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Final Fantasy VII


Survival Project - Shamoo FAQ

by mdholland

###### #    # ###### ##     # ####### #######
#      #    # #    # # #   ## #     # #     #
#      #    # #    # #  # # # #     # #     #  |¯¯ |¯¯| |¯¯|
###### ###### ###### #   #  # #     # #     #  |   |  | |  |
     # #    # #    # #      # #     # #     #  |¯¯ |¯¯| |  |
     # #    # #    # #      # #     # #     #  |   |  | | \|
###### #    # #    # #      # ####### #######  |   |  | |__\
-The Weeping Magician
                                                       Copyright 2005 mdholland


 1. Introduction
Survival Project is a relatively new online game, and a very unique one at
that. Most online games are either MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role
Playing Game), or OSRPG (Online Sci-Fi Role Playing Game). But Survival Project
is an OARPG, which stands for Online Action Role Playing Game. As far as I
know, it is the only one of it's kind. Unlike many other online games, Survival
Project doesn't use the whole level/HP/MP/stats system. There are 8 characters,
and only 8 characters that you can play as. The only way to enhance your
characters is by levelling cards. One of the "main" characters of Survival
Project is Shamoo, a 13 year old female magician. Shamoo is probably the most
played in Survival Project, due to her high and nicely rounded stats.

 2. Table of Contents

 3. - Frequently Asked Questions
 4. - Stats de Shamoo
 5. - Cards with Shamoo
 6. - Shamoo vs. ? Tactics
 7. - Credits

 3. Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What does Shamoo look like?
A. Ok I tried to do an ASCII of Shamoo, but it's far too hard.

Normal Shamoo wears a circular red and white hat, wearing her blonde hair down.
She also wears a white red Little Red Riding Hood dress, and tights. Her shoes
are red wizardry, pointy shoes and she rides on a staff, never walking (such a
lazy girl ^_^).

Premium Shamoo wears a typical pointy wizard's hat, which again is red and
white. Her hair doesn't change and neither does her outfit, although this time
she decides she wants to wear a red cape. She wears pointier shoes than before,
and wears white gloves with what I think are rubies on them. She rides on a
much better looking staff, with a fireball attached to the end (which she uses
for her range shot, see chapter 4.).

Q. People are calling me a noob for using Shamoo. Why?
A. Shamoo has very high stats, attacks quick and has rather high HP. This can
be seen as a bit cheap in some people's minds, but what are you gonna do.
(Besides, Shamoo is a lot less cheap than Hazel, Aurelli and Sven)

Q. What is Shamoo? Where did she come from? WHO IS SHE?!
A. Well, according to the Survival Project team.....:

Shamoo was born into a magical family. Without the great efforts of the 19th
grandmother in the counter-attack of the Undead, Fairyland would never have
been established, and its place would be desolate graves of the Undead. Her
great achievement is still honored with her face printed on money.

After hundreds of years had passed, Shamoo's 7th grandfather played an active
part in healing the sick when a terrible plague swooped over the whole
continent in year 540 of the Fairyland calendar. Shamoo's grandfather was not
in anyway superior in recovering power or purification power but he perfected
12 complete works of magic spells that were initiated by spoken words. His
complete works are said to be the greatest compilation among all the wizards.

Shamoo parents farther developed her grandfather’s great work and they
established a magic school. This help expose and uncover new talent and they
taught them systematically about magic. Although there were many difficulties,
they made good progress. However, they were perplexed over what to do with
their daughter. Shamoo was clearly gifted in the ways of magic and she cast her
first spell while was merely a toddler.

Q. What maps go well with Shamoo?

The Woods - The Woods is a great map for Shamoo. There are no fiery walls for
her to bounce off of, and a lot of space for her to move around. However, it is
of the Wind element, so Shamoo has no advantages and Wind elements aren't
useful with Shamoo (but you can trade them, so meh).

The Ice Cave - Not good, not bad. Shamoo can easily get hit with her own
fireballs here, but there are alto of corners here that Shamoo can trap other
players in. She can also fly over the water, which is an advantage. But this is
of the Water element, not Fire.

The Boat - Not really enough space for Shamoo to move around here. Again, of
the Water element. Ah well.

The Village - Nice space for her to move around, and a fair few corners. She
can also travel over the lawn, which is useful for getting elements. Only Earth
elements, but better than nothing, eh?

Lava Valley - Good in the sense that this is of the Fire element, but bad in
the sense that it is easy for Shamoo to go bouncing off the lava walls due to
her high speed, and that it is a very confined space.

The Wind Temple - Nice space, decent amount of trapping spaces, nice heal
spot.....but of the Wind element, gah!

Sanctuary - Probably the best map for Shamoo. It is of the Fire type, has
decent area, can trap people and can run away easily. But, no healing spaces
and easy to bounce off the lava walls :p

Stadium - So-so. Decent amount of space, healing areas, the electrifying
statues are handy if you're good with range, and no hurting walls.

Q. What is Premium Shamoo worth?
A. A 30 day Premium Shamoo can be bought at the Silver card shop for 36 cash
(roughly $1 worth of money), or traded for elements if you can't or won't use a
credit card. She is worth about:

130 Pure Fires
150 Pure Anything Else
180 Mixed Elements

Worth it if you ask me, her stats increase a lot and she looks so much cooler!

Q. What gold forces should I get for Shamoo?
A. God forces are very expensive, but if you want to go all out, get a magic
gf, a staff gf, and boots gf.

