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Romantic actions in sims freeplay

Question asked by Guest on
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Romantic actions in sims freeplay

I have two sims that are best friends and I am attempting to make them form a romantic relationship. However, the only interactions that appear are chest bump, complain, be nice, be funny and be rude. How do I get the romantic options to appear?
Sorry if this is a stupid question but I can't work it out as I can't get the best friend metre to increase :P

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The Sims FreePlay Guide

Guest answered:

Well I'm not sure but I think you have to get one of the Sims to have a rich lather in the shower first then a "flirt"option will be available .. And if this doesnt work then I think you shoul turn the sims to aqquaintances first by doing rude things to them... Then have a rich lather then the flirt option will pop ... Hope this helped.

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Guest said: 10th May 2018 | REPORT
To increase you have to be mean
Guest said: 13th Aug 2018 | REPORT
at level7 what do next to unlock flirt mode
Guest said: 21st Sep 2018 | REPORT
Complete the quest "love is in the air" on level 9
Guest said: 9th Dec 2018 | REPORT
When I’m mean it increases them goes from best friend back down to freind
lacib2 answered:

Please help. Dont know what I am doing wrong but I can not get past best friends. No romantic interaction will appear and the move in interaction did not appear either! Do you have to be a certain level? Can't find info on this anywhere.

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Guest said: 7th Jan 2018 | REPORT
How to complete love in the air
Guest said: 18th Mar 2018 | REPORT
You have to have completed all quests before that
Guest said: 23rd Jun 2018 | REPORT
What quests?
Guest said: 18th Feb 2019 | REPORT
How do you complete the love is in the air quest
chelsi101 answered:

Hey I had the same problem and like you I couldn't find an answer anywhere. I finished the goal of getting 4 Sims to Dance at the same time, and a marriage Quest came up! So to unlock romance you have to do a quest now.

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Guest said: 24th Nov 2017 | REPORT
How do you get your sims to dance?
Guest said: 13th Dec 2017 | REPORT
You have to get a stereo
Guest said: 5th May 2021 | REPORT
to have romance you have to finish or be doing the love is in the air quest
Guest said: 7th May 2021 | REPORT
Πώς βρίσκω την αναζήτηση;
Guest answered:

Like chelsi101 said, you have to wait until you are level 6 to unlock a new questline now. This allows you to be able to propose marriage, and if you do it in 48 hours then you unlock the bride and groom outfits

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Guest said: 23rd Mar 2018 | REPORT
You first need to finish the "Bread Winner" quest. This one isn't too hard. Next I believe you unlock "Money Grows On Trees", if I'm correct, you should then get the "Love is in the air quest", and at the end you can make Sims be romantic. This also allows you to have babies ;D
Guest said: 6th May 2018 | REPORT
I had the same problem but after checking about 13 diferent websites it told me you have to complete the "Bread Winner" quest and then the "Money Grows On Trees", and I'm 99.9% sure that if you complete those two tasks/quests, it will allow you to unlock the "Love Is In The Air" quest, and then you will be able to become partners after that
Guest said: 3rd Dec 2018 | REPORT
Thanks all this helped me to
Guest said: 30th Dec 2018 | REPORT
Thank you I always a respected because I did not know whY to do Nd now I know :o : ) : ) ; )
Guest answered:

I am in the same boat as you guys, it's funny because ever since I updated the game I can't be "romantic" with anyone. It's beginning to annoy me, and I love Sims. I'm level 5 and my sims are best friends, but I only have the options to friendly and be rude etc. Need help please x

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Guest said: 3rd Nov 2016 | REPORT
On mine the green button says 'ok' so i click it and it does nothing also i am on level 9
Guest said: 3rd May 2017 | REPORT
I'm in the same boat I'm level 9 and I don't even know how to start the quest
Guest said: 16th May 2017 | REPORT
I am in the same boat of you guys I'm level 8 and my sims are now best friend. I was trying to be a romantic, be nice while being best friend but it doesn't work . I need help
Guest said: 31st Jul 2017 | REPORT
Same 4 me. I am lvl 11, have 5 sims, Almost everyone is best friends. I can "work up a lather" in the shower. But if I try and be romantic, I get told that I have to finish the "Love Is In The Air" quest. I have no idea how to do this quest. What haven't I done?
ZombieBatman answered:

