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There are no official Cheats for Hay Day. The game is regularly patched to combat any glitches or hacks, and anyone found actively trying to subvert the Diamond system in the game or gain access is likely to lose their account and risk not being able to get back on. If you get another player offering you free Diamonds in exchange for your details, it is going to be a scam. They will be after your Facebook account, most likely.

The developers of Hay Day have worked hard to create a game that is free, but still enables them to earn money by making some tasks just tempting enough for people to spend Diamonds on. If people were able to get these things for free then the developers would lose interest in making further updates and keeping the game servers running. So keep playing and, if you don't want to spend any money on Hay Day, you don't have to!

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Aug 6th 2015 Guest
How do you change out some of your "friends" from your list? When I try to add some one, it says all slots are full. Is there a way to take them out or a way to add more?
ID #594740
Feb 15th 2016 Guest
Yes if u go to the friend that u want to unfrind then click on the button that u used to make them a friend n then go back to the friends want to Add
n click the same button
ID #635512
Sep 22nd 2015 Guest
tap the ribbon button when you go to the persons farm
you can only follow 5 people at once
to get a lot of friends use Facebook GameCenter or google play friends
ID #610622
Jul 26th 2015 Guest
Hay day heak please
ID #589353
Jun 30th 2015 Guest
Diamond problem can be solved by changing the settings. Go to settings then choose advance settings then at the bottom select double tap for diamond confirmation. It's simple. You won't be wasting diamonds by mistake anymore.
ID #577585
Jun 13th 2015 Guest
Who do i talk to aout lost diamonds? I had 29 diamonds one minute i played then stopped came back and boom 18 diamonds disapeared.. i didnt spend them. Where did they go?
ID #569723
Jun 6th 2015 Guest
My biggest beef....why can't Tom find any BUILDING materials such as Land Deeds, Mallets, Marker Stakes, etc??? I would hire him a lot more if he could!!
ID #566575
May 27th 2015 Guest
I am going to quit hay day even though i really like the game and i am on it all day because the game never has marker stakes ..i can see not giving a lot of them to hold interest in the game but to never give any is making me lose interest completely i have other things i should be doing anyway.
ID #561790
May 31st 2015 Guest
I'm not sure what level you're on but the town often gives one as do the plants and animals. The more you harvest the more likely you'll get one. I get on average one a day, not great but they build up. Plus the Derby usually gives at least one.
ID #563926
Mar 14th 2015 Guest
When we cut down so many trees it should turn in to planks and such ...and should be another way to work other farms like maybe be hired to harvest or something like that .and I agree about marker stakes NEVER GET THEM
ID #528550
Mar 9th 2015 Guest
For all you accidental diamond spenders:

I've been there.... You can go to your settings and choose to confirm diamond spending (it will be a double instead of single tap) I feel much better now that I fixed that setting; you will, too 😊
ID #526604
Dec 6th 2014 Guest
i think that when you buy something you shouldn't have to wait like 12 hours. You should just get it
ID #481227
Nov 17th 2014 Guest
You shood sherimp
ID #473036
Nov 4th 2014 Guest
We should be able to donate money to other players
ID #467499
Feb 14th 2016 Guest
You can! Sell them 10 blankets for one coin. Then they sell back to you for almost 11,000 coins!
ID #635272
Oct 26th 2014 Guest
The reason you always have to be online is that the game state is saved to the server you're connected to whenever you do anything significant. For the same reason you should quit the game using the quit dialog to ensure a clean save and quit. If you just close the app sometimes your last action is lost, because the server would not have been updated. It should be 1:1 but it isn't.
ID #463164
Oct 9th 2014 Guest
how do i get other crops to grow
ID #456607
Jul 24th 2014 Guest

