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Final Fantasy VII

reviving aeris

Question asked by DANGER D on
Last Modified:

reviving aeris

Ok now this can be done and you don't need cheats for it after sephiroth kills aeris and lay her to rest in the water there is an item you can get to revive her but I can't rember what it is so if any one can rember the item and more importantly where to find it I would much appreciate it and befor people start saying you can't revive her you can because I have done it twice and my friend has done it once only problem is we don't know where to find the item or where to get it and I know you don't need cheats for this so if any one holds the answer please tell me thank you

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skyline specialist answered:

Err no, I don't think theres anyway to revive her, from what I heard.

Sepharius answered:

A different character to Aeris was originally supposed to be the one to die until the director thought that they should kill Aeris instead.
After they killed her off they decided to make it possible to revive her but this was removed completely from the game to make the storyline more tragic.
The only possible way to revive her is with a GameShark.
Even when you use a GameShark, Aeris doesnt appear in some of the FMVs on Disks 2 and 3 but she appears in some of them and she speaks to party members in certain places but sometimes freezes the game.
The fact that she appears in some of the FMVs and dialogues with a cheat device proves the fact that she was originally supposed to be revived.

You say you and your friend have done it withou cheats which is impossible so please don't give people false ideas by spreading crap.

Reviving Aeris is impossible without a cheat device.

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Guest said: 10th Aug 2016 | REPORT
you're just wrong on one thing : at first aeris wasn't supposed to be revived... But was supposed to be killed at the end of disc 2 and just "armed" at end of disc 1. The time to release the game just did shorten some of the story, that's also why some facts about jenova/sephiroth and the "black capes" remain unclear.

7onewingedangel7 answered:

I've heard that that is what you use the tissues for, but I doubt it. I don't think that you can revive her fairly.

Guest answered:

It is possible, because my bro years and years back had done it, and had sephiroth in his party so STFU lol

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Guest said: 26th Feb 2015 | REPORT
yeah your "bro" must have had a little thing called a gameshark

Guest answered:

There is an item in shines tower (I believe it's floor 64) called "materia ore" you use that to bring back aeries.

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Griggs_678452056 said: 17th Jun 2011 | REPORT
That would be the Shinra Tower dude and the doors upstairs are locked. Also there is no such materia ore.
Guest said: 17th Apr 2012 | REPORT
i herd that u have 2 kill all wepons get there giffs then get the guide book of that boat thingy then go 2 were she dies sleep there an cloud wakes up in the night an gets her sum how that how u do it an trust me its hard cozthe wepons u need the last summons 2 smash it

Guest answered:

if you are lvl99 get everyones lvl3 limit exept aeris who shall have lvl 4 limit.
on aeris have princess guard and dragon armlet filled with mastered revives. 99 phoenix down 99 potions
99 hipotions 99 turboethers 99 ether 3 elixirs
1 megalixir.on cloud have bustersword and bronze bangle filled with mastered covers.
and vincent with quicksilver and titan bangle filled with mastered restores.
have ribbon on aeris
championsbelt on cloud
and peace ring on vincent
be nice to aeris the whole game she must never die in battles or bosses. if you manage to do this she will get revived

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Guest said: 5th Sep 2011 | REPORT
I..cannot comprehend what you just said. Please do not lie about this, there is absolutely no way to revive Aeris, none what-so ever
Guest said: 28th Nov 2012 | REPORT
^ correct
Guest said: 22nd May 2018 | REPORT
ive dont it too an without the hame shark, i live in ohio once you get here call me liar to my face

Guest answered:

First of all, you can't have ribbon by that point!!!! And, you need an airship it green chocobo to get her weapon and her level four limit, you also don't get peace ring. You're an idiot, you need materia ore from shinra towers and from the white chocobo, then use (I believe it was thirty) tissues on the crying women in mideel, shell tell you that the white chocobo is gone and had healing powers, then go to the church in midgqr and you'll see her ghost, leave, put cat sith in your party and let the children play with him, then you'll see a scene with aeris and the ores will go into the flower patch, then you'll get a character named "aerith"

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Guest said: 29th Nov 2012 | REPORT
sounds good to me not just u
Guest said: 16th Apr 2014 | REPORT
you get a ribbon from city of anceints
Guest said: 30th May 2014 | REPORT
Correction you can only get 2 ribbons, 1st in the temple of the ancients, 2nd in the ice cliffs great glacior, or morph the master tonberrys found in the northen crater
Guest said: 18th Feb 2015 | REPORT
too many ppl trying to quote absolutes you can use morph in battle arena on the harder one that only cloud can enter you can morph one monster on there that turns it ribbon making it possible to get 99 ribbons i you really wanted to

