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Utility -- Ambrosia / Death Flower

The Sims 3 Ambitions Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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Utility -- Ambrosia / Death Flower

Ambrosia is a magical dish that was created to defeat Death.  It is made using one Death Fish and one Life Flower, and its recipe is a Level 10 one that costs $12000 to buy at the Book Store.  It has the effect of resurrecting a ghost to the point that they were at in life when they died, and when it is eaten by a living human it resets their current life stage to Day 1.  It will completely fill the Hunger bar, and it gives the consumer a 75 moodlet lasting a full week.

Obtaining a Death Fish requires Level 5 Fishing Skill and Angelfish as bait; to begin with you should get some cheese to use as bait and catch a dozen alley catfish, then use the alley catfish to catch as many angelfish as you can manage.  Use the angelfish to catch the Death Fish at night in the fishing area beside the cemetery and voila!  Life Fruit requires Level 7 Gardening, and is grown from special unidentified seeds you will find around town, so this part is sort of luck-based.

The Life Fruit goes into a wilted stage shortly after the seed is planted due to it requiring large amounts of water (and that is how you can easily ID the seed as the right one after you plant it).  To increase its quality after you obtain your first harvest be sure to fertilize subsequent generations with vampire fish as that will boost the quality of the fruit produced.

Ambrosia can be prepared as a Brunch/Dinner dish, and is prepared as a single plate -- and is consumed immediately as it has no serve option.  To have a Sim other than the one who prepared it eat it you will need to quickly cancel the Eat action before the dish is consumed!

-- The Death Flower --
There are two ways to obtain this crucial and incredibly valuable resource -- either growing on a bush or very rarely fished up from a pond.  The flower can fend-off Death, which is its primary value to you, though you will not be harvesting loads of them -- the bush only bloom with one flower at a time, period...  Once your Sim harvests the flower, the host plant dies.  Sims with the Green Thumb Trait have a small chance to revive the dead plant and obtain a second flower but after that it really is dead-dead-dead.

As long as you keep this flower in your Sim's inventory if death should strike they will automatically offer this flower to the Grim Reaper, who will resurrect them in exchange for it -- a death for a death flower basically.

As mentioned above you can find them rarely while fishing, and you can get them from the Death Flower Bush -- which is a rare and unidentified seed that you can find near graveyards that requires Level 7 Gardening to grow.  It is also possible to find one Death Flower in the graveyard -- assuming you are lucky enough to be there when it is in bloom.

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