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20: Summit Forest

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You can find [DOCUMENT - #5 ENDURANCE OFFICERS (ROTH: AN APOLOGY)] near the cliff edge. You'll also notice that your old pistol has been replaced with a [TACTICAL PISTOL], which allows for some new modifications at the day camp near the wooden gate. The silencer is by far the most important upgrade, which allows stealth headshots with the pistol. Using the camp also unlocks: [DOCUMENT - LARA'S JOURNALS (DON'T THINK, DON'T FEEL)].

Optional Exploration

• Continue and take the right path to find a [#1 RED CAP ROUNDUP MUSHROOM], a new type of collectible in this area; there are ten in total. Be sure to use Survival Instinct often along with the directions in this guide to spot them all. This one is not too far from the helicopter wreck.

• You can also find the [RELIC - #1 DAGGERS (CHOU DYNASTY DAGGER)] to the left, stashed away away near some trees still close to the wreckage.

• Check your map and move to the far north/northwest corner to find a [GPS CACHE] (this is left of the waypoint).

• There's also the [#2 RED CAP ROUNDUP MUSHROOM] in the southeast corner of the area.

• Some [SALVAGE] can be found next to the wreckage, plus more [SALVAGE] in the creek to the northwest.

• Past the waypoint, just past the point where the path widens and strangely glows, you can find the [#3 RED CAP ROUNDUP MUSHROOM].


Enemies sighted up ahead! Wait for them to finish their conversation, then take out the guard with a flashlight whenever he's looking away (do so with a head shot or he'll most likely call for backup). You can find [ARROWS] behind the rock right before entering this open forest area, and more [ARROWS] are lying near the rock where the Solarii guard was stationed.

There are many, many guards searching this part of the forest, so a stealth approach would be wise. Keep a fair distance from the guards whenever you want to take a shot and you should be fine. Remember that you can zoom in by pressing the right analog stick. You can either go left (north) or right (south) from this point. A good strategy is to move left/north first to take out the guard standing at the bridge; his body will never be found by any of the other guards. Don't go over that bridge; instead, head south and keep hugging the wall. One of the guards will soon enough come fairly close; as he turns around, quickly aim for his head to take him out while he's still far away from any of the other guards up ahead.

Keep following this (western) wall until you reach a fairly large stone platform you can hide behind. One of the guards will soon enough patrol the southeast corner of the map, and this is the perfect spot to take him out with a powerful arrow from your bow. Move slightly east and hide behind one of various trees in the southeast corner, near the creek. Wait for the guard to the east (across the creek) to patrol the southeast corner and immediately dispatch him as soon as he looks away (might be a tricky shot since he's walking - but you have multiple chances).

Hide behind the wreckage in the creek and look to the far east side of the area to spot another Solarii guard. When he's farthest away from you, down him with a well-placed arrow. There are several more guards (four in total) patrolling the camp to the north/northeast from your current location (the camp is in the center of the area, near a large building). The one closest to you can be easily taken out by waiting with him moving south, shooting him whenever he's close. The one at the camp can be taken out without too many problems. The one north from there has to be killed whenever he's moving west (away from the hut), or otherwise his partner back east might spot him. Move towards him (past the camp) to find the last guard and take him out.

Three more guards will spawn at the waypoint to the east whenever you approach it. One way to (fairly stealthily) take them out is to move to the hut to the left (north) of the waypoint, shoot an arrow behind them, then take out the two guards close to each other (the second one needs to be downed *quickly*, since he'll see his partner collapse), then dispatching the third distracted guard. With all of the enemies defeated in this forest zone, now is an excellent time to loot all their bodies and search for hidden, optional collectibles.

Summit Forest All Collectibles.

Let's start from your initial starting position in to the far west.

Optional Exploration

• Directly left/north from your starting position you can find some [SALVAGE] hidden behind some plants.

• Thoroughly search this northwest corner to find [#4 RED CAP ROUNDUP MUSHROOM].

• [#5 RED CAP ROUNDUP MUSHROOM] can be found by moving over the bridge to the east and searching at the base on the left/north side.

• There's an optional tomb to the east of the waterfall (north/northeast of the entire zone).