Guest answered:

Despite the massive number of rumoured ways of reviving aeris i have never seen anything close to proof, if it were true there would be videos of it on you tube by now, if you think you can do it... and you can prove it, upload to youtube and you'll be the highest rated video on the net within hours

Guest answered:

I felt the need to post this. There are multiple rumors out there on how to revive aeris and I am convinced that there is a way. People say that if you can get back into midgar on disk 1 and talk with the man in the tunnel he will tell you how to revive her later on . You CAN get back into midgar on disk 1 , I've done it , however this was before I heard about the revive aeris method. I used to do it to get tifa's premium heart before the jenova fight. All you have to do is dig for the key at the bone sight and thats it you get back in... I'm trying to download a new copy of FF7 for my PC but am having trouble getting it to work . I'll try to keep you all posted when I try this method

Guest answered:

You can easily get aeris' level 4 limit when she's still in your party on disc one, no chocobo needed..whos the idiot now? You get it from that man's house which is easily accessible with the tiny bronco.Ofc you'd need to train for a while to get aeris' level 3 limit,but if you have the patience and care enough to want it, go for it, it's called Gospel something,nothing interesting.

Guest answered: That is a complete lie, and you are an idiot for spreading it around. She is dead, D.E.A.D. You cannot legitimately revive her, and you never will be able to.

Guest answered:

By why I just read if why he says is true which so far he's right there may b a

Guest answered:

As far as I know there is a way to revive Aeris. You have to put a revive materia on the buster sword and keep leveling it past the point you should be able to. It will become ressurect materia or get the ress ability can't remember which. You get tissues from the colliseum then go to aeris' house. Hope this helps.

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Guest said: 4th Aug 2013 | REPORT
that is what i read to 2 ways to get resurrect kill the weapons or fight the magic pots the post i read was unoffical tho jus givin ya what i read wish i wrote it down tho

JayThePerson answered:

There IS a legitimate way to revive her. I've tried it before. First you will need some tissues, the buster sword, a fully mastered revive materia.

You can see that the revive materia has 2 levels: life and life2. But there is actually a special level AFTER you have mastered the materia, called Resurrect. The revive materia can gain more AP even after it has been mastered. This needs around 800,000 AP. When you unlock the secret spell, head over to Aeris' house. You'll need the Sector 5 key for this. First, you go into her room. Standing next to her bed, use 4 tissues. Soon Cloud will start shouting out something like "Why did you have to die!?" (he might even start crying). Your party will come out, the Cloud discusses with them on the desire to revive Aeris. They suggest you go to the church, and do just that. Check your PHS at the checkpoint. Make sure Cait Sith is in your party. Then enter the church. Two children will come and ask to play with Cait Sith, which he should agree to. Soon the ghost of Aeris will appear before you, and talk about the Resurrect spell. Grab Cait Sith from the children, then head into the city.

Go to the waterfall with the crystal in the middle, and enter it. A scene will occur where Cloud will take the revive materia, mutter something and start to cry. He'll then put the materia onto the pedestal. It'll turn into a ball of light, and shatter into pieces. The ghost of Aeris will tell you to go back to the church.

What comes next is what everyone has anticipated for. Your party will check the flowerbed. Aeris will get back up, and you notice SHE IS NOT A GHOST! She'll say something like "Don't worry Cloud, it really is me..."

A scene occurs where you are on the airship with Aeris. You fulfilled that promise you made to her.

Just wanted everyone to know that:
1. I spent alot of time trying this.
2. Thankfully, it works.
3. Sorry for the long post.
4. Love is beautiful...


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Guest said: 15th Jun 2014 | REPORT
He's trolling you morons. You cant even use tissues they are a key item. Though i do laugh at all the people who are so desperate to bring her back. It's not worth it she sucked anyway
Guest said: 18th Jul 2014 | REPORT
Tissues aren't key items and they can be used.
Guest said: 22nd Oct 2014 | REPORT
Don't know about the tissues, but you can't get 800,000 AP. The variable is only 2 bytes, so the max is 65,535. And no, nothing special happens when you get there...
Guest said: 2nd Jul 2015 | REPORT
The tissues can't be used they aren't a key item but you can't use them I tried I got them went to Ares's house opened inventory and they can't be used

Guest answered:

There is a way to revive Aeris, without the need for cheats. Though it's only available in the Original Japanese version (not the "Greatest Hits" equivalent for it was taken out in that. If you happen to have the Japanese version all you have to do is get the Save Crystal from the crater, then place it in the flower bed of the church. Save your game, then reload. Upon reloading, a short scene will show where Aeris' spirit tells you to go to the City of the Ancients again. Upon arriving at the City of the Ancients another scene plays. Where Aeris' spirit guides you back to the pond where she was placed. Follow her and yet another scene will play where she is standing in the water. Cloud walks up to her and asks if he's dreaming, she says no and that the Cetra sent her back to protect the planet.

