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05: Mountain Village - Tomb of the Unworthy

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As soon as you arrive, many items and collectibles can be found in this area. This exploration path automatically moves you closer to your main objective.

NOTE: There are animals here (rabbits, crows, and chickens) that you can hunt for extra XP.

All collectibles in the first part of the Mountain Village area. Note that this video was recorded at a later time in the game, so you will not encounter any enemies during your search. The item locations are of course the same.

• You can find a [GPS CACHE] by searching the base of the large waterfall.

• There's a [ILLUMINATION STATUE #1] in the middle of the area to the west, below a roof. These are the 'challenge' of this area, and there are ten in total that you need to light with your torch in order to collect the reward.

• Left/west of this statue you can find [ARROWS] inside a building.

• There's a [SALVAGE BAG] inside the other building.

• Some [SALVAGE] and [ARROWS] can be found behind this building, on the ground.

• From the platform with the small cart, jump on top of the roof with a statue underneath it, then leap on the roof of the building on the other side (with some rope on top of it) to find a [GPS CACHE].

• Make your way over the roofs and leap towards the crate with rope tied around it. There are two such crates; this is the one hanging highest, close to the larger building. Jump inside this building to immediately find [ARROWS].

• Search the corner (nearby the closed door with some rope tied around it to find [DOCUMENT - #1 ANCIENT SCROLLS (AMBASSADOR: FIRST IMPRESSIONS)]. This is on the first floor, room to the west.

• There's some more [ARROWS] and [SALVAGE] in the adjacent room on this floor.

• Head downstairs to search underneath this building, where you'll find some [SALVAGE] and [RELIC - #1 SEMPER FI (SILVER FLASK)].

• Go upstairs to the second floor to find a [SALVAGE BAG].

NOTE: You currently don't have the gear to collect the salvage from the salvage bag hanging outside on the east side of this building. Once you have the shotgun this becomes possible (or alternatively, later, fire arrows).

• Climb to the roof and make your way to the west side to find a bird nest with some eggs inside; this is [EGG POACHER #1], part of a collectibles series.

• The grassy ledge left/west from here contains a [GPS CACHE].

• Drop down to the north side of this building and search the tombstones south of the left/westernmost lantern to find a well-hidden [GPS CACHE].

• Some [ARROWS] can be found on the path east of the large building, which leads back down to the lower part of the area.

• Climb the plane and make your way over the wing to find some [SALVAGE] near the tree trunk with rope around it.

• You can find a well-hidden [SALVAGE] crate on a small platform next to the tree that got hit by lightning as you moved through the plane.

• Ascend the mountain by hopping over the platforms after moving through the plane, then move over and jump to the beams up above.

• Once you reach the wolf den, search the right side of the waterfall to find a [GPS CACHE]. This is also the entrance to the first optional tomb, although you don't have the proper gear to enter just yet.

Head inside the wolf den and retrieve the pack at the end. [500 XP]. As you return, a quick time event takes place:

Xbox 360: Wiggle left analog stick to the left/right, Y, tap X, Y, tap Y.

Platstation 3: Wiggle left analog stick to the left/right, Triangle, tap Square, Triangle, tap Triangle.

Don't forget to loot the body afterwards. Head back to the camp and a few scenes will play. [500 XP]. Lara now has access to the [CLIMBING AXE], which allows her to climb specific types of rock walls, which light up in Survival Instincts mode.

NOTE: You can converse with Roth up to four times. Using the base camp at this point unlocks [DOCUMENT - #3 LARA'S JOURNALS (PREPARED FOR THE WORST)].


Make your way to the top, which is much easier now considering you can now rocky walls, including the one left of the lower waterfall, instantly granting access to the platform adjacent to the plane wing. Make your way back to the top and consider raiding the game's first optional tomb by entering via the cave next to the waterfall.


Tomb of the Unworthy puzzle solution.

Being the game's first tomb, it's incredibly easy to solve the puzzle. Head past the day camp in the cave and head through the waterfall, which puts out your torch. Run over to the cage and quickly climb it, then immediately jump over to the other side and ignite your torch. Hop back on the cage and burn the three bags. Lastly, push the other cage down, the climb the elevated cage to reach the climbable wall, leading to this tomb's treasure. [250 XP]. Collecting the treasure nets you the [MOUNTAIN VILLAGE RELIC TREASURE MAP], [1250 XP] and a nice [250 SALVAGE]. This set of rewards is essentially the same for every tomb in the game.

TIP: At this point you'll likely have enough salvage and skill points to upgrade Lara's gear and skills (unless you've already been doing this, in which case you'll still have at least 1 skill point plus some salvage). Both bow upgrades (Reinforced Limbs and Wrapped String) are worth the investment at this point, allowing for more powerful and faster shooting of arrows. Handgun upgrades that increase its damage (Port Vented Slide and Muzzle Brake) are most useful at this point, although the Burst Fire Mod definitely becomes useful later in the game, when the handgun loses much of it's power compared to the shotgun and assault rifle. For now it's not essential, but eventually it definitely will be useful.

As for skills, it's not really necessary to purchase Animal Instincts if you use this guide to check if you've missed any items. Survivalist has its uses (since it doubles XP when looting animals and food caches), but Advanced Salvaging and Bone Collector are also useful, except those focus on gaining more salvage. Scavenging isn't really necessary, considering the game always grants you a fair ammo supply at all times. If you don't have it already, Arrow Retrieval assures you'll never run out of arrows unless you start doing crazy things.

Of the Hunter skills, Steady Shot and Ammo Capacity are both incredibly useful, the latter probably being one of the best skills in the game, so you'll definitely want to pick them up as soon as possible.


Climb the rock wall next to the wolf den, then leap towards the rock wall in between the two waterfalls and climb to the top, but wait at the very last bit until the guards finish their conversation. Hide behind the crates and wait for a second conversation to finish. The guard leaning against the wall can be killed with a headshot (with arrow, of course) since the second one is sleeping behind the crate at this point. Move a little to the side to dispatch him with a headshot as well. You can find [ARROWS] behind the crate you're hiding behind.

Move towards the building of the two guards and turn around to kill the third one in the building across the river. Look to your left/north to find a [GPS CACHE] on the ground. There's a [SALVAGE BAG] on the other side of this building. Climb the nearby rock wall to reach [ILLUMINATION STATUE #2]. From here you can also access the second floor of the building the guards were stationed to find [RELIC - #1 KANPO HERBS (YAGEN)]. There's an [XP BOX] on what you could call the first floor, but it's more of a small wooden platform.

In the building across the river you can find some [SALVAGE] and a document: [DOCUMENT - #2 ANCIENT SCROLLS (AMBASSADOR: DISCOVERIES)]. There's also a [GPS CACHE] on the roof of this building. Head back to the first building and climb to the roof to find [EGG POACHER #2]. Move over to the platform in the middle of the waterfalls by either climbing the rock wall (reachable via the crate) or by walking over the beam from the statue. There's a platform to the right that has a lantern and a [SALVAGE BAG] (now you can also burn the other one down below).

From here, climb the rock wall until you reach the bridge. Move over and attach your axe into the rock wall as you leap towards it. [100 XP]. Slide down the rope at the end to initiate a firefight. One of them throws molotov cocktails at you, a second has a bow. Don't get too close to them or a third one appears who moves in with a sword. Quickly take out the molotov throwing ******* and the archer, then finish the third one. Look for [ARROWS] and a [SALVAGE BAG] before moving to the next area.

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