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Thank you for printing this page from Remember to come back to check for updates to this guide and much more content for Hay Day

Lobsters are a relatively new addition to Hay Day, having been added in an update after the fishing Area was opened up. You need to repair the net maker and the Lobster Pool (you need to be Level 44 to repair this) after having reached the Fishing Area (by repairing the Fishing boat) before you can start catching and cooking Lobsters.

Lobsters can be used to make Frutti di Mare Pizza and Lobster Soup.

to get them, craft a Lobster Trap at the net maker, which takes 2 hours. Then, place it in one of your fishing areas and wait for a Lobster to become caught. This takes 6 hours. Finally, place the Lobster in your Lobster Pool, and you will have to wait a further 6 hours before you will receive your Lobster Tail.

Lobster Tail is the produce item that can be used to make your pizzas and soups.

The Lobster Pool is the place to put your Lobsters so they relax happily and become nice and tasty
The Lobster Pool is the place to put your Lobsters so they relax happily and become nice and tasty
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28 comments, latest first.
Sep 18th 2015 Guest
I've made 3 lobster traps but they seem to never appear when finished. They aren't on the ground in front of the net maker after they are completed. Nothing but a waste of $ and time. Very disappointed. Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong? Please help.
ID #609436
Jul 2nd 2015 Guest
How many times can you upgrade the lobster pool?
ID #579037
Mar 27th 2015 Guest
[center][/center] Hi, I paid the 68,000 and got 2 lobsters and they now want another 68,000, what's up with that guys? Tell me what to do! Thanks
ID #533906
Mar 27th 2015 Guest
Hi, I paid the 68,000 and got 2 lobsters and they now want another 68,000, what's up with that guys? Tell me what to do! Thanks
ID #533901
Mar 26th 2015 Guest
Thank you all for your comments, I'm new, I'm slow to collect coins, I have enough now but the return for my investment is too low. I'll wait until they make improvements. It does affect my boat shipment,
ID #533337
Mar 13th 2015 Guest
Nice bro i like it but lobster are worth and use many coinsSpoiler:
click to reveal

ID #528209
Feb 13th 2015 Guest
I'm already in level 45 upgraded my lobster pool and net pool and I still can't get any lobsters, why is that?
ID #515365
Feb 9th 2016 Guest
First you must use your lobster net on the fishing areas, the same area use in catching fish. It takes 6 hours for that net. Then after 6 hours put it in the lobster pool were you will let your lobster grow.
ID #634026
Feb 11th 2015 Guest
Hi, I have my lobster pool, have even upgraded it, keep making lobster trap but don't appear on the grass for me to put into tackle box. Probably made about 10-12 now. Getting frustrated.
ID #514516
Aug 24th 2015 Guest
You are not the only one!
Have upgraded twice and made dozen or more pots but they simply turn into nets instead of pots
Stupid game
ID #601763
Dec 14th 2014 Guest
How much is it!?
ID #484766
Dec 13th 2014 Guest
I am at level 29 but I do not have the lobster station yet. By looking at the comments, I fell hesitated to buy the lobster area when I get there. Although I don't have the area yet, I think some good advice is to just make the lobster net, place it in one more of your fishing areas, and wait until you catch a lobster or two, and wait until harvesting time. After just gently harvest them like a crop and then you will have # lobster tail(s)
ID #484227
Dec 7th 2014 Guest
The lobsters are worth it - they open up opportunities to make other items to sell at the farm and in town. You must buy the repairs, just as you will buy any machine up in the farm. Repair the net maker if you haven't, yet, because this is the way you will make your lobster traps. They are the ones that look a little like box kites. Then, when they are produced, you will see them on the grass by the machine, just like you see products of the machines on the farm. Touch on them, and they drop into your tackle box, the way a farm product will drop into the silo or the barn...
Go ahead and touch any fishing spot that is ready for fishing, and when you see your lures choices, press the switch button to get to your fishing nets and lobster traps. Select the lobster trap the same way you would select a lure. You'll see it there in the water for quite awhile. When a lobster is ready, that lobster trap will float. When you tap on the trap, the lobster goes to the pool. Drop another trap, etc.
ID #481763
Nov 13th 2014 Guest
Does ur lobster pool have to be empty to upgrade??
ID #471218
Oct 15th 2014 Guest
Why can we only place 1 lobster in at a time - have spent neatly 200 000 coins ( start up plus 2 upgrades and can only put 3 lobsters in) waste of coins and way out proportion!!!
ID #458878
Oct 9th 2014 Guest
I have created lobster traps and nets but i don't have a switch button to get to the traps and nets. My lobster pull had been upgraded but just can't get to them
ID #456622
Oct 9th 2014 Guest
I agree that waiting for the lobster trap to make, then waiting again to catch a lobster in your trap, and Then you have to wait. Again after you get it in the pool. I think this is way too much waiting when they really don't sell for that much.
ID #456380
Sep 2nd 2014 Guest

he Treasurer appear at the back of building. How Can we get it
ID #443736
Aug 26th 2014 Guest
Hi I made about 10 lobster traps but I can't seem to find them to drop some in the water. Does my lobster have to be fully upgraded before I can do this .
ID #440897
Aug 8th 2014 Guest
I got my lobsters in the pool but when I went to collect them, they slid down the slide and back into the water. What's up?
ID #433199
Aug 6th 2014 Guest
After all the coins and then all the time to produce just one lobster tail how can they only be worth only 201 coins?!!!!!!!!??? I say DONT BOTHER!!! So not worth it!
ID #431706
Jul 10th 2014 Guest
In order for you to catch a lobster you have to first drop the lobster trap in the water. Make lobster traps in the net maker. Then tap on the ready lobster traps so they will go inside your tackle box. Then go fishing like you normally would but instead of fish lure drop the lobster trap.
ID #415864
Jun 13th 2014 Guest
I have made a lot lof lobster traps. I spend 90,000 coins to repair my lobster pool, then another 45,000 coins for upgrade the lobster pool, nod still I have not caught any lobster. I am dissapointed with this.
ID #398872
Apr 24th 2014 Guest
No the lobster pot or the nets are not worth it
ID #378269
Mar 25th 2014 Guest
Once you have repaired the lobster pot and net maker (to the right, or just behind the lobster pot - depending on your perspective), you can start to make lobster traps in the net maker. Once you have made a trap, simply drop it into one of the fishing spots, wait 6 hrs for lobster. Once trapped, it should go right into the pool for an additional 6 hrs. Easy peasy lemon squeezey

ID #368144
Mar 15th 2014 DarOmar
I just don't know how to catch lobsters, I have the many upgraded lobster house, and keep making lobster cages (nets) but then I'm lost? How do I actually use the things to catch the lobsters. Aunt Dar-dars farm, Domarser@ Thanks all!
ID #364672
Feb 7th 2014 Guest
The lobster traps and nets are on the other side of fishing lure. Hit the switch button like when you switch seeds for planting. Hope that helps the guest who can't catch a lobster.

ID #352665
Jan 23rd 2014 Guest
I did the 90,000 coins for the lobster pool then another 45,000 to upgrade it, but have not gotten 1 lobster trap to work at all. All other swipe items have an arrow for swipe, but the lobster traps do not. 135,000 coins later and nothing... :(
ID #347291
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