotate in 3 full circles to the right and then press the Alt key to jump back.

To get the quad bike in lara's home go into the ..

To get the quad bike in lara's home go into the libary . walk to the book shelf in-line with the fire.

You will see a book that sticks out more than the others. press action and lara will pull it, then turn aroundand you will see the fire has been put-out.

Face the left hand side and you will see that you can climb up the end of the chimny you will encouter boxes.

Shift thEm and pull the switch on your right

then sprint down stairs and on your way to the gym, you will see that a new door has been opened.

Enter itand you wiil see a passage way go down it and you will find an aquarium.

Shift the box and enter it{the aqurium}and then swim arond the floor and you will see a key, collect it.

Go out in to the grounds and will see very tall bushes go up to the lock and in side the bushes is a go-kart.

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