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15: Wells of Tears Tomb

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After all this, destroy the planks in this room with a rope arrow and drop down to find a [GPS CACHE]. Make your way through the cave and collect [SALVAGE x2] from the boxes. Before you climb down the ladder, look straight ahead to spot a [SALVAGE BAG] that you can shoot with a burning arrow. A second [SALVAGE BAG] can be spotted hanging from the ceiling right before you climb down the rock wall. Move through the cracks down below (and get the nice 'Lara squeezes her D-cup through a small crack' animation, of course) to enter the tomb.

The puzzle can be solves as follows:

1. Dump three jerrycans on the platform.

2. Remove one container from the platform.

3. Quickly leave the platform, running back up to leap towards it as it ascends.

4. Quickly climb the platform and leap over to the nearby beam.

Well of Tears Tomb puzzle solution.

(It can also be done by removing all three jerrycans from the platform, this doesn't really make much of a difference.)

Your reward is once again [1250 XP], [250 SALVAGE] and the [SHANTYTOWN RELIC TREASURE MAP]. Exit the cave.

While the gate to the next area can be found very easily by moving to the south part of the city, and while there will surely be FAQs that will tell you to "go to that waypoint", resulting in 30kb documents, this guide will first go over some more collectibles that you can find in shantytown that haven't been discussed yet.

Optional Exploration

Shantytown North part 2.

• Directly to the left/west of the tomb entrance you can find [SALVAGE] and some [ARROWS] by going upstairs. There's also a [PLANT] near the stone steps closeby.

• The building south of here (which is west of the square with the trap in the center) contains an [XP BOX] on the first floor. On the ground floor, destroy the barricade to find [RELIC - #1 ANIMAL STATUARY (JADE HORSE)] inside.

• There's also a small alley to the west of the square with the trap in the middle of it. At the end you can find some [ARROWS], and if you destroy the barricade here, some [SALVAGE] as well. Directly above it lies [RIFLE AMMO]; use the nearby roofs to reach it.

• If you haven't already done so, destroy the fallen explosive barrel to the east side of the square with the trap. This blows out a part of a building, inside which you can find [RIFLE AMMO] and [SHOTGUN SHELLS]. There are also [SHOTGUN SHELLS] on the nearby walkway (ground floor) if you haven't collected them already.

• Move through the street on the east and blast the barricade open at the end. Inside this small room you'll find some [SHOTGUN SHELLS] and a [GPS CACHE].

• The left/north wall here has a barricade you destroy; behind it are [RIFLE AMMO] and some [SALVAGE] waiting to be found.

• Scramble up the nearby wall and move around the corner to encounter several enemies. Move enemies are located north of here. After dispatching them all, look for [RIFLE AMMO] on the northernmost walkway, in the corner.

• Start climbing the large building in this section afterward (this is the north east part of the area). This first accessible floor contains a relic: [RELIC - #2 INRO (METAL INRO)].

• [DOCUMENT - #3 CONFESSIONS OF A SOLARII (SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST)] can be found on the upper floor.

• From the square with the trap in the center, move east and go around the corner to explore the southeast part of shantytown. To Lara's immediate left/east is a barricaded room with a [GPS CACHE] inside.

• If you climb up to the second floor of this building (be creative in your climbing; there are several ways), destroy the barricade to find: [RELIC - #2 ANIMAL STATUARY (JADE WATER BUFFALO)]. The upper floor contains some [ARROWS].

• Slide down the rope to the southeast (or simply jump to that roof part) to find some [SHOTGUN SHELLS].

When you reach the gate, various enemies appear. This can be a fairly tough fight, especially since two Solarii savages with riot shields enter the scene. You'll want to try dispatching those by shooting explosive barrels as they pass by to instantly destroy them. Stay behind the crates and (non-explosive) barrels at all times, unless a molotov cocktail is hurled at you or when under direct attack.

After defeating all enemies, search the place for [SHOTGUN SHELLS], [RIFLE AMMO x2] and [ARROWS x3] (two are in the street). If you've done the optional exploration as described above, then you've essentially looted this part of the town, so burn the beam of the gate by using a burning arrow, then turn the wheel to proceed. [100 XP].

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3 comments, latest first.
Oct 19th 2014 Guest
Wasted a couple of hours trying to catch the timing on that part to no avail. Fortunately, you can continue the game without completing that part. It's a poorly designed puzzle.

HINT from another site - "The trap can be avoided if Lara jumps through the entrance into the building, rather than walk/run in. "
ID #460659
Mar 10th 2014 Guest

On the way into the Well of Tears one crosses a plank over a cavern where there is some stuff....any idea how to get down there? I have jumped down and hooked onto the wall with the axe, but game does not allow me to climb unto shelf and appears to throw me off the wall.....weird....Is this just unplayable?
ID #362923
May 6th 2013 Guest
I had a hard time getting my timing right to run back up to the platform by the campfire and jump on the metal platform. But I found that by placing a jerican on the metal platform near its edge, I could stand on the red board on the platform near the campfire and use my bow to shoot the can off. That way I was already in position to jump onto the metal platform when it came up.
ID #280591
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