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Hay Day iPhone/iPad Cheats and Tips

Last Updated: by Richard

Welcome farmers and grinders to our one stop all-info-you-need page for Hay Day cheats and tips. Below you'll find our expert content and further down some cool and interesting submissions sent in to us from visitors to our website.

Hay Day Cheats and Tips

Hay Day is a popular mobile game that simulates farming in a fun and engaging way. It offers players the opportunity to grow crops, raise livestock, and trade goods with neighbors, all in a beautifully designed and immersive rural setting. But as relaxing and enjoyable as the game can be, advancing to higher levels can sometimes be challenging. This is where our Hay Day cheats and tips come in handy.

1. Earning More Diamonds

Diamonds are a valuable resource in Hay Day. An interesting cheat to earn more diamonds is to keep an eye out for the purple ticket that appears next to your newspaper box at higher levels. Click on it, watch the video, and at the end, press 'collect diamonds' to earn 2 more diamonds.

2. Making the Most of Your Roadside Shop

Your roadside shop is a great place to earn money. Make sure to use it wisely. For instance, you can sell items and food from your producers (like milk to cream, cheese, butter, and pies & sugar, syrup) for the highest price possible. You can also sell animal feeds. Remember, you can sell stuff at the roadside shop as often as you want, but you only get a free advertisement in the newspaper every 30 minutes.

3. Mastering the Art of Fishing

Fishing can be a fun and profitable activity in Hay Day. When you're fishing with colored bait, check the size of the circle. If it's normal, lift your finger and try again. Once the circle is small, it usually means you're about to catch a fish you don't have yet, or a larger fish. You won't lose your bait if you lift your finger. Also, try different spots with the same bait for more chances to catch different fish.

4. Optimizing Crop Production and Sales

Crops play a key role in Hay Day, and managing them effectively can boost your progress significantly. If you're missing some crops, check out your friends' farms and their roadside shops, or if you're level 7+, open your newspaper to see what's being sold. Planting and selling wheat can also be a great strategy, especially if you have too much of it. By selling wheat at a low price in your roadside shop, you might attract buyers who could also buy your other items.

5. Making Easy Money

Lastly, a good strategy for making quick money in Hay Day involves purchasing items like construction equipment in bulk and selling them individually at higher prices. For example, you can buy five items for 400 coins and sell them individually for between 180 and 220 coins each. When listing these items, place an advertisement on the last item so that when visitors come to your shop, they can see all your items.

  • Use your roadside shop effectively
  • Master the art of fishing
  • Optimize crop production and sales
  • Earn more diamonds
  • Make easy money

These are just a few of the many strategies you can use to excel in Hay Day. With these cheats and tips, you're well on your way to becoming a successful farmer in the game. Scroll down for more interesting content for Hay Day sent in to us by players from around the world.

More Hay Day iPhone/iPad Cheats and Tips

We have 17 cheats and tips on iPhone. If you have any cheats or tips for Hay Day please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : Android

You can also ask your question on our Hay Day Questions & Answers page.

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Hints and Tips

Check out the video below to get some useful hints and tips on how to progress in the game.

Watch the video

More diamonds!

Next to your newspaper box, you will get a purple ticket sometime in a higher level. Click on that and watch the video and at the end press collect diamonds and it will give you 2!

Roadside Shop

Provided you have an available slot you can sell stuff at the roadside shop as often as you want. You can only get a free advertiment in the newspaper every 30 mins.

Strategy to get faster money

Make items and food from the producers( milk to cream, cheese , butter)

(Pies & sugar, syrup) and sell it for the highest price possible.

Avoid making bacon & eggs because it is very overmade

Put the food in the road side store and sell them for the highest possible price. Then put it in the news paper.

You can also sell animal feeds.

Catching Better Fish

When you are fishing with your colored bait, check the size of the circle. If it is normal then remove your finger and try again. Once the circle is small it will either be a fish you don't have yet or it will be a bigger fish. You WILL NOT lose your bait if you lift your finger up. Also try in different spots with the same bait. I hope I have helped!

Wood Panels

These can either be found in the treasure chests or you can buy them with your diamonds. A good place to find them is when your are havesting crops as they will just appear and go into your barn.

How to get money fast

Always sell things in bundle of 10's because many players prefer bundles than singles. Also visit players so that you can help them. Use your coins for trees and bushes. Also while exiting game use all your recources for making products in production buildings. It would also help in upgrading buildings fast.also do the farming of your latest unlocked crop. For eg I am level 26 and I have latest unlocked spices so I farm them a lot. They Give a lot of exp.Believe me I get at least 4000 exp per day.

Getting help with your plants and boat

If you have requested help for your fruit bushes/trees or your boat, sometimes it is hard to get people to help you. When you request help and people come to your farm they see a ! At the top of the screen. Put rare items like axes planks juices etc in your roadside shop and when people come to buy them they will help! They might not be able to help your boat but they will most likely help your bushes/trees. This trick works every time for me and I hope it will for you!

Treasure Boxes

When visiting friends farms, tap on the treasure box. If it is locked tap on the outside of the box, NOT THE X!!! Then reload your friends farm and find the treasure box and tap on it. Repeat the above method until it opens. Please note: Sometimes it can take a while to open so just keep trying. Also, the box on your personal farm will not be effected by this method.

Really Easy Gold

A really easy way of getting gold on Hay Day. It will require a friend that has a lot of gold.

Ask a friend to sell you 10 of any item for 1g. (Building mats work best because you can get more.) After they sell you the items for 1g, sell the items BACK to original player for full price. They will get their items back and you will be that much more gold richer. Rinse and repeat as needed. I hope I have helped!

How to get more slots in your farm shop

To get more slots, follow these steps:

Look in the newspaper and click on a farm. It doesn't matter which, unless there is a useful product to buy. When you have got there, above the name if the farm, click on the icon above the smiley face. This adds them to your friends list and you automatically follow them. Do this a few times to different people and you will get more slots.


Search through other people news for construction equipment like saws and dynamite and buy them in bulk(for example five items for 400 coins)then sell them individually for between 180 and 220 coins a piece on the very last item you list place an advertisement on it so people can see ALL your items when they come you there store

Buying Missing Crops

If you are missing some crops simply go to a friends farm and find their roadside shop and tap on it and see what they are selling. Or if your level 7+ open your newspaper and see whats being sold.

Bonemeal and crops.

My best friend and I discovered that if you join each others game and fertilize the crops with the player who joined, you only have to use one. We can't figure out how to do it again.

Finding Missing Crops

If you have run out of a certain type of crop, go into your friends tab and select Greg. Enter his roadside shop and buy everything that is there. Some times there is even some tools there for a very low price. If Greg does not have what you want, visit other farms and go thought their Newspapers and buy what you need in bulk (like 10 wheat for $x)

I really hope this help because it worked for me extremely well

Cheat for hay day

Plant some wheat then go to the roadside shop if you not at level seven you can not do this.Once you are at the roadside shop you must put wheat at the price of 5 and then when they come to buy they might select your other items too.Tip you should probably only do this if you have too much wheat

Quick, Easy Money

Search through other people's newspapers for construction equipment like saws and dynamite and buy them in bulk (for example, five items for 400 coins). Then sell them individually for between 180 and 220 coins apiece. On the very last item you list place an advertisement on it so people can see ALL your items when they come to the store.

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