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Soul Calibur IV Walkthrough and Guide

by Michael Monette  

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Soul Calibur IV Guide - Zasalamel


Age: Unknown, for he has lived many lives
Birthplace: More than one, for he has lived many lives
Height: 5'11” (in this life)
Weight: 170 lbs. (in this life)
Birth Date: May 5 (in this life)
Blood Type: B (in this life)
Weapon: Death Scythe
Weapon Name: Kafziel
Discipline: Self-Taught
Family: Long since deceased

Unlocked: Purchase for 4000 Gold on the fighter select screen.

Zasalamel, a man of many lifetimes, sought after the power of Soul Edge to end his cycle of reincarnation, having lost the joy of living long ago. After witnessing the clash of Soul Edge and Soul Calibur, however, he received a vision, depicting the many technological advances that the future held. Now, wanting to be there to witness such events, Zasalamel abandons his quest to end his existence. With a renewed sense of purpose, he instead sets his sights on protecting the soul swords, as their destruction could mean the end of his reincarnation.

The scythe-wielding immortal Zasalamel offers high damage output and fairly quick attack speed. He has a new useful draw technique this time around which he can use to drag his opponent towards him.

Combo Clip

The video below shows the following combinations. The directional notation system is used to describe each move.

Combo 1: 66B K, 4A B
Combo 2: 4B K, facing away B K
Combo 3: WC 3B, 4A B
Combo 4: WC 3B, 66A B



Please read through 'The Basics' and 'Fighting Terms' for an explanation of the 'directional notation' and the fighting terms used to explain strategy.

While not particularly proficient at long-range combat, Zasalamel does have a number of attacks that can be effective if used properly. Make heavy use of 8-Way Run in an attempt to reach mid-range, and punish missed attacks with Ea's Judgement (hold 3_9, B, 4) or Wrath of Tiamat (66A B). Wrath of Tiamat is a good running mid attack at long-range, as opponents may expect you to perform a running slide or grab and block low only to be hit by the attack. Use Talon of Zu (1A, B) as a means of countering 8-Way Run. Anshar's Halberd (A K) is a high horizontal attack with great range and Guard Break properties, and can be used to deter sidestepping. Zasalamel's other options are fairly linear, so your main focus should be moving into mid-range where he can more easily attack.

Confession to Lahamu (4B K) is a great launcher; if it hits, link to Adad's Great Shears (facing away hold B K) to deal significant damage. Many of Zasalamel's moves have “draw” properties, which means he can drag his enemy closer to him by holding a directional button. Though he doesn't fare best at close-range, drawing your foe closer is good for setting up throws. Make use of Anshar's Halberd (A K) to catch your opponent sidestepping, though Ilabrat's Sapara (4A) is a quicker option. 66B K is a good launcher; press 4A B to perform a mid-air attack throw, or use 6B K for a short juggle.

During close-range combat, make Command of Tiamat (B K)—one Zasalamel's fastest moves—your primary means of interrupting frequent attackers. The only issue with Command of Tiamat is the fact that Zasalamel automatically taunts if it connects on a counter-hit. You can prevent this by tapping G or attacking immediately afterwards, however. Adoration of Gilgamesh (bK) is another good option, and though not quite as fast, it isn't followed by a taunt if it connects on a counter-hit. Keep Zasalamel's while rising attack throw, Belit-Sheri's Spear (while rising B) in mind, as it is quick to execute and useful for punishing whiffs.

The Ark of Utnapishtim (hold 2_8, K, K) is a quick pair of high kicks, and the second strike stuns on a normal or counter-hit. Ark puts Zasalamel into a crouching animation, so it can be followed by Belit-Sheri's spear if your foe rises and guards high, or if they managed to avoid your attack by crouching. Zasalamel's basic K, K string is a high then low kick and is actually quite fast, but it does put your enemy in the crouched position so be ready for quick attacks like Siegfried's rising horizontal string.

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Zasalmel is putting a spell on someone.
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