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How to make my sim go to work?

Question asked by Guest on
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Question for The Sims FreePlay

How to make my sim go to work? No matter what career he has he won't go to work! All if his co-workers leave at the correct time but he never attends work. Why? And how do I fix this? I thought of deleting him but I don't know how to do that.

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The Sims FreePlay Guide

Keyblade21 answered:

I think you have to get on the game at the right time, then the suitcase icon above the sim locater will be flashing, and you can choose that and then send the sim to work. It's probably easier after you get more Jobs for the sim, then they can go in at different times.

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Guest said: 9th Jul 2016 | REPORT
Only the 4 working at the police station go to work please help I have 15 other sims that won't go to work
Guest said: 11th Aug 2016 | REPORT
Whare is the breafcace?
Guest said: 10th Sep 2016 | REPORT
Guest said: 5th Jul 2023 | REPORT
Guest answered:

Hello, in around to send any sim to work click the locator Bar then a brief case should be there click that button and your sim goes to work or make sure they have all their needs meet by their face there's this bar sorta thing and make sure it's full and green then click the brief case

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Guest said: 31st Jul 2015 | REPORT
My sims have 3 days without going to work because my briefcase isnt flashing
Guest said: 11th Aug 2015 | REPORT
Send them for a deep sleep usually they will work afterwards
Guest said: 20th Feb 2016 | REPORT
First save everything to the cloud, and then delete the game and download again. It should ask if you want to download your progress that is on the cloud. Hope I helped. Smile
Guest said: 30th May 2016 | REPORT
that dont work
Guest answered:

Im on level five and I have a male and a female. The Bar for "partners" is full. I understand I have to complete all my Goals and buy a crib but it's taking so LOONG to earn experience. How do I earn extra experience.?

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Guest said: 18th Jan 2014 | REPORT
Lol at previous guest
Guest said: 7th Aug 2014 | REPORT
lol that's weird
Guest said: 25th Nov 2014 | REPORT
That's just weird! To the first one
And also lol!👀
Guest said: 14th Apr 2015 | REPORT
You have to get married. Try proposing then get married
Guest answered:

I have the same problem... I have 14 Sims, and just one of them won't go to work. I have tried changing Career, but still the briefcase does not flash when it is the correct time to go to work. I have made sure all needs are met and that it is the correct time but it does nothing. The other 13 Sims all go to work as normal. Anyone managed to solve this?

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Guest said: 11th May 2013 | REPORT
If he is busy doing something else it won't work and maybe your sim is to tired or needs to go to the bathroom etc...
Guest said: 5th Jun 2013 | REPORT
I found that with the march update none of my sims would go to work so I had to delete the mall and start over with new sims
Guest said: 25th Nov 2014 | REPORT
My sim used to not be able to go to work but now he can so i suggest on leaving it a while and then coming back. By the way by a while a mean around a week! Hope that was helpful!👉😜
Guest answered:

I've this problem come up time and time again nothing ever worked I tried every thing eventually I just gave up and started over with a new family because it's a problem with the sim, doesnt matter if you change Jobs or move them from house to house. Then I got this problem again about 2 weeks ago after again trying all the possibilities this morning I had a thought about uniforms then I tried putting my sim in a uniform then making them go to work. That worked then I realized that they always have to go in uniform or they won't go. They usually change automatically so alot of people don't think of this but if they for some reason don't change then they don't go so you have to do it for them. Hope this helps for everyone else that has this problem

Guest answered:

This worked for me. If it's time for them to go to work but it the briefcase isn't blinking go to settings- turn you're wifi off-double click the home button-hold down the Sims game to minimize it- go back to settings- change the year to one year back (ex. 2012 to 2011) turn you're wifi back on and go back to the game

It should tell you to send them to work. Go ahead and do it. Then follow the steps again to change the year back to the current year. When you go back to the game it should say you're Sims have finished working and, since it's most likely still time for them to work, it'll say to send them to work. They're now back on track

Note*** if you're Sims aren't working make sure they're sleeping or planting. Changing the times could lower their needs (going from 2011 to 2012 would be like ignoring them for a year) and almost kill them.

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Guest said: 1st Mar 2014 | REPORT
It's working! Thanks so much
Guest said: 3rd Jul 2014 | REPORT
Its not wotking
Guest said: 11th Jul 2014 | REPORT
Yaayyy!!!! i wanted to cry you saved the day
Guest said: 13th Aug 2014 | REPORT
it'working thank you!!
Guest answered:

Thank you.... Change the year to back in 2011, go into the game and then go out of the game and change my date and time settings back to 2012 like fixed it.... The work suitcase started blinking again to go to the Fire Station (it was 8:30 when I tried it)....I am sure it will work for the other positions... Thanks again

Guest answered:

I st has this same problem. I'm at level 7 and I could get her to do everything but "go to work". Finally, I went to the town, went to the building, and pulled up the Career information. I clicked the briefcase for her in that area and it sent her to work. I don't know why it wouldn't work using the Sim Tracker but it worked from the work location.

