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Final Fantasy VII PC Cheats and Tips

We have 12 cheats and tips on PC. If you have any cheats or tips for Final Fantasy VII please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : PlayStation : PlayStation 4

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Final Fantasy VII cheats

Ancient Forest before Disc 3:

Ride up the hill with a black, gold or green chocobo.

Restore Energy during Chocobo Races:

Hold 'Pg Dn' + (Target) while racing a Chocobo.

Rocket Town Materia Quest

Enter OK, Switch, Cancel, Cancel while in the rocket to get huge Materia.

View ALL Cutscenes

If you go to the (~:Program FilesFinal Fantasy VIImovies) folder you will be able to view ALL of the in-game FMVs.

Powerful weapons to Steal early on

Early on in the game you can steal powerful weapons that cannot be bought until you reach Junon for the first time. They are the best you can find at that point in the game.

Striking Staff (Aeris) - Steal from Eligor (creature that appears to be riding some sort of chariot) that appears in the Train Graveyard.

Hardedge (Cloud) - Steal from SOLDIER 3RD (sword wielding enemies) that appear on the 67th Floor of the Shinra Building.

Atomic Scissors (Barret) - Steal from Custom Sweeper (large robot similar to the ones you fought in the No.1 Reactor) that appear outside Midgar in the Midgar Area of the world map.

Grand Glove (Tifa) - Steal from the creature in the Mythril Mines that is wielding a ball and chain (sorry, but the name of the creature e..

Cosmo Canyon - Back Room

After Meteor has been summoned, return to Cosmo Canyon and visit the Item Store (to reach it, climb up the ladder to the far right outside on ground level). There was previously a rope barring a path that lead around to the back of the store, but now that it's disappeared, follow the path around. You'll find yourself in a room with the "Fullcure" materia and two other items.

If you don't find Cure 3 or White Wind effective enough, you might like to use Fullcure.

Advice on Cloud, Barret and Vincent's ultimate weapons

Cloud's Ultima Weapon decreases in power the more health he loses. If you want his Ultima Weapon to pack an extremely powerful punch, you should keep him healed. A fully healed Cloud performing Omnislash with his Ultima Weapon will cause a cumulitive amount of damage, even more damage than the Knights of the Round summon.

Barret's Missing Score increases in power the more materia you load it with. This is quite an odd combination, as Barret should mainly be used as a physical attacker, but you'll cause a greater amount of damage the more materia he has in his Missing Score. Perhaps it's one of Squaresoft's tricks to catch you out. Barret performing Catastrophe (level 4 limit break) with his Missing Score overloaded with materia causes an immense amount damage to opponents, and..

Shinra Mansion Safe Comination

To unlock the safe in the Shinra Mansion, enter the corrsponding combination:

Right 36

Left 10

Right 59

Right 97

Going past any number whilst entering the combination will result in the code failing, for example when moving towards Right 59, going past it to 60 by accident (even without selecting it) and then going back to 59 will prevent you from opening the safe.

A boss fight will occur once you have opened the safe. For a good strategy in defeating this Lost Number boss, check out my Boss Guide in the Walkthrough section.

Boss battles - easy victory

Airbuster (fought outside No. 5 Reactor after a brief meeting with President Shinra) - Enter the battle with Cloud and Barret's limit gauges full. When the Airbuster is facing away from one of them, have them use their limit break. From behind, Braver and Big Shot cause over 600 points of damage each to the Airbuster. The combined power of the two can destroy the Airbuster, which has about 1200 HP, in two hits, provided he is facing away from whoever uses the limit break.

Gi Nattack (fought in Cave of the Gi) - This one's easy. If you have an X-Potion, use it on the Gi Nattack and it will kill him. If you don't have an X-Potion, five or so Cure 2 spells should be enough to take away his 5500 HP.

Fly with submarine + Chocobo by the plane!

It's kind of an easy... But, you have to try it carefully... First, bring the plane and Chocobo to Junon area, near your submarine.

Then ride your Chocobo and press "ok" in front of your submarine, until the Chocobo looks like grabbing your submarine up. It can bring it along and fly the plane...

3 in 1 transport! But, be careful coz once you dropped your submarine on the ground, it'll be sucked there, it won't move unless you restart your game! Try it...

Faster Wait Time

When in a battle, the Wait timer is so long but if you tap Enter (the accept button). The bar will fill up more, so you can kick some sh!t out of the enemies.

Faster Wait Time

When in a battle, the Wait timer is so long but if you tap Enter (the accept button). The bar will fill up more, so you can kick some sh!t out of the enemies.

Faster Wait Bar

When in a battle. If you tap enter rapidly, you don't have to wait long. P.S. This works also for the real game.

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