Okay so since one can give a straight answer you have to wait until you get the Quest RICH LATHER IN SHOWER you don't have to be rude just wait for this quest have them take a shower RICH LATHER option takes 15 mins right after a flirt option will pop up I didn't get this quest until half way to level 8 make sure you do your Goals so you will get it faster hope this helps

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Guest said: 15th Aug 2016 | REPORT
Thanks!!!!!!!!!!! Zombie batman guys just keep on complying it work no joke honest to god
Guest said: 5th Nov 2016 | REPORT
Guest said: 4th Mar 2017 | REPORT
It dosent work just complaining
Guest said: 23rd Jun 2017 | REPORT
Can u help me zombiebatman plz? I am on level 8 but the rich lather quest is not coming Sims r best friends but I can't get them to go on dates and stuff.
Guest answered:

Um I have the same problem as the other person about the best friend thing and trying to get them to be romantic to each other apparently I had Sims free play before and everything worked out fine because it was an old version of sims free play but then I deleted to but then after a long while I wanted it back so I downloaded it but this time they became best friends with each other but now I can't even find "be romantic" it never said that once when I got the sims freeplay back so I was wondering if anyone knows how to find it

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Guest said: 14th Jun 2016 | REPORT
Mine only has birthday and makeover, but I'm on level 6
Guest said: 12th Jul 2016 | REPORT
U have to both seperately have a rich lether in the shower then keep being rude to each other until their partners then u should be able to do romantic/partner things and get married and have children
Guest said: 5th Sep 2016 | REPORT
How can they be romantic? Please help asap!
Guest said: 22nd Jun 2017 | REPORT
Guest answered:

All you guys are not reading the Quest correctly you need your Sims to be showered Rich of lather or whatever the quest is called just make your sim take a shower it would take 15 minutes

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Guest said: 29th Nov 2015 | REPORT
Both of my sims r best friends and it didn't come up with flirt and they have each had a rich lather shower!!
Guest said: 8th Apr 2016 | REPORT
Help me !!
Guest said: 4th Sep 2016 | REPORT
Ya, flirt never popped up even though I took the rich lather shower
Guest said: 8th Jan 2017 | REPORT
Will it work if we skip it and make it go faster?
Guest answered:

I know how. You have to reach around level 5 and then it will eventually come up
With something saying about Sims getting romantic then it will tell you to have a rich
Lather then you can be romantic. But make sure when you tech level five that you
Have two Sims that are best friends

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Guest said: 27th Apr 2015 | REPORT
Okay you have to finish the quest your having now until your reach that quest
Guest said: 27th Feb 2016 | REPORT
Guest said: 11th Jul 2016 | REPORT
I've taken 2 rich lathers and it still doesn't give you the option to flirt... I'm level 9 and I can't even use the option be romantic
Guest said: 14th Aug 2017 | REPORT
Im level 13 and I Tried but it still didn't work
Guest answered:

Okay so I reached level 6 and am trying to get the coffee machine I clicked on the shower and rich lather appeared. The two Sims are on best friends Status. I honestly hope this helps but before I was in the same situation what's worse I sent the male off to work

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Guest said: 14th Sep 2015 | REPORT
My name is Allie. And I know you all are trying to figure out all this but what you really gotta do... Is try! See tring is practice! And practice means perfect! The more you try the better. I try and I believe some time in history that I will get this sexy romance or whatever. And when I do I will report on how to do it I promise! Oh and now I just see a thing to get married and have babies! Press it and it'll show you! Listen if I can do it. You can. I what the romance and I bet you do too! But tring might get you to your goal. Will you try? (Yes no.) thanks!
Guest said: 14th Sep 2015 | REPORT
Jackie: Hey! Her grandma did die looser jr.! Antonio is cute and K-I-N-D!!! Ever heard of it!? Awefulness! I am not CALM ANYMORE!!!!!!!!!!! *SREEEEEEEEEEEEAM!!!!!!!!!! You are a jerk! And a pair of boobs!
Guest answered:

People have been giving you incomplete answers and a lot of mixed messages. (Never good for a relationship! ;) If you catch my drift)

Here is how you get two Sims to start a romantic relationship:

The option will not become available until the game presents you with your first Quest. A quest is like a series of tasks that you have to get through to complete.