[color=red][/color] hi
ID #424582
Jul 11th 2014 Guest
It's not about getting infinite gems or gold. I agree with just about all of the comments on this page you either accidentally spend your gems on speeding up the process of animals or crops or whatever it may be. They are still to hard to recover back and in my honest opinion the makers of the game need to fix it so that you not only get them a little faster but also maybe have the 50/50 chance of getting a bag of them when dynamiting a large rock or cutting down a large tree kinda like in zelda twilight princess. For all of you out there who knows what happens when you blow up a rock or cut down bushes. you will understand me. and another thing whats been getting under my skin why cant they make it so you can play it without wifi so you can harvest your animals and crops wifi isn't necessary for that
ID #416305
Jul 10th 2014 Guest
I'd like to see a reminder or warning pop up when you use diamonds (e.g., to speed up egg production) as I often use these by accident.
ID #415516
Jun 10th 2014 Guest
Why do jams etc take so long to make?
ID #397142
Jun 5th 2014 LYNNDEEB
ID #394237
May 12th 2014 Guest
Prices have gotten higher over the last year. More diamonds are necessary to do the same tasks. I think they've gone a little too far. I will delete the game and post terrible ratings if the developers don't ratchet down the prices
ID #383661
May 10th 2014 Guest
The diamond issue is of concern To everyone! It's already so hard to get, it's like hay day is stealing it back from us!, when we accidentally uses it to speed up the production process.Please do something about that developers! Mo
Also we should be allowed to sell our decorations and stuff we have in storage!
ID #382976
May 10th 2015 Guest
Totally agree about being able to sell our storage items!
ID #554666
Apr 30th 2014 Guest
I wish that producing items and cutting down trees gave you more do and the item drops from animal products should be more common (axes,saws,etc)
ID #380349
Apr 25th 2014 Guest
I understand what all of u are saying bc my issue is marker stakes no matter what I do I can't get any and I'm on hayday 24/7. Its frustrating and I've been thinking about quitting the game even though I love it!!!!!!!!! Yes they charge too much for things and it takes way to long to build, I wish there was a way to connect with people on the game for supplies and the newspaper is a joke bc if there's anything u need for orders forget it ur not gonna find it!!!!! I never find markers or their already sold and I cruise thru it but that don't matter...I have a friend that plays and we text back and forth and help each other out but she needs the same things I do sometimes!!!!!!!!!! FRUSTRATED WITH GAME!!!!!!!!!
ID #378776
Apr 7th 2014 Guest
How to get the unlimited tom work day.
How to get unlimited golds.
How to get unlimited gems.
How to get unlimited tickets .
How to get the all things in Hay Day.

ID #372377
Mar 14th 2014 Guest
I turned on the double tap to use diamonds. It is found in settings, then go to advanced settings scroll to the bottom till you see double tap confirmation, then enable it. I have stopped using my diamonds by mistake, because now it takes two taps.
ID #363998
Mar 12th 2014 Guest
I have been spending money buying diamonds and I don't mind except you use them accidentally when you plant crops and feed animals do you think you could change this I spend good money on these to be lost on something I do not want. I also feel you should be able to get land deeds easier. It takes up to much of my time looking , might have to quit game
ID #363416
Mar 2nd 2014 Guest
I agree about the land deeds. They should be more readily available.
ID #360270
Feb 24th 2014 Guest
i love the game but the comments are right you take along time for one quest and diamonds need to be free not all of them like maybe like you help so many people you get a certain amount of diamonds as a reward it could even be called a good citizen bonus and they could make achievements called good neighbor achievement.
ID #358682
Feb 19th 2014 Guest
Seems to me this game is all about the creators getting greedy. It has gotten so expensive to play this game I am going have to delete it. Yeah I know you don't have to buy stuff but if you don't you will never get anywhere. I can't do it anymore and would not recommend anyone to start playing if they are not already.
ID #356877
Feb 7th 2014 Guest
I have to agree with everyone. I started playing this game, and it is fun. I have also purchased diamonds because the developers deserve to make money. The game is shady; however, because diamonds disappear and do the things I really need the most. I am goinf to stop playing as soon as my diamonds run out. It takes way too long for things to grow and appear. The game to me feels more like a slot machine to get things moving instead of just having fun. As much as it is, I will not suggest to others.
ID #352483
Jan 18th 2014 Guest
I agree with the comments about trees dying too soon, need a confirmation button for using diamonds, and when you purchase something you shouldn't have to wait for it to be constructed. That's like me going to the store and being told to wait a day before they bring me my items. I used my money and want access now. Also move visitors away from house so they are easier to chose. Thanks.
ID #345191
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