 4. Stats de Shamoo

As I've said, Shamoo is a very fast and powerful character. I've gathered some
statistics, and gave her a mark out of 100 for each attribute, and a grade from
F-A that the programmers gave her. The statistics for Shamoo are as follows:

Normal Shamoo.....

Melee Attack - 60/100 - Grade B
Ranged Attack - 75/100 - Grade B
Turn Speed - 80/100 - Grade B
Max Speed - 95/100 - Grade A
Booster - 84/100 - Grade B

Premium Shamoo.....

Melee Attack - 75/100 - Grade B
Ranged Attack - 85/100 - Grade A
Turn Speed - 91/100 - Grade A
Max Speed - 100/100 - Grade A
Booster - 85/100 - Grade A

As you can see, her stats are pretty well-rounded and none of them go below an
F-grade. This is why using Shamoo is a plus, she has no obvious disadvantages

 5. Cards with Shamoo

In this section I will list the 9 possible cards you can use with Shamoo, and
how well she works with them. Let's assume all of these cards are of the fire
type, that way a 20% item activation increase is in your favour :) (same
element cards as the character that uses them + all three cards the same
element). There are three slots, magic, weapon, and armour. You may only choose
one card for each slot.


Axe - I'm gonna go for no on the axe. Shamoo isn't a fast attacking character
to begin with, the least she needs is for an axe to make her attack slower than
she already is. But if power over speed is your thing, then by all means go for

Sword - A good choice. As I've said, attack speed isn't one of Shamoo's strong
points. Having this will ensure she attacks quick, and attack with a decent
amount of speed too. Another advantage, is that swords are high on the SP
trading market, so you could get a lot of elements for one if you ever think of
selling one.

Staff - Probably the best choice for Shamoo. Whilst her range attack is quite
strong and powerful, she is more of an archer at heart than a melee fighter.
Staffs increase both the power and speed of range attacks, which is an
advantage. Also a nice addition to quests.

Bow - No, no and no. Bows only increase the speed of activation on range
attacks, something which Shamoo needs least of. Bows are almost worthless on
the SP market, so I would definitely advise against having one for her.


Shield - Shields are crap, cheap and worth nothing on the SP market. Shamoo
can't evade many attacks well anyway, so they won't be much use for her. But
hey, if you want a cheap way of getting to a level 9 item fast, choose this ;)

Armour - Nah. She has a mediocre amount of HP as it is, so you may as well get
something that will benefit her more. Fire Armours surprisingly go for quite an
amount on the market though.

Pendant - Shamoo is fast as it is, so a pendant could be the best choice for
this slot. Especially seeing as Shamoo takes quite a while to heal on her own.
HP recovery is a let down with the Fire element though. This is for the battle
enthusiast of Survival Project though. If you play soccer, do quests and other
activities more though, you'll want the.....

Boots - Shamoo with boots on is like a young cheetah that's taken an overdose
of coffee. Speedy. Good for escaping in quests, and another good choice of
armour for Shamoo.


Magic is a necessity for Shamoo, so it's a good thing you only have two choices
to choose from. One really ;) Fire magic is powerful and Shamoo makes a great
magic-spammer. The other not-so-good-choice magic are the other magics. Wind
magic is a no and Earth and Water magics are good for range but bad for Shamoo.
Just stick with Fire magic mm'kay? :)

 6. Shamoo vs. ? Tactics

Shamoo - :p. Since you'll probably end up having the same cards as well as
characters, it's the level of the cards and the skills they have that will
determine how well it goes. You'll need real skill to defeat yourself <_<

Xyrho - You have an even chance of winning here. Shamoo is fast and out-run
Xyrho, but Xyrho is a strong and fast attacking character. Good luck.

Sven - You're gonna be in trouble here if the Sven has a sword and you're on a
Fire map. Fast attacking Sven + Naturally strong Sven + Attack Bounce + Lava
walls = Trouble for Shamoo. She can be killed within 5 hits of Sven's axe, so
you'll have to be smart and fast to win a battle against him.

Creme - Bleh. Creme is the worst and weakest character on Survival Project, and
has bad defense. Unless she pulls her uber-cool level 9 Water magic out on you,
just keep attacking and you will be fine.

Roland - Roland charges forward when attacking, which can be very annoying when
you can't hit him. He's also a strong character naturally, but just magic spam
him and he stands no chance :/

Hazel - In my opinion, Hazel is the cheapest, noobest, most annoying character
in Survival Project. She has low health, but when she attacks you, she DRAINS
your health. Equipped with good Earth magic and she is one hard vampire to
beat! Her attack speed is slow though, so mash your s key stupid and beat that
annoying witch!

Hawk - He attacks fast, and twice. His ranged attack isn't all bad either. I
suggest using a range attack to defeat him. Sure it's cheap, but who

Aurelli - The annoying archer that everyone loves to hate. With Shamoo's
super-speed, she can dodge Aurelli's arrows with ease. Just attack and attack,
and eventually Aurelli will fall to the power that is Shamoo.

 7. Credits

This FAQ may not be distributed on any other site without my permission first.
If you want to put it on your site, email me. If there is anything I've missed
out, or haven't explained properly/well enough, then don't hesitate to tell me

This FAQ may only be distributed on:

My email: [email protected]

Now I'd like to credit:

acidicrain7137, for encouraging me for writing a guide for SP.

eternalparadox, for actually starting an FAQ and giving me the encouragement to
write one ;)