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Docks and Boat

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The Docks and boat are available to use at Level 19. Or at least they will once you have enough Coins. You need an eye-watering 16,000 Coins to be able to repair the dock. This is (we imagine) far more than most players will have at this stage, in which case you may want to plan ahead and save up for this. It also takes a fair amount of time to repair.

Once this is done, Boats will begin to visit the dock. They remain there for 16 hours, giving you the opportunity to fill orders. The items in each order are completely random, split into crates. You will have to fill three crates of three or four items, varying by level. Each crate gives you a set amount of XP, depending on the items you have put inside, as well as Coins. If you fill every crate, you receive a bonus voucher of XP. If you are struggling with a particular crate, you can flag it with a request for help. This will show to your friends when they visit your farm - anyone can help, however, even players only visiting through the newspaper. If another player fills one of your crates, this will cause you not to receive Coins or XP in that case.

The reason you may want to enlist the help of friends is because only when the entire order is full will you be able to send the boat off and collect your XP voucher. You receive a completely random value voucher of XP each time, in addition to the specified XP. Push the boat picture in the bottom right corner of the screen to send it on its way. In about 4 hours, it should return to you.

TIP: Tap the dock when the boat is away to see how long you need to wait for it to arrive and what items to collect in preparation for this.

TIP: Send your orders off just before you expect to log out. If you don't do this, so that a boat arrives while you are still logged in, then you go to bed, you will lose all that time sleeping when you should be filling the order. If you can wake up and a boat arrives as soon as you turn on your device, that is ideal. Just remember that the timer on the boat starts when you login.

TIP: Check the items required for the shipment before the boat arrives. If you do this, you can set items queuing overnight and come back on in the morning to fill the order.

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33 comments, latest first.
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Oct 29th 2015 Guest
Do you get the full price for items in boat orders
ID #620697
Aug 11th 2015 Guest
When I send away an empty boat will it return with the same order or a new one?
ID #596898
Sep 21st 2015 Guest
ID #610276
Jul 14th 2015 Guest
My boat says it will arrive in 774 days and 4 hours. What's going on?
ID #584389
May 7th 2015 Guest
This website is dumb
ID #553104
Apr 2nd 2015 Guest
On my iPad it was level 17 and cost me 14000 so I don know about level 19
ID #536505
Feb 18th 2015 Guest
What happens if I don't full all of the boxes?
ID #517825
Jan 6th 2015 Guest
You can fill an order you flagged for help yourself. This will free up one of the 3 helps to use on something else.
ID #497421
Jan 2nd 2015 Guest
I cant send away boats if its still not full yet. My sister and i playing hayday but on her apple phone she can send the boat away even ifdoeant have anything yet. But on my android phone i cannot send away the boat. What is happening
ID #494925
Nov 23rd 2014 Guest
It is a lot of coins for the boat but when u start getting the vouchers so you can buy pets it is worthy it. Cause the pets r cute and they give u Xp if u feed them.
ID #475274
Nov 1st 2014 Guest
Well I had 6,000 money but I used 3,100 to buy loom so I guess it will take me 2-4 more day to start repairing dock and with the help of loom I think it's gonna be easy to get docks 'cause the sweater(from the loom) can be costly to buy ,Hope this helps! 😏

ID #465782
May 20th 2015 Guest
ID #558580
Sep 8th 2014 Guest
What happens if you can only fill PART of the orders before the boat leaves? Do you get any credit for the orders that you did fill?
ID #445776
Jun 28th 2015 Guest
ID #576763
Sep 6th 2014 Guest
Well my dock opening was avialible on level 17 and cost 1400 coins im at 17 and i already have that amount , so i dont think u have to be lvl 19 to open docks
ID #445065
Aug 3rd 2014 Guest
What does it mean to flag your boat???
ID #430098
Aug 2nd 2014 Guest
The average person who DID NOT save up gets a boar from level 20-22. The person who HAS saved up gets it at level 19. The docks will cost 14,000 coins to buy.
Hope that helLps.
ID #429402
Jul 21st 2014 Guest
For those of you who don't know. U can send a boat away with out filling anything. Say ur boat
Wants lots of cream or surgar. When ur boat comes in. Don't fill any boxs
Just hit the boat button (the one u use to send it off after filling every box)
It will say cast off? Or fill?
This trick has come in handy soooo many timez since
I was told about it. Hope it helps you Smile
ID #422537
Jul 4th 2014 Guest
I didnt get my boat till lvl 22
ID #412202
Jun 25th 2014 Guest
If I can't completely fill the orders on my boat (even with the help of friends), am I better off just leaving the boat alone and not putting anything on it?
ID #406399
Jun 20th 2014 Guest
Yes there is
ID #403328
Jun 12th 2014 Guest
On which level does an average person build the dock?? Pls reply
ID #398269
Jun 1st 2014 stharp1970
When my boat has left the dock on my billboard starts flashing a picture so I click on it and a list of farms show up....what am I supposed to do?
ID #392433
May 16th 2014 Guest
Don't panic if it looks like you're not getting money when you fill the crates, I thought this too. The money immediately goes in when you click on the fill buttion, not when the coins go up to the coin icon. Check how much money you have before clicking the button, the after, the money should have gone up. I hope I helped. Smile
ID #384665
Mar 16th 2014 Guest
When I fill a boat you can see the coins go up to my money but the total of my money doesn't why
ID #364989
Feb 26th 2014 Guest
i need vouchers and coins for golden dog! plz help! im lvl 20 and i still dont have my shipping boat :(
ID #359079
Jan 10th 2014 Guest
How do you get more money!!!
ID #342153
Dec 3rd 2013 Guest
I'm not getting coins after I fill a crate help!!!!
ID #324946
Nov 16th 2013 Guest
When you fill a crate, you need to be able to fill all of it, regardless of what the person you're helping has in their barn.
ID #319947
Sep 12th 2013 Guest
I also am not receiving coins when I fill a crate on the boat. Why is this? Please publish a comment on line to help us with this.
ID #309351
Aug 13th 2013 Guest
Why am i not getting coins when i fill boat orders?
ID #304584
Jul 30th 2013 Vidas4071
Tap on the dock soon after it lives it gives you the time it's going to come and the items it needs.boat orders
ID #301376
Apr 11th 2013 Guest
Is there a list of boat orders that you can prepare ahead of could take the list and prepare the merchandise and wait until that order comes in.
ID #272533
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