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The Sims 3 Ambitions Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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Note that the following list of Achievements ONLY includes the Achievements for The Sims 3 Base Game, the World Adventures expansion, and the Ambitions expansion, since this guide is written from the perspective of those being the only content installed.  Additional Achievements are added with each expansion, so for information about the Achievements for a more recent expansion the player should consult the SuperCheats Unofficial Guide for those expansions.

The following Achievements can be earned in the game, and the listings include the requirements:

-- A New Vice
Have your Sim work their way up to, but no higher than, Vice President in both the Business and Political careers.

-- Bon Appetite
Have your Five-Star Chef Sim serve perfect Lobster Thermadores 20 times.

-- Book It!
Have your Sim visit the Bookstore.

-- Brawler
Have a Sim win 30 fights.

-- Burnout
Have your Sim work too hard.

-- Buzzed!
Have your Coffee Courier Sim drink 5 hot beverages without getting a Buzz Crash.

-- Delivery Please!
Have your Sim order a pizza.

-- Discount DJ
As a Part-Time Shopping Music DJ, buy something with a coupon.

-- Evil Sweets
Have a Sim become Emperor of Evil in the Criminal Career then serve 20 batches of great cookies.

-- Exercise in Fertility
Get a Sim to have 15 children.

This is what your Sim looks like after being hit by a meteor!

-- Fit as a Fiddle
Have a Sim perform 200 hours of Cardio Workouts.

-- Foot in the Door
Have a part-time Spa Ringer Up-er join the Business Career.

-- Friends in High Places
Have your Vice President Sim be friends with their boss.

-- Get Physical
Have your Sim workout or perform some other physical activity until they are Fatigued.

-- Going the Distance
Have Sims job a total of 2000 kilometers.

-- Guilty Conscience
Have a Kleptomaniac Sim return 10 stolen items.

-- Head of the Family
Get a Sim to have 30 Grandchildren.

-- Heavenly Warmth
Experience the Warm Fuzzies of Angel Food Cake.

-- Help!
Have your Sim hire a babysitter.

-- Here's the Dish
Have your Kitchen Scullion Sim clean up dishes 5 times.

-- Intellectual Pursuits
Have your Sim play Chess and use a Telescope.

-- Librophile
Have a Sim read 60 unique books.

-- Loved and Lost
Have your Sim experience a broken heart.

-- Master Astronomer
Have a Sim discover 25 Stars.

-- Master Chef
Have your Sim fulfill the Celebrated Five-Star Chef Lifetime Wish.

-- Master Hacker
Have a Computer Whiz Sim make $10,000 from hacking.

-- Master of the Corporate Destiny
Fulfill the CEO of a Mega Corporation Lifetime Wish.

-- Me, Myself, and I
Gave an Insane Sim talk to themselves 15 times.

Asking your partner to Spar is the best way to gain Sim Fu Skills!

-- Moonlight Novelist
Have your Bookclub Moderator Sim write a novel.

-- Moving on Up
Earn 10 raises as a Power Broker.

-- Pastry Perfect
Have your Pastry Chef Sim prepare 5 perfect Key-Lime Pies.

-- Profoundly Perfect Dishes
Have Sims prepare 200 perfect meals.

-- Pump it Up!
Have your Sim "get pumped!"

-- Rest and Relaxation
Have your Sim try a Day Spa Package.

-- Serenity Now
Have your Sim get stressed out.

-- Someone's Gotta Do It
Have your Bed Pan Cleaner Sim clean 5 toilets.

-- Something to Write About
Have your Epitaph Writer Sim get mauled by a bear.

-- Spring Training
Is your Sim fit enough to run a marathon?  Your muscles may be saying no, but your willpower says YES.  Remember to hydrate and stretch.

-- Steadiest of All Hands
Have your Sim fulfill the World Renowned Surgeon Lifetime Wish.

-- Steal with Style
Have an Evil Sim become a Master Thief in the Criminal Career then steal candy from 20 babies.

-- Store Run
Have your Sim visit the Grocery Store.

-- Sturgeon Surgeon
Have your Trauma Surgeon Sim prepare Great Sushi.

-- Supporter of the Arts
Have your Sim visit the Art Gallery

Of the different mediums Metal Sculpting is the rarest...

-- The Bright Side
Have your Day brightened by a Good Sim.

-- The Perfect Chef
Prepare 3 Perfect meals of the following: Grilled Cheese, Hamburger, Stuffed Turkey, Goopy Carbonera, Tri-Tip Steak, and Stew Surprise.

-- The Town Tutor
Have your Sim Tutor 40 other Sims.

-- Til Death Do We Part
Have your Sim get married.

-- Too Busy to Clean
Have your Sim hire a Maid.

-- Try the Goods
Have your Spa Package Seller Sim get a massage.

-- What's Cooking?
Have a Sim learn 30 recipes.

-- Winning Streak
Have your Sim win 6 fights in a row.

-- Your Right to Party
Throw an awesome party.

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Nov 8th 2014 Guest
i tried so hard for the evil sweets badge but for some reason it didnt work:(
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