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Guest said: 25th Nov 2014 | REPORT
Thanks it worked
Guest answered:

I'm on level 12 and my goal
Is to send one of my Sims to work
But none of them need to go to work
Nd I don't know how to send them with out them
Having to work? Someone please help. I'm
Playing Sims free play on my iPod touch.

Guest answered:

It just happen to me and I'm gettin frustated. But finally, I know what to do after a few random thing done. All you need to do is just put on uniform and go to work. Viola! The problem solve :D

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Guest said: 15th Aug 2012 | REPORT
Hi there.... where do I find the uniform?
Guest said: 19th Aug 2012 | REPORT
I have never found a uniform - besides the fireman's outfit. I've had this happen to me - got stuck because I used the "date forward" money cheat, and at some point screwed up enough to have it list 350 hours till the stork arrived - which means 14.5 days till I could add a new sim to the game - and then even though all my sims had jobs, and it was time for them to go to work, I couldn't get them to go to work, either with the job icon, or heading to the business and clicking on the sim from there - nothing worked at all. My advice - beware of how cheating can affect jobs and babies.
Guest said: 18th Sep 2015 | REPORT
Did the babies come out special
Guest answered:

My Sims are still at work after days of not finishing! Their time hasn't gone down so it looks like I'll never get them back as I don't have enough points to quit task?!!!

Guest answered:

I have tried turning off the wifi, changing the date/time and my sim still won't go to work. It was just one at first but now there's two of them that the suitcase will not blink so I can send them to work. Any other ideas, help?

Guest answered:

My Sims won't go to work at all
Do they go in automatically? Or do I send them
I'm confused

Guest answered:

I have the same problem with this situation before... Actually, when I changed date & time, the suitcase had stopped flashed and my Sims couldn't go to work. I intended to stop the game and not play anymore. Then, the game has updated to the new verson & my problem has solved, all my sims can work again, so my advice is not cheating about time & just wait! Hope it may help!

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Yaiminka said: 31st Jul 2015 | REPORT
After the latest update the Sims icon is pink and my seems go to work come back like an hour later and no money earned... Can someone help me please? I'm in level 31!
Guest answered:

Click on the sim tracker and there should be a circle with a case in it tap that. If your late for work press the home bitten and go to settings and change the time

Guest answered:

To make you're sim go to work, you set the time back to 2 minutes before you're sim has to go to work, then a message will come up and it will say you're sim gas to go to work

Uhuhandrealala answered:

How if my teen isn't going to School? The time is right. Everything is fine. But he doesn't go to school. I don't know why. Can someone please help me?

Guest answered:

Go to Settings>General>Time and Date>set time to 15 minutes prior to your Sims start time.... Example 9:45am then exit settings and go to play.
Select sim work Status then click on the briefcase which is now highlighted. Your sim will then automatically go to work!

Guest answered:

After getting the Swimming update it became really dodgy. Since like mon 4th feb, only 3 of 14 Adult Sims could go work and the kid can still go to School. I don't know if it's a flaw in the game system or if I'm supposed to do the whole new Job/satisfy needs coz I always change the time and this time it didn't work. So I don't think it's late or anything. I'm waiting for the next update and hopefully things are solved.

Crazygal123456 answered:

You can't send your sim to work when you've used too many Cheats or get money from you're mail this happened on my last level and I had to start it all over again

Guest answered:

If you go the sim tracker then click on the suit case it will tell you when they will go to work. If you don't want to wait that long change time on electronic device

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Guest said: 27th Jul 2014 | REPORT
But my simtracker doesn't show the briefcase! Someone help, this is driving me nuts!!!!
Guest said: 1st Sep 2014 | REPORT
I can't click on the workplace to get them a job it doesn't show up?? Help
Guest answered:

When you get a Job it tells you what time you work and how much time you have been there. If you are playing at the time it starts, click the Icon that may come up or click on town and the place where you work and it says 'go to work' sometimes, it says go to work any way, but other times it may not. Sorry if I couldn't help.


Charlotte Malfoy answered:

You just build the Art Gallery,then employ a sim and it will say your sim needs to go to work!

Hope this worked

Guest answered:

Just wait for the notification that hes redey to go to wor(the more times you change his,her Job the longer it wil take.