TIP: If you're having trouble finding the relics in this area, the tomb contains a relic map.

• Some [SALVAGE] can be found directly east of the tomb entrance.

• There's a small hut to the east of the tomb entrance, in the northeast corner of this forest zone, and close to the waypoint. [ARROWS x2] can be found near the door, which can be destroyed with a rope arrow. Inside the hut is a [LARGE SALVAGE] box.

• The 'Hunting Lodge' base camp is located in front of the large lodge. [ARROWS] can be found next to a tree trunk close to this camp.

• Inside the large hut you'll find [ARROWS x2], some [SALVAGE], and [DOCUMENT - #7 ANCIENT SCROLLS (GENERAL: THE CONQUERORS)].

• South of the camp is a small wreckage near the creek. Inside you can find some [SALVAGE]. There's also a [SALVAGE BAG] hanging from the outpost in the tree directly above it.

• East of the wreck are some hills with an airplane wing on top. To reach it, jump from the elevated ground slightly north from there. You can find [SHOTGUN SHELLS] near the wing. Blasting out the nearby barricade with your shotgun reveals a short passageway; at the end Lara will slide right into the river (at the waterfall; this doesn't kill you or anything), unless you time a jump at the very last moment to reach the climbable wall. This leads to a platform to the right with a [GPS CACHE] at a tree trunk.

• Another [GPS CACHE] can be found in the river, very close to the waterfall.

• [#6 RED CAP ROUNDUP MUSHROOM] can be found by walking (at ground level) to the end of the crack between the two elevated platforms (at the airplane wing).

• From the airplane wing on the eastern platforms you can also reach a rope leading up to a tree outpost. From there you can jump to a small platform east that contains [RELIC - #2 DAGGERS (JADE CEREMONIAL DAGGER)].

• West of the wreckage, across the river, in the southwest part of the forest zone is a cabin with a wooden support pillar wrapped in rope; pull it away with a rope arrow to gain access to this hut. While there's nothing inside, it grant you access to a nearby tree outpost with a rope attachment pole. Look for the tree with some rope around it (just north from here) and climb that rope. Have Lara drop to the other rope that crosses her own line (use B or Square to do so), and she'll slide to an other outpost with some [ARROWS] on it. Climb this same rope to find some [SALVAGE] on the outpost on the other end. Last but not least, you can also reach a ledge with a [GPS CACHE] by leaping across from the hut.

• If you hadn't snatched it already during your stealth run, there are also some [ARROWS] on the ground in this area, close to one of the outposts.

• You can also find [#7 RED CAP ROUNDUP MUSHROOM] to the far south against the rock wall (near the river).

• Slightly north from the outposts in the southwest corner, the soil is somewhat elevated. Look for a ledge to the west with a [#8 RED CAP ROUNDUP MUSHROOM]. The elevated ground makes jumping towards it possible.

• Still further north from here, in the northwest part of the zone, a fallen tree lies close to a climbable wall on the far west side. From this tree, jump to the wall and climb it to the top, reaching a platform with a rope attachment pole. Jump to the nearby outpost to find some [ARROWS]. Climb the rope to reach an outpost high above that contains more [ARROWS], a [RELIC - #3 DAGGERS (JAPANESE CEREMONIAL DAGGER)], and there's also a [SALVAGE BAG] hanging underneath it. You can shoot it after getting back on the ground by shooting a rope arrow in the tree trunk across the river (east).

• There's also a [#9 RED CAP ROUNDUP MUSHROOM] underneath (or close enough to) that last outpost (in the northwest part of the area, close to the water.

• You can find [#10 RED CAP ROUNDUP MUSHROOM] on the far northeast stairs leading to the waypoint. Collect it as you leave the area. If you've found all ten, this gives you [150 XP].

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Oct 25th 2014 Guest
You have to use the bow's alternate fire mode (rope arrows). These do not run out. Note that it is a different button than the regular fire.
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Apr 23rd 2013 Guest
So I'm playing tomb raider and I have gotten pretty far but idk if I'm to the middle yet and I'm at this broken bridge, it's telling me I'm supposed to use a rope arrow but I don't have any and I don't have any more arrows, how do I cross it!? Thanks!
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