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Final Fantasy VII Game Shark Codes

Final Fantasy VII Guide
Final Fantasy VII Guide
The definitive ad ultimate guide to Final Fantasy VII by Absolue Steve. Ehanced only on SuperCheats with over 60 videos showing you his gamelay and ..
From cloudstrife824618 Jun 2005, ID #12924

Masamune blade

This code gives Cloud the masamune blade. Only works if you start new game or you have the code for by pass file ruined error.


From cloudstrife824618 Jun 2005, ID #12926

All magic cost 0 mp

This code gives you all magic and it cost o mp to cast it(all characters)
50003608 0001
8009D954 0000
50003608 0001
8009DD94 0000

From sethiroth5 Sep 2004, ID #12162

Infinite GP

865d25f2 785f

From miss slicky5 Aug 2005, ID #13036

Materia codes

Bahamut zero: 8009ce60ff58
Knights of the round table: 8009ce64ff59
Double cut: 8009ce68ff0f
Alexander: 8009ce6cff53
Kujata: 8009ce70ff52

From finalfantasyfan11713 Jul 2006, ID #13827


If your like me and you really want to use aeris this is the cheat

365d1dfe 595b

NOTE-this code works but once shes in your party save and sh..

From Seproith ID #2967

All Clouds limit breaks:8009c75a 02db

All Tifas limit breaks:8009c862 02db

All Barrets limit breaks:8009c7de 02db

All Yuffies limit ..

From the bad guy ID #2962



This code lets skip all battels even the final boses when in battle a box will come up on the top o..

From Roy C. ID #2964

All of Cloud's limits.....8009C75A 02DB

All of Barret's limits....8009C7DE 02DB

All of Tifa's limits......8009C862 02DB


From sethiroth5 Sep 2004, ID #12160

Infinite Gil Combo

To get infinite Gil get an All Materia and use the Tons of AP code.
(865D2900 E04F)

Then fight and win a battle. All will master. Sell it but do..

From sethiroth5 Sep 2004, ID #12161

All Ultimate Weapons

To get all Ultimate Weapons input
865D1978 6E5f
865D19FC 6E7f
365D1A80 6E6f
365D1A04 6EA2
365D1F88 6E8D
365D1F0C 6EB6
365D2090 6EC9

From GunTrigger 904919 Jun 2005, ID #12896

Sephiroth Gameshark code for you that have it enjoy!

Sephiroth Will Replace Vincent
E009CBDC 0007
3009CBDC 000A
E009CBDD 0007
3009CBDD 000A
E009CBDE 0007
3009CBDE 000A
E009D391 000A
3009D391 00..

From cloudstrife824618 Jun 2005, ID #12925

Control Sephiroth

(cheat device 2.2 or higher needed!)
E00F83E8 0000
800F83E4 0048
E00F8450 000A

From true_cloud14 Oct 2005, ID #13177

All items and materia

These codes will take a while to set up but are worth every minute,


Begin with the base code ; "8009-CAAD-C600"

Create a furth..

From coerce119 Jul 2008, ID #15345

Use Aeris after Death

This is the only code I know of that actually does revive Aeris.

At the very end of disc 1 Aeris dies but you can use the following code on Games..

From [UDP] Abr1el ID #2961

There is an error in the code on the FFVII site: The invisibility+fast limit bar gain code is wrong, or innacurate.


The ..

From Michael Puskar ID #2966

Ultimate Code (With this cheat,it will make you INVINCIBLE!,and if you hold L1+L2 and Square it will quickly fill your Limit Bar)the Gameshark Cod..

From Seproith ID #2968

All Clouds limits:8009c754 02db

All Tifas limits:8009c862 02db

All Cait siths limits:8009ca72 02db

All Vincents limits:8009caf6 02db..

From Sephiroth-Cberg ID #2973

No Random Battles: 8007173C 0000

no Random Battles On The World Map: 8011627C 0000

Always get 50,000 A.P Points after battle: 8009D7DC C35..

From Ultima Wizard10 Mar 2004, ID #11338

Tips to make codes work

Some codes can only be used one at a time and only if that character is in your party. Such as the limit break, stat, and weapon codes.

I hope th..

From silvex30001 Apr 2013, ID #16001

Always run (toggle run) usa version SCUS94163

Always run (toggle run) usa version SCUS94163
800A6CE8 0010 - Debug.
80074F14 1000 - Speed function for Cloud.
8009AC22 0002 - running animation.

From DARK_YOSHI9217 Apr 2007, ID #14873

USO Option

D0062D78 0022
30049450 000B
D0062D78 0020
30049450 0001

Go to the main menu, and highlight the item selection. Then, hold down either r1, l1, ..

From Jason ID #2958

All Ultimate Weapons

865d1978 6e5f

865d19fc 6e7f

365d1a80 6e6f

365d1a04 6ea2

365d1f88 6e8d

365d1f0c 6eb6


From shiftyshellshock ID #2960

Infinite HP&MP All Characters

8009c764 270f

8009c768 03e7

8009c7e8 270f

8009c7ec 03e7

8009c86c 270f

8009c870 03e7..

From Anon ID #2970





From t0ms0nic15 Jun 2004, ID #11781

European and American version codes

Infinite Magic Source
8009CB3E C249
Infinite Power Source
8009CB3A C247
Infinite Luck Source
8009CB44 C24C
Infinite Mind Source
8009CB40 C24A..

From Guest10 Dec 2020, ID #16232

All Items (Legit will not freeze game)

All Items gameshark/xploder code


From Joshua.W.Bushong ID #2969




8009d2ec370f gives you half of key

items,and dosen't mess


From Super_G_Bros.7 Aug 2007, ID #15037

All Sources

Here are the codes for all the Sources in the game.

Note: They work with Gameshark AND Xploder. Keep in mind, you have to activate them seperatel..

From shiftyshellshock ID #2959

Have all items:





From cloud striffe ID #2972

30 second time delay-c1000000 4000-6000 (about 30 secs. anyway)