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24: Galleon and Back to the Endurance

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Have you found all optional items in this area so far? Or are you getting bored and want to get another meaty piece of story? In either case, head to the west of the beach and climb the scaffolding. When you reach the tower, make sure *not* to fall into the sea, or it's instant death. Climb the crane and you'll get to some [SALVAGE] and a rope. Slide down, the swing to the climbable rock wall and make your way into the ship via the ledge to the right. [100 XP].

Inside the ship, hide in the center to overhear a conversation between the Solarii guards. Wait for them to finish, then kill the one who stays with a headshot. Loot the [SALVAGE BAG] near your starting position and leap over to the next part of the ship. Quickly dispatch the second guard on the upper deck, then proceed upstairs.

Make your way to the front of the ship by climbing around the side (only the white beams can be used). On the very front deck, shoot the pulley/tackle the large anchor is attached to, then collect it and move over the mast. [100 XP]. Two enemies are up ahead, so as soon as you hear them conversing, move back over the mast. You can snipe one from afar by standing on the right side of the front deck.


In any case, don't miss the [RELIC - #1 YUAN DYNASTY JADE (BROWN JADE INK BOX)] in the cabin to the left before jumping over to the next area (dispatch the guy hiding on the left if you can). Some Solarii fanatics appear, so dispatch them, then slide down the ropes and head back to the camp.

You'll receive the [COMPOUND BOW] from Jonah, who's "been saving it for you" ever since he found it" (he could've given it to you when you met him on the boat, but whatever), which allows you to shoot craggy rocks. [400 XP]. Converse with everyone if you want (Reyes is on the boat), then head to the southeast part of the beach and walk to the end of the pier.

There are some craggy rocks right in front of you, but you can also shoot your rope in the ones to the left; this path leads up to a high platform to the north that contains a [GPS CACHE]. This can also be reached by taking the other path; you'll just have to leap across the climbable rocks and go from there.

Back to the Endurance.

In any case, the ship's upper area contains a [LARGE SALVAGE] and a [SALVAGE BAG]. Climb the ship's mast all the way to the very top to find a [GPS CACHE]. Go down one level from the deck and search the cabin room on the east to find a [RELIC - #1 A FAMILY OUTING (STUFFED BUNNY)]. Drop down to the lowest level to collect the salage from the bag you already shot, as well as another relic on a table: [RELIC - #2 YUAN DYNASTY JADE (STAINED JADE HEAD REST)]. To get back up, jump from the end of the rusty beam to the upper level.

To continue, either slide down the rope from the deck, or slide down to the climbable rocks to reach the same walkway to the south. You can find some [SALVAGE] on the beach up ahead. Approach the building to overhead two Solarii scavengers talk about a guy called Borys. After they finish conversing, kill them from a distance; one's on a lower platform, the other up above.

Optional Exploration

• There's a small cave left/southeast of the waterfall; inside you can find [RIFLE AMMO], [SHOTGUN SHELLS x2], and a [GPS CACHE].

• You can find [#4 MINE SWEEPER] on the nearby beach.

• [#5 MINE SWEEPER] is in the sea to the south. Approach the edge of the beach to spot it (use Survival Instinct should you have any problem locating it).

• A [GPS CACHE] and an [XP BOX] can be found on the destroyed pier. To get them you'll have to walk onto the rocks to the right, jump on the middle pole, and from here, to the pier. This can be tricky to get right, but you'll surely get it done after a couple of tries.

• Move around the tower to find a [#4 CAIRN RAIDER], as well as a [SALVAGE BAG] hanging from a wooden walkway.

• If you head further east, you'll come across some [SALVAGE]. There's also a [SALVAGE BAG] hanging underneath a walkway.

• You can find a [GPS CACHE] among the wreck to the left/east side. It's close to the area wall.

• There's a [#6 MINE SWEEPER] to the far south of this beach.

To continue with the story, jump on top of the low, destroyed concrete pillar near the burning barrel and make your way over the walkway from here. You can find [SALVAGE] on the platform where one of the guards was standing. As you reach the very top of this tower, drop down on the balcony to the right to find an [XP BOX] and [RELIC - #2 A FAMILY OUTING (TOY TRAIN)] inside. Destroy the barricade and move back on top of the tower to slide the rope to the next platform.

Two Solarii guards are having a conversation on the walkway up ahead, so hear it out, then kill the one on the left (behind shelter; and he's a ******* anyway) with a headshot, followed by the other.

• Leap to the lower platform to your left/north to find a [GPS CACHE] near the tree.

• The building on the walkway where the two guards were conversing leads to a tomb, but you can also find [RELIC - #3 YUAN DYNASTY JADE (SHAPED HEAD REST)] inside, as well as some [SHOTGUN SHELLS] and a [SALVAGE LOCKER] on the second floor. Leap over the gap and move through the ruins to find more [SHOTGUN SHELLS]. Scramble up the planks to reach an intersection. (Blasting out the barricade behind you only leads back to where you came from.) Continue upstairs to find [RELIC - #3 A FAMILY OUTING (WORN WALLET)], an [XP BOX], a [SALVAGE LOCKER] and a [SALVAGE BAG] inside. Proceed through the hall and tunnel to reach the optional tomb.

Optional collectibles - Shipwreck beach part 2.
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