When you beat the game, a short cutscene plays out (before the Red XIII part) where Aeris starts to fade away, saying that her time here is over and that the planet no longer needs her protection. She must return to the lifestream. Before she fades, she says good-bye and that she'll be watching over Cloud, and now she'll be protecting him. Proven fact, even declared by the director of the game.

It is true that another character was going to die, then that changed. Then when they decided to kill Aeris, they planned on making it possible to revive her. (Hence the weapon, lvl 4 limit, and other things for her after she dies.) They removed the reviving of Aeris in the North American and European versions because they felt that it would make the tragic part more memorable by keeping her dead.

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Guest said: 28th Aug 2018 | REPORT
Best troll ever. Get them to waste the save crystal lol

Guest answered:

I think you can use the holy matiria to revive her but I don't know.

Guest answered:

I'm certain she can't be revived, but you can get her level 4 limit break with just the buggy and the tiny bronco. As for her best weapon, possibly, I forget, but her lvl4 limit, totally.

Guest answered:

She could NEVER be revived because it is only just a myth and also FF7 is not an interactive game.

Guest answered:

I think you can use the Phoenix downs from the Chocoboo nest to revive her.

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Guest said: 2nd Jun 2014 | REPORT
As one of the leading developers of this game I can assure you that their is no way possible in the resurrection of Aegis/Aerith. The sounds to me a lot of people is getting the movie and the game mixed up even though she still is not revived in Advent Child you see her ghost their with Zach's. We didn't make anyway for her to come back doing so would of lost motive for the game and the story wouldn't make any sense. She is DEAD!! Unless you use a cheat she is DEAD!! PLEASE STOP WITH ALL OF THESE LIES. Thanks Morimoto.
Guest said: 14th Dec 2014 | REPORT
and i am the mother of this leading developer in lying. There is a way to keep her alive but only using an emulator and rom.
Guest said: 13th Jan 2015 | REPORT
talking about her keeps her alive... in our hearts ;_;
Guest said: 8th Nov 2015 | REPORT
Yep talking about her does keep her alive forever in her hearts ;-; though I do with that on the remake she can be resurrected

Guest answered:

I have to say *sigh* it has been many years since the release of FF7, and she is still dead. . . At least in America. If she was able to be revived Yes, game shark like devices work. I don't judge people for using these. Word to those thinking of trying these: they can enhance and/or 'break' a game. I'm sure there would be lots of dedicated guides posted on reliable sites for bringing her back. There would also be vids proving these methods on youtube. I am currently finishing another "perfect game" run, this time on the PS3 version. I haven't found a legit way to rez her here either.
I haven't given up total hope. If I am able to find a method and prove it's validity for the PS3 version I will share it. Some people say she sucks, but she is THE BEST mage in the game! Besides that I'm a bit of a softie, her and cloud and tifa belong together ;)
Yes, game shark like devices work. I don't judge people for using these. Word to those thinking of trying these: they can enhance and/or 'break' a game. What about 'modding' or using a 'jail broken' PS3? I will share if I find and prove this method as well, and encourage others to do the same.
- sKiller4_20 -

Guest answered:

Well if they would just release the original Japanese version it wouldn't be a problem. I for one think it is bullshit that they won't release the Japanese version of the game. The reason I have heard as to why the resurrection ceremony was removed was it had sexual themes. If that is the case Sony and square are nothing more than cowards; because let's face it the only people who want to play Final Fantasy 7 are in their thirties and forties because we appreciate great story over graphics. All the younger kids they don't wanna play it because it don't look good to them. They'd rather have the shiny graphics and the big cutscenes that's what they want they can't appreciate the story like we can.

