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The Sims 3 Ambitions iPhone/iPad Cheats and Tips

We have 19 cheats and tips on iPhone. If you have any cheats or tips for The Sims 3 Ambitions please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : PC

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Build a Preschool

If you get a job as a teacher press the button that says 'Preschool' to build one.

Artist Career

In Artist career make friends as soon as you can as You will need 6 to complete this career chain. Start going to friends houses and 'Appreciate' their art by tapping on it on the walls and doing the 'Appreciate' option. You will need to 'Appreciate' a lot of art for your career.


In the Chef career start gardening and harvesting vegetables as soon as possible as you will need a large amount harvested in order to get a promotion. Buy ALL the recipes from the restaurant when you can and cook them ALL.

Easy Money

Remember that you get 5,000 Simoleons upon starting a new career. This means that if you quit your current job and get a new one, you effectively make 5k in one day!

Easiest Money//Free Room Expander

1. Go to build mode.

2. Go to build rooms.

3. Expand your rooms as big as it can go. (it does not matter if you can't afford it, just go as far as it can go)

4. While you're still in the expand mode, turn off your iPhone/iPod by holding on to the lock button. NOTE: You MUST turn it off, you cannot simply go out of the application and go back in!!

5. Turn your iPhone/iPod back on and go to your Sims account that you expanded your rooms on. You will see that the space your expanded to is actually yours now. You can now sell this space for money... Good luck!!

Building a prescool

To build a preschool all you have to do is get a job as a teacher. Than go to a empty lot and press the button that says preschool.


Step 1:Start A New Game. Step 2:First Go Into Build Mode.Step 3: Next Go Into Build Rooms. Step 4:Then Hit The Red Button Below The 3 Blue Buttons On The Right Hand Side Of The Screen.Step 5: Once Pressed Another Red Button Will Replace The First One. Then Press That. The House should be reduced to 3x3.Step 6: Then hit the green checkmark button in the lower left hand side of the screen. Then message should come up on the screen.Step 7: Hit the checkmark. BUT after that, you should see resizing icons in the corners of the 3x3. Step 8:Very quickly you NEED to tap the one in the top left hand corner And Tap and drag it out as far as you can and let go. Step 9Then finally Go back to the build rooms menu and resize the house back to 3x3. Step 10:Then hit the green checkmark. Step 11:Hit the ..

How to get simoleons faster?

Yes! You can get money faster! Just follow these steps,

1) when you see "ur sim is due to start work soon", walk to the place you want to go for work.

2)when you are heading to work,click the diamond icon in the bottom of the screen.

3)when the diamond icon will be opened,you will see a man working on a table.just click on it.Do it three times.

3)next, you will see triple actions on the screen.

4) When you finish you're work,you will get three days salary at one time!

5)that way you will get lot of simoleons at a time!

This will work for ipad ,iphone,and ipod only!


Keep your old appliances (refrigerator, stove, TV and laptop). These appliances break down often and you can repair them to earn 'Handiness'.

In-Game Chances

There are several in-game 'Chances' that you can take. One of which asks if you you want to take some trinkets from your job. Don't do it as it is almost impossible to do without getting fired. Some 'Chances' also take money or give money. Digging in the trash at the park in the Teacher career for example usually gives 2000.00.

Room Expander for lots of $$$

1. Go to build mode then build rooms

2. Go to the plus with the house button on it.

3. Create as many rooms as you wants

4. After expanding your last room,hold the on/of button on your iPad/iPhone until it says slide to power off

5. Slide that, then turn it back on by holding the power button until the apple comes up.

6.turn it on then go back to the sims 3 ambition.

7.go to your account and without moving the camera go to build rooms and there the rooms are there and you can demolish them and get a profit.

PS if it does not work keep on trying once or twice then is should work.

How to lose your toddler

You will lose your toddler if you don't care for it. Keep going to work, visit other Sims homes after work, go to the lake, go home eat, bathe, sleep... Do not interact with your toddler at all. When your off from your job. Do the skill building item (cook, garden, guitar, soccer, paint) eat, bathe, sleep, go back to work. After about 2 (Sim) week's you'll get a threatening message about if you don't take care of your child... Keep working, building your skill's, and taking care of your Sims need's. After about 4 total (Sim) week's. You won't have a toddler anymore.


So a warning to those who want to keep your toddler Don't ever think it's Safe having a babysitter come while your at work. They don't count as far as you keeping your ..

The sims ambitions money cheat

Go into build mode and build your rooms as big as possible. Once you have built your rooms down the bottom it should say cost and it will be very high. Press the lock button and turn it completely off. Turn it back on and the rooms will save and it would cost you nothing. Go back into build mode and take the rooms back to original size and you will have made a profit.

3x the work money

To get payed 3x the amount you normally get payed follow these steps

1. Have a job

2. Right before you go to work go to town map

3. Pause the game by pressing the button on the top right

4.At the bottom right corner there's a Sim button Press that

5. On the right there should be a guy sitting at a desk press that three times

6. And then unpause the game again

Hope that helps

Eating food ---> NO SPENDING

When you're hungry, go to your BEST FRIEND'S house while it's midnight and sneak on their refrigerator and click "quick snack" 3 or more times. Go when it's already midnight so your best friend won't get creep out. OR go to your spouse's house at anytime and do the same. You won't be spending 10S at every snack=))

For Money,XP,Inspired and Finish buildings

1. Make sure that auto is on at date and time

2. Make your sims or sim do any action you want.

3. Exit the app and go to settings

4.go to date and time and change it to the 26th of December 2013

5. Keep it on settings then double click the home button and hold the app then tap the minus button then go back to home then go to the app then your sims have finished there action and even all of the buildings revenue are ready to be collected! You can do this many times as you want. Enjoy! :-)

Baby to toddler

If you spend alot of time with baby it will become toddle fast.

Free rooms and money.

If you go to the build rooms icon you can build as many rooms as you want (add windows and doors too) Then turn your iPod/iPhone off but make sure no buttons are highlighted or the cheat won't work. Then turn your iPod on and open the app go to the build house icon then click on the bulldozer icon then on the extra rooms and you will get money for the demolished rooms.

Free big rooms

1-go to the design menu

2-click build rooms

3-exit out of the menu

4-quickly make the room as big as you want and you have it

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