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Utility -- Martial Arts

The Sims 3 Ambitions Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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Utility -- Martial Arts

While there is about an equal chance that a Sim in good physical shape can hold their own in a battle with a burglar or other criminal type in a fight, a Sim with Martial Arts training is almost certain to kick their ass.  Same for Mummies and other miscreants of lore and legend.  Simply put, knowing how to defend yourself is just a really good idea because it is a dangerous sim-world out there!  And there is also the opportunity to compete in tourneys and win money, that is good too!

Your Sim can learn their basic Martial Arts by traveling to China and taking a lesson or using a training dummy, by using a training dummy another Sim has brought back from China, or by being trained by another Sim who learned the skill in China and is willing to train the...  Either way once your Sim has the skill started they can train with dummies and spar with their mates/relatives/SO.  They can also acquire a self-taught initial level of the skill by reading the skill book -- but in every case someone is going to have to go to China and bring the skill back in whatever form.

Tourney Playground
Upon obtaining the basic skill (Level 1) your Sim is able to spar with other sims.  Using the 'Spar' action on another sim they will train together and build the Martial Arts skill in a friendly we-are-not-really-killing-each-other way.

Once they reach Level 4 they can enter one of Shang Simla's Martial Arts tournaments -- you know, if they happen to be in China -- just by picking up a phone and choosing the 'Challenge Spar Tournament Contender' option.   Within that they can choose their rival and make it a 'Ranked Sparring Match.'  Pretty darn spiffy eh?

-- Meditation --
Upon mastering Level 5 in the deadly Sim-Fu Martial Art skill your Sim can access he mystical side of their mind as a Dharma Bum, and is able to meditate by sitting in the proper position on the floor...  Among other things Meditation can level Martial Arts, puts your Sim in a good mood and frame of mind, and has the effect of removing all negative moodlets for a short period.   If your Sim chooses to spend a long period in Meditation they may discover that they somehow have obtained mastery over gravity itself!  That is right, they will float upon a cloud of green glow!

What it means when they begin to float and glow is that they have achieved the maximum focus, and their Dharma is centered!   In addition to looking really cool and impressing the babes, they also have a few unique actions available to them -- once called 'Zeneport' that allows  them to teleport to an open place on the map.   Doing so uses up all of the focus they have banked however, so it will require a lengthy Meditation to bank it again.   Fully meditating gives them a moodlet that allows for faster skill building, so yeah, that is a good idea to do before going into a heavy training session right?

-- Challenges --
In addition to being cool your Sim can also complete the challenge called "Master of Meditation" that is unlocked for racking up 150 hours of meditation; in the process your Sims will learn Tranquil Transference, which provides the same effect as 'Zeneport' but allows your Sim to teleport more efficiently and with less charge time.

The "Sim Fu King" challenge is unlocked for completing 75 sparring matches, and the "Timber Terminator" unlocks for breaking 150 boards on the breaking blocks.  Note that in addition to breaking boards, your Sim can break Space Rocks, which can in turn become a number of different Gems that can be sold for a profit...

-- Belts of Rank --
The process of leveling your Sim-Fu skills is not only internal but includes a visible form of recognition in the shape of different coloured belts -- with the following corresponding to each Level earned:

Level 01 -- White Belt
Level 02 -- Yellow Belt
Level 03 -- Orange Belt
Level 04 -- Green Belt
Level 05 -- Green Belt
Level 06 -- Blue Belt
Level 08 -- Brown Belt
Level 09 -- Black Belt
Level 10 -- Black and Gold Belt

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