This option will only become available after you have completed all tasks up to getting a fourth Sim, buying a 2star stereo, and having all four Sims Dance together. After you do this (it's very easy just keep working through the tasks one by one) you will be asked to build another Business in The Town Map.

After you do this, you'll get a notification telling you the first Quest is to start a romance, and the first task to complete this quest is for a Sim to have a rich lather shower. After that, just keep doing the tasks and Quests as they come. Be patient, you'll get there eventually.

Rich lather will NOT work until you are presented with the Quest.
It does NOT matter what level you are on.
You can NOT begin a relationship without completing all the tasks leading up to the Quest.

Relationship actions will be in PURPLE. Green is for friendship and red is for enemies.

That's it, good luck!

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Lou_grace1127 said: 19th Feb 2015 | REPORT
I have the quest loves in the air but I am not getting any steps to help me do this quest?
Guest said: 9th Aug 2015 | REPORT
What are the quests that I have to complete
Guest answered:

We'll I'm level 7 and I am so annoyed at this because they say you can do it and then your at the right level then you can't do anything and just like the first comment said like about rich lather but they all back down

Luke.Helps answered:

To be romantic you have to be level 6 and you need to complete a Quest as it says 'Love Is In The Air' so you have to lather in shower!!!

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Guest said: 18th Nov 2015 | REPORT
I'm at level12 and I still don't get it!!!!!
Guest said: 25th Nov 2015 | REPORT
I'm lovel 11 and it didn't work for me do both the sims need
Guest said: 28th Mar 2016 | REPORT
Help me
Guest said: 12th May 2017 | REPORT
I'm I one level 7
Guest answered:

When you get to the Love Is In The Air Quest, even if you took a rich lather shower you HAVE to do it again. Then you can flirt!

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Guest said: 26th Sep 2014 | REPORT
I done lathering 5 times.I can't flirt.
Guest answered:

I am trying the same thing! That's exactly what is happening to me. >=( how do I get them to be a frigging couple!! Please help me to with this.

Guest answered:

You have to keep being nice to people, and then you'll get some more romantic options. Or a Quest, that's what I've heard.

Guest answered:

Yeah I'm on level 8 and it comes up with 'Be romantic' but it won't let my Sims be romantic until I do this Quest thing called 'Love Is In The Air' unlocked at level 6, but I've already got through level 6 and I don't remember a quest like that, please help me I really want them to start going out!!!

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Guest said: 20th Feb 2015 | REPORT
Guest said: 7th Mar 2015 | REPORT
Same here
Guest said: 24th Jul 2016 | REPORT
When the "love is in the air" quest says level 7 it means that's when you can start the quest
Guest said: 17th Feb 2017 | REPORT
How do u start the quest
Guest answered:

Do I have to be on level 6? Is it okay if I'm on level 7?

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Guest said: 20th Oct 2014 | REPORT
Guest said: 21st May 2017 | REPORT
Guest answered:

I have got my Sims to be romantic loads of times but the get married option still isn't available. What should I do?

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cutepuffie2 said: 14th Dec 2014 | REPORT
Did you make one of your sims propose to the other sim? Maybe that's why...
Guest answered:

Make the Sims complain to each other. Believe it or not but it increases the Bar very quickly and you can move past best friends

Guest answered:

I am level 8 and my Sims are still not romantic yet

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Guest said: 10th May 2015 | REPORT
Same here please help
Guest answered:

You flirt by first having one Sim in the shower getting rich lathered and then you invite another Sim to the house. You then go over to the other Sim and click on them. It will have the options for talking, there will be a flirt one, just click on it and you will flirt!

