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Feeding Your Animals

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to Feed your animals you need to build a Feed Mill. This will provide you with the resources required to keep them from getting hungry. You can find the Feed Mill in the Shop, under the second tab down, which houses the Production Buildings. The Feed Mill works in much the same way as any other Production Building - simply tap it, then drag the bag of feed into the central bucket to begin production.

You unlock the second Feed Mill at Level 12, at the same time as the second Chicken Coop. You should avoid the temptation to build the second Coop first because it is cheaper. You should make sure you have the facilities to feed your animals before buying them.

Purchasing the Feed Mill first will mean you are able to build up a stockpile or Feed, then get the Chickens and keep them well fed for a long time to come.

Use the Feed Mill to provide for your animals

Below you will see a list of the animal feed, and the composite parts required to create them:

Chicken Feed:

Production Time:5 Minutes

Ingredients: 2 Wheat, 1 Corn

Reward: 1 XP

Cow Feed:

Production Time: 10 Minutes

Ingredients: 1 Corn, 2 Soybeans

Reward: 2 XP

Pig Feed:

Production Time: 20 Minutes

Ingredients: 2 Carrots, 1 Soybean

Reward:2 XP

Sheep Feed:

Production Time: 30 Minutes

Ingredients: 3 Wheat, 1 Soybean

Reward: 3 XP

Goat Feed:

Production Time: 40 Minutes

Ingredients: 1 Wheat, 1 Corn, 2 Carrots

Reward: 3 XP

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18 comments, latest first.
Feb 11th 2016 Guest
How can I feed other farmer's animals to collect some points? Pls help. Ty
ID #634543
Jun 5th 2015 Guest
I wish we could produce our own saws and axes since we have the wood from dead trees and also can make steel/iron. Any chance we can produce our own saws and axes???[b][/b]
ID #565915
Mar 9th 2015 Guest
Two of my cows have disappeared
from their pen?? Why
ID #526637
Feb 13th 2015 Guest
Having trouble producing animal feed and keeps saying production line full, when it is EMPTY. Help ".........
ID #515290
Jan 26th 2015 Guest
I try to feed my rabbit an the carrots will not drop into the bowl what is wrong?? It's been several days that this has been going on!! Please help if you know
ID #507744
Jul 25th 2014 Guest
My second feed mill wont let me put any crop into it and I cannot keep the feed slots full, keeps saying production line full and barn is full, but I cant see anything in the mill. Help,
ID #425115
Jun 2nd 2014 Guest
I am really running low on feed and I wish I could get more with my feed mill I only get 3 packets of feed and I have
5 chickens ! I used all my dimonds so I can't speed the mill up to get more! I always look in the newspaper to see who sells feed in their roadside shop but hardly any players do. PLEASE SELL MORE FEED. (Especially chicken and cow feed Smile
ID #392733
Apr 27th 2014 Guest
Is there a way to get more stakes?
ID #379539
Mar 22nd 2014 Guest
Hi my name is James and I am on level 25 and I need help on it if u find me my farm name is James farm please help

ID #367062
Jan 20th 2014 rmpawlik
I am on 14. I did not buy the feed mill on 12. I did get the second chicken coop. I am now trying to purchase the feed mill but it will not let me. It keep saying I do not have the correct resources. I had 3000 coins. What do I need to do to get the second feed mill?
ID #346245
Jan 20th 2014 rmpawlik
I did not buy my feed mill when 12 opened. I want to purchase it now in level 14. It keeps saying I need all resources. I had 3000 coins and it would not let me purchase the feed mill. How do I get the feed mill?
ID #346239
Jan 20th 2014 Guest
If I'm not mistaken, do your animals die if they go a long time hungry? I think I've lost some chicken that way. Or am I wrong?
ID #345994
Jan 13th 2014 Guest
I keep putting in for cow and pig feed but only get chicken feed in return! My cows and pigs are hungry! What's wrong with my mill?
ID #343293
Jan 5th 2014 Guest
Well I want a cheat that can like multiply your chicken feed because I cant keepmuo with my two chicken coops and also can you sell your one chicken coop?
ID #339989
Oct 24th 2013 Guest
just sell it to the roadside shop
ID #316035
Oct 13th 2013 Guest
My silo is full and needs more storage, but I can't get food into my feed mill! How do i get it there?
ID #314264
Aug 12th 2013 Guest
I am awesome

ID #304435
Apr 22nd 2013 Guest
Who came first the chicken or the egg?

The post says that one should buy a Mill before a Coop, i disagree and this is why.

Having a machine that is not operating 100% up time, is a loss of money, when producing for storage it is a loss of money.

What i would do, is to save up for both a Chicken Coop and a Feed Mill. while saving up, producing chicken food for storage so that the new Coop can function from start till the new mill have produced the first batch.

Within 3 hours one can produce and maintain 100% up time, on 5 cows and 6 chicks, with a surplus of 21xChicken feed and 3xCow Feed. So saving up for both a Chicken Coop and a Feed Mill, buying both at the same time, starting producing with 100% up time should be possible, with only a minimal storage disadvantage.

Just an idea!
ID #276500
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