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Guest said: 12th Apr 2013 | REPORT
If my sim doesn't go to work at the right time, what will happen?
Guest answered:

Hi, I'm level 23 and all of my Sims wont go to work apart from 2. I think it's because I used a money cheat so I don't know if anyone else used that one...? (the cheat doesnt work on the update). I don't recommend deleting your sim because although you can go to work, you have to rebuild all their Relationships and re- buy any swim suits. If you do want to delete them and you have kids in your family then you can only delete 1 parent per family because even when your newly made sim is re-married and moved in kids can't live alone with step- parents. That was kinda complicated but hope it helped Smile

Guest answered:

Use the time thing, set your time to the EXACT time the sim's Job starts and it will say a amount of Sims can go to work.

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Guest said: 22nd Jan 2014 | REPORT
i tried to to clear my device to ply
Guest answered:

Do I actually need to be playing the game at the right time for them to go to work.

Guest answered:

I have the same problem, I am on level 25 with 15 Sims and only 2 of which that will go to work even though I press the un flashing briefcase at the right time. It may be because you have done the time cheat (works well to start with and then you have to wait way longer for things) I used that cheat and my game is now not as good :( however I don't want to re start the game as I have come so far and have bought a few things as well! Hope this helps and if you have any ideas on how to fix this problem could you let me know? Thank you!

SweetPea0615 answered:

I'm on level 42 with 30 people on my IPad. I tried cheating the game like everyone said and it messed up so much. They won't go to work or School, no mail, lost my construction coins before time was up and The Party Boat went to 2000+ hrs.
I've tried all the suggestions about fixing it and it only gets them to go to work if you forwarded the game to the ending of The Party Boat hrs you will get mail, Party Boat gift and if the time is for them to go to work or School they will go so send them to work and send a Sims to the Competition Center, Leave the mailbox gift!! When you go back to the regular time they will be on 4 hrs work but it won't count down, the competition center will be on 24 hrs too. Cancel all of them... Get your mailbox gift and you will start getting it daily but unfortunately they will only go to work or school sometimes not everyday. The time on the party boat will go back to the 2000+ hrs even if you leave the gift. So that means when the party boat time is up the game will go back to normal which for me is 71 days!!!!
STOP trying to cheat the game!!!!

Guest answered:

If you wake up or you are playing at the time he is supposed to go to work he will go. If that doesn't work press the body at the bottom of the screen and look in the top left corner and you should see a body with an X that is red.Press that and it will ask you "Do you really want to move y/n out of town?" if you want to press yes if you don't press no. Hope This Helps!

Guest answered:

To delete a sim you select the sim you want to delete and tap on the player icon next to the furniture store icon and tap the red button on the top left corner and it will delete the sim Smile

Guest answered:

A reason for the Sims not to go to work is because they have set hours. For example, an Artist is from 5pm until 12am. They will only go to work at that time.

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Guest said: 13th Jan 2014 | REPORT
Ya we'll we ALL no that!!!! Duh
Guest answered:

I am having the same problem. My Sims haven't went to work all weekend. I haven't figured out how to fix it but when I do I will for sure let you guys know and please keep me posted if yours is fixed. answered:

Is it the right time for him to go to work? Check the work box.
Is his mood ok? Make the Sims mood better by completing tasks.
Are you sure it still works there? Check!

Guest answered:

We'll it's depends if you want them for free what you to is you hit the LP and then tough it free and you have options or if you don't mind paying then you hit the amount you want

Guest answered:

If you have a baby sim you have to have one sim in the town or on the mysterious island. I THINK

Guest answered:

Your sim can only go to work once a day so make sure you check there not gone that day had the same problem and looked up the "help" key in the pause menu and it gave lots of answers to the things I ask on here

Guest answered:

I know how to delete a sim. What you do is you press on him to make it where the green diamond is hovering over him or her. Then you press them again and it shows their face in a courner and a circle with a line through it. Just press that it will ask you if you want to move him/her out of town.( or so known as to delete him)

Guest answered:

To make sim go to work you have to....
1. Click on the thing that shows you all your Sims,
2. If that sim has a Job there will be a suitcase under their name
3. Click it to make them go to work.
Sims CAN'T go to work if their health is low
Sims can only go to work once a day so if the suitcase is gray that means they can't go back to work until tomorrow.

Guest answered:

To delete a SIM, you get it to walk to the bedroom and you click on the closet and press "Browse Clothes". After changing your SIM'S outfit, you will see a drawing of a slightly opened door on your upper left hand corner. Press it and you should see "Abandon SIM". You will have to confirm to complete the action and that's how you do it.


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