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Guest said: 21st May 2016 | REPORT
Guys i found a way to level up than best friends.just complain and it gets bigger ps i found it in the comments but it really helps this may 2016
Guest answered:

I know this is going to sound crazy but I had my Sims on best friends and they weren't moving up I go kind of annoyed so I made them complain and to my surprise they moved up so I kept doing that and it worked

Guest answered:

You have to be on level six then a thing will pop up that says Love Is In The Air do what it says and you will get married

Guest answered:

Easy you be a person as 2 Sims and the person your on has to have a crystal over his and then click a female. Then tap on romantic

Guest answered:

All you do is finish the Cooking test then the money grows on trees, then the Quest 'Love in The Air' quest will pop up and just follow what they tell you to do

Guest answered:

To answer everyone's question to why you can't get your Sims to be romantic. If when you started your game and did not go step by step with each task it gives you then you will not unlock the romantic options. You have to do every step and goal first before you can get this option

Guest answered:

I had the same problem but what you have to do is start the Love Is In The Air Quest available at level 6. While your completing it you will get more options that will allow them to kiss on the hand and be romantic and if you do those actions then they will start a relationship.😃

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Guest said: 25th Apr 2015 | REPORT
i need help a lot
Guest answered:

All you need to do is be really rude and complaine I have know idea why that works but it does being nice just makes it go down again

Guest answered:

I have the same problem! I'm almost on level 8 and I've done rich lather now 5 times. I've also done the whole coffe thing and money grows on trees Quest!And I've been rude witch accually increase! Please help!

Guest answered:

If you are having a question about how to get past the Best Friend level. First you need to get on level 8.Second you need to complete the Quest Do Money grow on Trees and you need to make sure that if the quest does not pop up you need to finish the chef quest then it will pop up then any ways you finish then there is another quest were you can be romantic then there is another we're then it will let you get married then the next won is were you can have a baby and so on

Guest answered:

Basically once you reach level 7 go to your active task click on it then press forward, little green thing next to your Quest n Love Is In The Air should be there.

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Guest said: 9th Jul 2015 | REPORT
You have to complete the 'Love is in the Air' Quest unlocked at level 7
Guest said: 30th Jun 2016 | REPORT
I'm at 7 and I can't be romantic! Should I rich lather?
Guest answered:

You have to complete the 'Love Is In The Air' Quest unlocked at level 7

Guest answered:

You had to do first and second task!Next task is get marries!!

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Guest said: 18th Aug 2015 | REPORT
Lol people don't know how
Guest answered:

First you get a Cooking Quest then another quest and then the love in the air quest. You have to finish the other quest first and then that quest will come. It doesn't matter if you are past level 6/7 after level 6/7 the quest unlocks. I haven't done it yet so I'm not 100 percent sure but if you open your task list and then press pending Quests you can find the love In the air quest (might need to scrol side ways) I hope I helped in some way.

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Guest said: 27th Jul 2016 | REPORT
Thx I didn't know that
Guest answered:

If you complain and be rude it will work. I tried it and it worked

Guest answered:

It comes as soon as you finish the Quest!!

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Guest said: 27th Jun 2016 | REPORT
How do you finish the quest ? I've been trying for about a week now
Guest answered:

To become a romantic you must reach level seven and pass Love Is In The Air Quest.

Guest answered:

Continue to use the be nice and the be funny

Guest answered:

This did not work for me on my iPhone 6 it changed from best friend to good friend I don't know what happend

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Guest said: 10th Jun 2019 | REPORT
Yes same for me and I have the iPhone 7
Guest answered:

I'm on level 7 and I got Love Is In The Air and one of my Quest says date a Neighbors sim how am I supposed to do that if it won't let me click romantic

Guest answered:

II want my Sims to be boyfriend and girlfriend but it says hood on you need to complete it still

Guest answered:

You complete the Love Is In The Air Quest when you reach level 7

Guest answered:

I don't really know the answer but I need you to tell me how to "Be Romantic"
Plz tell me how.

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Guest said: 12th Jun 2017 | REPORT
E too I need to know to
Guest answered:

My romantic option showed up and says to reach level 7 to flirt but I'm at 8 and still wont let me flirt. You have complain anout stuff when it gets to the best friend and it shoots up, idk why complaining is it but thats how you get it up.

Guest answered:

This requires you to complete the main Quest Love Is In The Air. Before this comes Money Grows on Trees, and before that I believe is the first one, Bread Winner. After you complete Love is in the Air, romantic actions and Relationships become available.

Coolgirl11 answered:

If you are having trouble unlocking the"Love Is In The Air" Quest, this answer is for you!!! First you must reach level 7, then complete"Bread Winner" quest and "Money Grows On Trees" quest, you can find them in your "acvive Quests" icon. When you have completed the "Bread Winner" quest, "Money Grows On Trees" quest will automatically appear as your new quest, afterwards when you have completed both quests, you will have unlocked"Love Is In The Air" quest. Hope this helped!