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Guest said: 13th Oct 2016 | REPORT
Rude XD 21 and I've played this game for years got my boyfriend 23 into it. The game is amazing.
Guest said: 2nd Dec 2018 | REPORT
I hope you are a woman and not a man

Guest answered:

I am 18, and I have played this game since I was 5. There's no way to resurrect Aeris; I've watched videos, read Easter eggs, and none have worked (except for mods and game shark). I've played FF7 many different times, though I've never played the Japanese version, and again, there is no natural way to revive her. As for there used to be a way to bring her back, or that there was another character that they were going to kill off instead of her, I don't know. I would like it if people would stop trolling, because I've tried many different methods (I.e. Trying to find the holy materia, using tissues, mastering every material in the game, defeating all weapons, getting all items, weapons, and armor in the game, "materia ore", and get the silver/platinum chocobo, yes, I know a lot of them sound far fetched, but I still tried it. Hopefully this will give all of you gamers something to think about.

After the part in the Temple of the Ancients, after Cloud accidentally gives Sephiroth the Black Materia, and he's dreaming that Aeris and himself are in the Sleeping Forest (the place that you need the lunar harp to go through), Aeris tells him a bunch of stuff but says "I'll be back after it's all over".

Then, at the end of the game, after you beat Sephiroth (all 3 forms; Bizarro Sephiroth, Safer Sephiroth, and Human Sephiroth), it'll play that really long cutscene, where Cloud imagines that he sees Aeris' hand reach out towards him, but then he snaps out of it, and realizes it's Tifa instead. Cloud grabs her and jumps up to the ledge and says "I think I understand" she responds with "What?". He then says "The Promised Land...I think I can meet her there".

With Tifa in one arm, she hugs him and says "Yeah, let's meet her" (Or something like that), and after all that stuff about the lifestream mixing with holy to destroy meteor, after the bright light flashes, and it shows all of the characters, then it shows Aeris, just as it did at the beginning of the game.

With all that being said, I believe maybe the fact that Jenova was finally destroyed, along with Sephiroth, perhaps that brought all of the Cetra back. Maybe the effects of Holy or the Lifestream brought them back.

Though it's probably not likely for any of that to happen, you guys need to think about what happens after the game, or just analyze it closer, either way, it's not funny to give people false hope, or make them run through 20 miles of crap just to find out that they've been hoaxed. On the other hand, make sure are videos of it for proof.

Either way, Aeris does in fact live on in our hearts, and a true Final Fantasy fan like myself would feel like they lost their best friend if someone dies in one of them, because I've played every one of them, Aeris is my favorite female character in that one, and Final Fantasy is my favorite game series, and FF7 is my favorite (Tied with the eighth).

Sorry for the long post, hopefully this inspires people. XD

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Guest said: 31st Jul 2018 | REPORT
Everyone has said it... Aeris cannot be rezzed. Your only way of "keeping" Aeris alive without gameshark is Yuffie warping on Steam and the Saga Frontier Glitch using PS1 or emulators.

Guest answered:

Ok. So yes this is 10 years late. But the way to "revive" Aerith is to kill Ruby weapon and emerald weapon getting their items. Then go to the gold saucer and do the boxing game. Kill all 4 then cloud will fight an invisible enemy that kills him in 1 hit. After, give the dessert rose, earth harp, and guide book (received by morphing an enemy in the junon reactor), then head back to the chur h in Midgard. She will be there. Stick your controller in slot 2 and press L1 R1 O and a sequence will begin. After, Aerith will appear in your party.

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Guest said: 29th Jun 2019 | REPORT
Who would you give it to? The guy in kalm?
Guest said: 11th Mar 2020 | REPORT
Is she playable

Guest answered:

There's no way to revive Aeris up to this date. It's amusing to see 'how-to' from broken English to appeal types, but none of them worked. Seen a video on YouTube but still full of doubt.

Some people said that Aeris didn't need to be revived, since she's stay dead in other FF7 sequels But, I really like her limit breaks, and it's very useful for training and fighting bosses. And, it's not that surprising that some games have multiple side endings which involved character's survival.

Even so, I still hope there's a way to revive Aeris.

Guest answered:

It’s actually very simple. First you revive Tellah the sage and Polom and Porom from FFIV create a party with just them, sleep and save at every inn, break all 3 game disks into pieces, glue them together in one giant cd, boot it on a ps2 and press up up down down left left right right start select A B as it’s booting then you get a spell called “holy shit” that does it

Submission removed pending moderation
Guest answered:

I don't want to say anything, but how is it possible that Aeris dies on disc one and still everyone knows what all her lvl4 limits are? And why does the programmers go through all the trouble for making a character with all their equipment and ultimate weapons if you can't bring her back later on?


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