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Collectibles and Collecting: Transmogrification

The Sims 3 Ambitions Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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Collectibles and Collecting: Transmogrification

The initial collections system from the base game has been expanded or tweaked slightly with each new expansion, either adding new items or new options and effects, and one of the interesting and little known effects that is available is the ability to transmogrify (change the form of) your collection items!  Not only can you change their form but, with a little careful planning you may actually increase the value of the items.

The process starts with placing your collectibles on the proper display

Transmogrification is accomplished by purchasing and placing either a large or a small model of the Carter's Display Case in your Sim's home, and then fully populating it with collection items -- for the large case you will need to place 8 items; the small case requires 10.

After you fill the case simply click on the case and choose Irreversible Transmogrification and the case will do its magic and then you get to see what you ended up with!  The cost for this bit of presto-changeo is $500.

What you obtain from this process depends entirely upon what you placed in the case and a bit of randomness and luck...  If the display case if full of space rocks, the game will spawn a new large meteor of a random type, and if it is full of Gems or Metals the results can vary -- see below:

The process of converting the items costs $500 and appears violent

-- Gems --
To obtain Skull Cuts: put at least 5 different cuts of gems in the case for this recipe -- which creates a Skull Cut version of your gem. The type of gem matters -- basically you want to use all the same type of Gem but in at least five different cuts so that you know that you will be getting that type of Gem back!

Large Gems Recipe: fill the case with all the same gem type in all the same gem cut -- for example place 10 Emerald Cut Emeralds in it to obtain a large version of the Emerald in the Emerald Cut.

The Soulpeace Recipe: put at least 5 different types of gem to obtain an uncut Soulpeace Gem. Make sure to use 2 to 4 different cuts or you will obtain either a large Gem or Skull Cut instead.

Random Cut from any Gem: if you are not following the recipes above you will likely receive a Large Gem of a type and cut chosen randomly from the Gems that are present.  For instance if you have topaz and diamonds in the case, the change will result in a large diamond or a large topaz in one of the cuts that are present. 

But the reward can be an incredibly valuable and large item!

-- Metals --

Large Ingots: fill the case with all of the same type of ingot and you will get one large ingot of the same metal. 

Compendium: put 2 to 4 different types of metals in the case to obtain a Compendium Ingot.

Supernovium: put 5 or more different types of metals in the case to obtain a Supernovium Ingot.

Stacked Ingots: put a stack of ingots in the case and you will receive additional ingots of a random type.

Mummy Teddy Bears: if at least one of the ingots you have put in the case is a Mummitomium Ingot, and the time is between 1AM and 5AM, it will generate a Mummy Teddy Bear -- which you may want to seriously reconsider doing since Mummy Teddy Bears are easily purchasable in Egypt for considerably less than what a Mummitomium Ingot is worth!  I am just saying...

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