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An Introduction to Animals

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Undoubtedly, one of the highlights of Hay Day is the animals available. They really give the game a lease-of-life compared to just having boring old seeds and crops. There are a large variety of animals that you can buy to help out on the farm, producing resources which you can then process, or sell on straightaway.

Animals are one of the highlights in Hay Day. Just make sure you keep them fed!

It is important to learn which animals produce what resources, so that you can understand those that are best to purchase for your farm. Animals are a big investment, so it's a decision that you shouldn't take lightly and requires careful consideration.

While crops do not require any care in Hay Day, unlike in real life to make sure they are well-watered, animals are more difficult to keep happy. You have to feed them before they will start to produce their relevant resource. Like crops, you also have to wait a while before you can collect the resources.

The Basics

During the Tutorial, you are introduced to the animal pens. There is a variety of animal pens available to you, each one supporting a particular type of animal. For example, the Chicken Coop, fairly obviously, will only hold Chickens. You shouldn't try to put a horse in there! You can find the animal pens in the top-tab of the store, while the animals themselves are in the tab below, marked with the picture of the chicken. You unlock more animals and pens as you rank up and advance through the levels.

to purchase an animal, find it in the Store and drag it to the correct pen. You will then have to feed it. To do this, tap the animal (a Chicken for example) and and drag the food (a bag of Feed in the case of Chickens) to feed them. You will lose a certain amount of the food resource depending on the number of animals you drag it over.

Soon you'll have a thriving community of animals on your farm

You will then have to wait for your animal to produce something tangible that you can sell. As with most things in Hay Day, you are able to speed this process up. Simply click on the animal and then the speed up button to do this. You will notice to the right of the time-remaining indicator how many diamons are required to speed it up. The speed up button is represented by a lightning bolt. You will have to do this for every animal you want to speed-up, there is no bulk option here.

to collect produce from an animal pen, click on the animal, then drag the item to collect with over them. For Chickens, this would be a basket.

Animal Buildings

Below is a list of the animal-related buildings in Hay Day. You can find these alongside the Field in the first tab of the shop:

Chicken Coop:

Home for Chickens [Unlocks at Level 3]

Cow Pasture:

Home for Cows [Unlocks at Level 6]

Pig Pen:

Home for Pigs [Unlocks at Level 10]

Sheep Pasture:

Home for Pigs [Unlocks at Level 16]

Dog House:

Home for Dogs [Unlocks at Level 20]

Cat House:

Home for Cats [Unlocks at Level 21]


Home for Horses [Unlocks at Level 27]

Goat Yard:

Home for Goats [Unlocks at Level 32]

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18 comments, latest first.
Aug 5th 2015 Guest
How do you make the animals stay will my pets die if I don't feed them
ID #594288
Aug 3rd 2015 Guest
I can't find a cat house and I want a cat but where is the cat house?
ID #593229
Mar 20th 2015 Guest
ID #531058
Mar 19th 2015 Guest
Can your animals die if you don't feed them or not
ID #530638
Sep 25th 2015 Guest
No they wont
ID #611277
Mar 19th 2015 Guest
Can your animals die or not if you don't feed them when they are hungry
ID #530637
Feb 20th 2015 Guest
The horses maybe wont go through hay or flowers. Line some up around the paddock..
ID #518677
Sep 2nd 2014 RoVig
My sheep, cows and chickens lost their funny hats and dots, etc. Why is that? I am on level 24. Had them dressed til recently.
ID #443749
Jul 26th 2014 Guest
Can you move a sheep from one sheep pasture to another sheep pasture
ID #425507
Jul 8th 2014 Guest
I'm at level 39 with two goats but cannot find goats or a goat pen on the shopping list anymore. Why has it dissappeared? Where did it go? I'd like to buy two more goats.
ID #414132
Jul 1st 2014 Guest
I hate the latest update. If I wanted a circus I would have played a different game.
ID #410074
Apr 4th 2014 Guest
How do I get the horse to stay in the corral? He walks through the fence..
ID #371368
Nov 22nd 2015 Guest
The horses will stay a certain distance from their stall if they're happy. This distance is about the length of three stalls away from the one your horse is in (all the way around, unless of course it's at the edge of your land. But the horse has to also be happy- make sure there's not too much clutter for it to walk around comfortably. Also add a tree or pond to its area.
ID #627465
Mar 21st 2014 Guest
One of my dogs I purchased is missing. How do I find it?
ID #366484
Jan 20th 2014 Guest
Is it possible to put an animal pen back? I put out 3 sheep pens but don't want the third. How do I put it back? With other items you can put them back in the "box" and they will go away. Thanks.
ID #346004
Nov 16th 2013 Guest
How do you get to buy more pens for more animals?
ID #319740
Oct 12th 2013 Guest
How can you buy more animals on hayday
ID #314105
May 14th 2013 Guest
How do you get your animals such as cat, dog, or horse to stay ive tried putting a fence around it the cats and dogs stay in but the horse dosent stay
ID #282758
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