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Guest said: 24th Jun 2018 | REPORT
Me too well I do have be romantic but it says slow down hotshot I’ve pasted lv 7 but I really want a relationship
Guest said: 15th Jul 2018 | REPORT
Same it say that to me to
Guest answered:

One of your sim should have a rich lather in the bathroom and then the flirt option will show up

When you flirt about two of these times the romantic option will show up

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Guest said: 6th May 2019 | REPORT
Guest answered:

To make them appear click one of the people then make the other person do the romantic things.

Guest answered:

You have to be rude or complain to make them level up

Guest answered:

I don’t know I was wondering the same

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Guest said: 6th May 2019 | REPORT
Me too HELP
Guest said: 14th Nov 2019 | REPORT
You have to reach level 7 first
Guest answered:

If you haven't reached level level 7 or completed the Quest 'Love Is In The Air' you can't do any romantic actions yet

Guest answered:

You have to be more than friends

Guest answered:

Wrong,you have to do the QuestLove Is In The Air” get to a certain level to do so

Guest answered:

You just have to complain to them. The meter Bar will go up.

Guest answered:

You need to be past level 7 and to have completed the ‘Love Is In The AirQuest. If they are best friends, then make sure that they either haven’t started filling the Bar or just finish that level of friendship then when there is nothing in the bar of the next Status (or of the best friend status) do a romantic option and it should start turning purple. I hope this helps.

Guest answered:

You also have to make sure that the Sims are the same Age or at least both above young Adult.

Guest answered:

So to be able to use romantic actions I believe there is a Quest. I can't remember properly. You need to level up and possibly complete a quest

Guest answered:

You have to do Love Is In The Air qust

Guest answered:

You might have to complete the love in the air Quest. This unlocks during level 7. Complete that quest and you should be fine.

Guest answered:

Be rude. Complain

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Guest said: 8th Apr 2020 | REPORT
I tried it just makes you only good friends
Guest answered:

You have to be level seven to do be romantic to form a romantic relationship between two Sims

Guest answered:

You will need to complete the “Love Is In The AirQuest to get the be romantic option

Guest answered:

You have to make them complain and or be rude to get the best friends ratings up I just figured it out

Guest answered:

If you want your Sims to be romantic you need to finish the Love Is In The Air Quest before hand and to do that you first need to try and find which quest it is so if you try your Quests is should come up and when you find it you need to finish the quest once you have finished the romantic trait will come up when you tap on another sim and it should come up complain be rude and stuff like that and romantic should come up too and if you keep being romantic your sim can soon be married and have a child together so just finish the quest and they can be romantic

Guest answered:

Ok so what you do is go to the Sims that you want to be romantic and it will say "be romantic"click it, it will then say "hold up hotshot complete the Love Is In The Air Quest to complete this action " then you need to level up to unlock it and when you do it you can have sims get married but if you ask me you should complete it in two days,if you do you'll unlock cool Items(wedding dresses,suits,wedding tiaras)I already have the next quest is the "Two and a Half Sims quest"it will unlock you to build the maternity st ore and have babies! If you ask me it is I cool quest cause I did it it 's easy and fast!hope this helps!(p.S I'm super sorry if this is to long I really wanted to do it to tell you all the things to do)
😀You can do it!😀

Guest answered:

Depends what gender, maybe they also have to high of friendship

Guest answered:

You have to do Love Is In The Air Quest. You can do it if you alredy reached level 7. It is a progression quest. You can find it if you tap one active quest button on the left courner. Than you go to the simdex. And there it is. I hope this is helpful!

Guest answered:

You need to have competed love in in the air Quest

Guest answered:

A button that comes up that says "Be Romantic" should show up, but your game might be bugged if it is COMPLETELY GONE or maybe look an extra time?

Sometimes when I don't see an action, I Notice it later.
Also once your sim is a bestfriend with someone the meter doesn't go up UNLESS you make them do mean/romantic actions like complain/be romantic then the meter fills up red/pink and eventually they have a 'disliked' or "budding romance" relationship.

Guest answered:

If they are not level 7 it won't work


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