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Sculptor Profession

The Sims 3 Ambitions Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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Sculptor Profession

The Sculpting profession is of course a facet of the arts and closely resembles the Painting track with respect to advancement, time and opportunities.  Unlike most of the other skills you cannot learn Sculpting or acquire the basic skill by reading a book or attending a class (at least not yet), rather you learn by doing -- so the first order of business is to purchase the Sculpting Station from the Hobbies page of the store and set it up either in your home or yard, and then start sculpting! 

It really does not take long or require all that much effort to get started and, once you do, as you progress you unlock different materials -- starting with clay, then wood, then metal, and so on, and ultimately you will find yourself sculpting in granite just like the famous master artists of the olden days!

Helpful Traits:  Ambitious, Charismatic, Friendly, Savvy Sculptor

The Professional Sculptor creates Hard Art

-- Career Levels/Titles and Details --

Soon after you unlock Level 1 you will want to head down to City Hall and register Sculpting as your Self-employed profession, since that will cause the game to begin keeping track of your progress, sales, and begin the challenges and opportunities system that applies to the craft as a trade.

There are ten Levels for this non-traditional career, and listed below are the levels and their titles, along with the amount in sales that is required for you to unlock that Level. 

Level 01: Questionable Potter
Level 02: Cro-Magnon Clay Creator ($50)
Level 03: Sculpting Gazer ($150)
Level 04: Block Buster ($300)
Level 05: Obelisk Architect ($1000)
Level 06: Ice Guy ($2500)
Level 07: Renaissance Sculptor ($5000)
Level 08: Chisled Chiseler ($10000)
Level 09: Topiary Tantalizer ($25000)
Level 10: Master Sculptologist ($45000)

It is not clear precisely how many different sculptures there are in the game -- the way this works is you have your Sim activate the workbench and you pick the medium that they will work in, but after that the game decides what is getting sculpted -- and as a result of this you are sure to see a lot of repeats before you discover a new sculpture, but fortunately they are mostly interesting (my favorite is the dancing alligator).  Before you panic and think I meant that you never get to *pick* what you make, that is not the case...  Bear with me for a moment...

When you use the Workbench and you tell it to sculpt and then pick the medium it is going to do a random sculpture -- but if you tell it to sculpt a *specific* design *then* it lets you pick from a deep set of drop-in menus that break the sculptures you actually have discovered already (and thus know how to make) based on type, sub-type, and etc. drilling all the way down to the specific sculpture you want to make.  There is a good reason for that...

Remember I said that nobody knows exactly how many sculptures there are in the game?  Well obviously *somebody* knows -- the people who made the game -- what I mean is that there is no definitive list from EA on the matter.  Fortunately though the gamers who play this game have been trading notes, keeping track, and so have put together a pretty good list of what designs there are! 

The following list was emailed to me from a Simmer named Gryffen, who has been gathering the list by collecting the types and designs posted to various Sim-related chat boards.  Therefore here is Gryfen's List (but even he explained it is not definitive or complete):

I. Bar Designs
-- Bab's Towering Barstool
-- Barstool de Mish
-- Old Sam's Barstool
-- Parlor Perch Barstool
-- Sturdy Stool

II. Bathroom Designs
-- Bargain John
-- First Step Potty Chair
-- Plain Basin
-- The Porcelain Throne
-- Sink in Despair
-- The Thru-Flush Toilet

III. Coffee Table Designs
-- Case Closed Coffee Table
-- The Mission Coffee Table by Lulu Designs
-- Two-Ton Table

IV. Dining Chair Designs
-- The Cozinator 450
-- Dinner Party Perfect Chair
-- Good Old Sam's Dining Chair
-- The Elsinore
-- Mount of Comfort Dining Chair
-- The Muga Sitzer
-- Rafkin's Dining Chair
-- The Simmer Down Chair
-- Sit-up Straight Dining Chair
-- Stone Seat from Tomb Dining Inc.
-- Yankee Doodle Dining Chair

V. Dining Table Designs
-- Another Era Dining Table
-- Knack Outdoor Table
-- Table de Bistro by Bourgeois Creations
-- Table-licious

VI. End Table Designs
-- Chaible
-- End of the Line Table
-- Le Petit Table
-- Metatable
-- Royal Francois End Table from XIV Antiquities
-- Tabla Del Extremo

VII. Furniture Designs
-- Artsy Easel
-- The Avant
-- The Clothing Hamper by Full Load Inc.
-- Epic 10th Anniversary Chess Set
-- Flavor Savor Nectar Rack
-- Infinitory Imaginary Station
-- Miragé Garbagé
-- The Necteaux
-- Yummer's High Chair

VIII. Living Chair
-- Bracken Living Room Chair
-- Lazy Lounger
-- The Olafian
-- Passable Mission Chair
-- Pete's Living Room Chair
-- Practically Yours
-- The Regal Rester
-- The Savannah
-- Simply Elegant Seating
-- Swank Living Room Chair

IX. Other
-- Antique-But-Not Lotus Pot
-- Globe Sculpture
-- Rory's Display Pedestal - Egypt
-- Rory's Display Pedestal - France
-- Sleeping Gnome McMulty
-- The Urn of Franco

X. Statue
-- A Show of Force
-- Alexia Full of Hair
-- Deep Thoughts
-- Fab Fabled Filly
-- Fabu Foo
-- Gally de Orleans
-- Gator
-- Gloria
-- Just a Kitten
-- Lenny the Evil Freezer Bunny
-- Medusa Victim
-- Modernist's Flame
-- Octavian
-- Out of Water
-- Peanuts
-- Perfect Piece
-- Phillippe of Aznac
-- Rodent Repellent
-- Siren's Call
-- Socratic Therapy Bust
-- The Gazing Pharaoh
-- The Guardian Griffin
-- The Tiki Lord
-- Viva el Mano
-- You've Got a Big Head

XI. Metal Sculptures
-- Larger Than Life Sculpture
-- Shapely Conundrum
-- Shiny Things Metal Chair
-- SimBot Scraps
-- The Steely Stallion

XII. Topiaries
-- Anna the Panda
-- Dragon Dougherty
-- Felix the Giraffe
-- Penguinopoly

The most profitable medium seems to be Ice for the lower levels and Topiary made out of whatever you like at Level 10...  Just saying.

Bearing in mind that at least part of the attraction for self-employed and self-directed professions is the ability to drop what you are doing and do something else without facing a massive penalty,  once you have managed to level Sculpting above Level 7 you should find it to be a source for regular and reliable income, and as such the means to fund the rest of your life, interests, and hobbies!  Seriously!

I mention this because -- and this should be obvious -- the repetitious nature of this craft will very easily drive you bonkers if it is all that you do, so you may want to seriously consider (A) working on skills like Charisma in order to develop a large group of friends who you retain by purchasing the Lifetime Reward "Long Distance Friend" specifically so that you can see how many of each of their Traits you can learn during the time it takes to go from Level 1 to Level 10 -- the idea being you set some ridiculous number of friends as the target -- say 30 -- and then say you want to know at least four Traits for *every one of them* as your goal.  Yeah, it is silly, but it will certainly keep you from going bonkers by sculpting -- and later on it could be very useful if you decide to go into Law Enforcement or Politics!

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