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Official Service Awards

The Sims 3 Ambitions Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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Official Service Awards

Perhaps one of the coolest of the new features in the third series and one that we hear will be expanded with the new content patches is the Official Service Awards -- a form of tangible and meaningful recognition granted by the City/Town to your Sims to recognize the important services and sacrifice that they have made for its citizens and for the community.

Many of the sacrifices that your Sims will make are real sacrifices, but they are strong in honor and pure in heart, so being recognized for those special deeds will not go to their head, and it will provide them with a special object that visually honors their service that they can place on the wall of honor in the good old ancestral home and, decades later their young great-great-grandchildren can look upon it with pride and a desire to serve just like grandma/grandpa!

These awards take the following forms:

-- Award Ribbons --
These colorful somewhat impressive ribbons are a symbol of a job well done and show that to all who stand and view them on your walls!  The Award Ribbons are granted to Sims who have completed the following missions/accomplishments:

-- Firefighter: Complete the Criminal Warehouse Disaster Event
-- Ghost Hunter: Captured 150 Spirits
-- Painter: Created and sold over $25,000 worth of your own original paintings
-- Private Investigator: Solved the Fish Kid Case
-- Stylist: Performed 50 Full Makeovers

-- Epic Hero Medals --
These medals are awarded to Sims who are admired for having provided examples of their bravery and noble qualities in service to their community, and who have distinguished themselves through courage or abilities.   The Epic Hero Medals are granted to Sims who have:

-- Architectural Designer: Completed 50 Renovations
-- Firefighter: Completed the Hospital Disaster Event
-- Ghost Hunter: Complete 7 Jobs
-- Inventor: Make 50 Widgets
-- Private Investigator: Solve the Rogue Cop Case
-- Sculptor: Sold over $25,000 worth of your own sculptures
-- Stylist: Completed 100 Makeovers

-- Hero Medals --
These medals are awarded to Sims who have gone above and beyond the call of duty in service to their fellow Sims and their community.  The Hero Medal is granted to every Sim who has:

Doctor: Run 40 free clinics or house calls
Firefighter: Rescue 10 sims
Fisher: Sell over §25,000 worth of your own fish
Ghost Hunter: Capture 75 spirits
Inventor: Invent a time machine
Private Investigator: Solve the Jewel Heist Case

-- Hero Trophies --
Exceptional deeds deserve a meaningful reward, so the Hero Trophies are granted to Sims who:

Firefighter: Completed the Science Facility Disaster Event
Gardener: Sell over §25,000 worth of your own produce
Private Investigator: Solve 3 Missing Sim Cases

-- Honor Trophies --
This trophy is a symbol of your impressive and selfless achievements in the community.  The Sims are happier, your neighborhood is a better place because of you, and all is right with the world!  The Honor Trophy is granted to Sims who:

Architectural Designer - Perform 5 Renovations
Firefighter: Rescue 2 Sims
Ghost Hunter: Capture 15 Spirits
Inventor: Make 10 Widgets
Nectar Maker: Sell over $25,000 worth of your own Nectar
Private Investigator: Solve 3 Cases
Stylist: Perform 10 Makeovers
Writer: Sell over $25,000 worth of your own books

-- Valor Trophies --
Your brave actions went well above and beyond the call of duty, and to honor your sacrifice you have been presented with this trophy.  The Valor Trophy is awarded to Sims who:

Architectural Designer: Perform 25 Renovations
Doctor: Complete 10 "Rabbit Hole" Jobs (Medical Outreach, Expert Opinion, Etc.)
Firefighter: Fight a Gnome Invasion

-- Key to the City --
A truly meaningful reward that is given for unprecedented achievements! It doesn't really unlock any doors, but it does look very impressive on your Honor Wall!  The Key to the City is granted to Sims who:

Architectural Designer: Become a Dictator of Design (Career Level 10)
Doctor: Become a World Renowned Surgeon (Career Level 10)
Firefighter: Become a Fire Chief (Career Level 10)
Ghost Hunter: Become a Paranormal Expert (Career Level 10)
Inventor: Become a Fourth Dimensional Architect (Career Level 10)
Photographer: Sell over $25,000 worth of your own photographs
Private Investigator: Become a Private Eye (Career Level 10)
Stylist: Become a Fashion Phenomenon (Career Level 10)

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