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Beginner Tips and Tricks

Sniper Elite 5 Walkthrough and Guide by Dennis (Sanzano)
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Sniper Elite 5 Beginner Tips and Tricks

Listed below are several Beginner Tips and Tricks which will help you in Sniper Elite 5.

The Game is Replayable
Sniper Elite 5 is replayable so make sure as you work your way through the campaign missions you pay attention to your surroundings. Try to memorize environmental factors, enemy patterns, and the location where the best gear, satchels, and other tools can be found as doing so will make future runs a lot more enjoyable.

Find the Workbenches
It is essential that you locate the workbenches that are in each of the missions of Sniper Elite 5 as they allow you to modify the loadout of your guns by unlocking new mods that you can equip. This means finding them is a priority as they will make a substantial difference to your gun which can be customized to be more helpful in your current mission. It is more beneficial to search buildings and passages for these workbenches than just beelining for each level's objectives.

Pick the Right Skills
The points that you gain each time you level up in Sniper Elite 5 can be invested in various skills that will help you in your campaign. It is crucial, especially early on in the game that you make good choices as it can pay off considerably by granting you boons that change the playing field. It is recommended that you get the Health Boosts like Cardio and Deep Breath first as they will help reduce how quickly your heart rate increases.

Be Patient
Sniper Elite 5 will tempt you with opportunities during the missions to make a great shot, such as blowing up a truck-full of Nazis for example. Don't be tempted into pulling the trigger on a shot and risk giving away your position until you have thought it through and evaluated how any possible repercussions will affect you. It may be more beneficial to remain concealed and continue making your way towards your target.

Avoid Gunfights unless Necessary
There will be certain scenarios during a mission in Sniper Elite 5 where to get the job done you will have no option but to drop stealth and go in guns-blazing. Keep in mind that once you get involved in a firefight there are no half-measures, it is important that you make sure you leave no Nazi alive who can flee and fetch reinforcements as this will make the rest of the mission considerably more difficult. Gunfights are loud and messy, they are advised against unless they are absolutely necessary.

Bring a Silenced Weapon
It is crucial that you always bring a silenced weapon with you on your mission in Sniper Elite 5 as you will encounter plenty of instances where the game forces you into close-quarters combat with the enemy. Having a silenced weapon at your disposal will enable you to pick off nearby foes quietly before they get too close. Suppressors to customize your pistol or SMG become unlocked as you find workbenches throughout levels.

Use Hit-and-Run Tactics
When you find yourself facing an overwhelming amount of foes in Sniper Elite 5 you need to start employing hit-and-run strategies to whittle down the opposition. Use stealth to kill as many soldiers as you can and once you feel your location has been compromised, pull back until things have settled down. Take advantage of traps to control the situation by leaving well-placed mines in your wake and rigging up dead soldiers bodies with grenades.

Discover Secrets
There are plenty of secret objectives and locations to discover during each of the campaign missions in Sniper Elite 5. You will be able to get keys and other intel that will lead you to hidden areas and secret bunkers by taking down Officers as these are the military personnel that carry them. You can keep track of the secondary and other objectives in the game from the 'Mission' window. Completing these additional objectives and acquiring the collectibles tied to them will enable you to earn more XP.

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