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Soul Calibur IV Walkthrough and Guide

by Michael Monette  

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Soul Calibur IV Guide - Amy


Age: Unknown
Birthplace: Rouen, French Empire
Height: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
Birth Date: Unknown
Blood Type: Unknown
Weapon: English Sword Rapier
Weapon Name: Albion
Discipline: La Rapière des Sorel
Family: Foster father/Raphael. Her real parents are unknown.

Unlocked: Purchase for 4000 Gold on the fighter select screen.

As an orphan living on the streets of Rouen, Amy hid Raphael Sorel as from local authorities pursued. Appreciative of what Amy had done for him, Raphael took her in to raise her as his daughter. Later, after a fierce battle against Nightmare, Raphael returns to Amy dreadfully injured. He had been infected by the Evil Seed, and while Amy nursed him back to health, she also came to be infected. Both soon transformed into vampires, and now seek the legendary spirit sword Soul Calibur to create a world of their own.

Amy's fighting style closely resembles Raphael's, but with a somewhat balletic quality to it. She is more agile than he, though she is noticeably lacking in the damage department. Amy's speed and decent range make her a strong character, and players who take the time to familiarize themselves with her Amaryllis Spin (236), Biondetta Parry (A B), Crest Form (A K), and Lilith Parry (B K) techniques will find her even more effective.

Combo Clip

The video below shows the following combinations. The directional notation system is used to describe each move.

Combo 1: 6B K, 4B K, B

Combo 2: 66A B, facing away B K, 66A B

Combo 3: 44K, 6B K



Please read through 'The Basics' and 'Fighting Terms' for an explanation of the 'directional notation' and the fighting terms used to explain strategy.

Amy doesn't have much to offer in the way of long-range attacks. Focus on moving into mid or close range where she can attack more comfortably. Use 8-Way Run to avoid your opponent's attacks, and High Arc (during 8-Way Run A B) to dash in should they miss. An effective combo at this range is High Arc (66A B) into Circular Blitz (facing away B K) and then High Arc once more.When you've managed to get a bit closer, you can use Amaryllis Spin (236) and then Stocatta Slicer (during Amaryllis Spin press B repeatedly) to move in to close range and score a few hits.

Official Amy / Siegfried Trailer


At mid-range, use Silent Saber (hold 2_8, A) or Heavy Mandritti (4A) to swat sidesteppers. There are several effective maneuvers at this range, but you'll have to wait for the right opportunity to use them, lest they be countered. For one thing, Amy's low attacks are relatively quick, such as Silent Impale (2B K)—which is also good for striking downed opponents—and Graceful Cutter (1A) with its deceptive range. Falling Prayer (6B K) ducks under high attacks and stuns on a normal or counter-hit, and can then be followed by Stocatta Rampage Crescendo (4B K, B) for a 10-hit combo. Dread Coffin into Stocatta Rampage Crescendo (hold 4_1_7, B, 4B K, B) is another option and accomplishes the same, though it doesn't duck under high attacks.

If your opponent is a staunch defender, Amy's Crest Form (A K) can lead into a quick Unblockable, Vermillion Fang (during Crest Form B). Descussate Strike (3B, A) is a quick mid to low string that stuns after the first strike hits and will down the opponent if the second hits. Amy's Lilith Parry (B K) and Biondetta Parry (A B) can be used to Repel attacks, and can then be followed by a quick strike. Lilith Parry into Night Toe Kick (during Lilith Parry K) will launch your foe into the air, allowing you to follow up with another attack for an aerial combo.

There are a number of quick attacks that are effective at close-range. Triple Botta in Tempo (6B, B, B) is one, but you may want to only input 6B, B because the final strike will leave you at a disadvantage if blocked. Several of Amy's moves carry the stun property too, and at this range Frigid Tap (while rising B) can be quickly executed after ducking under a high attack. Falling Prayer (6B K) into Stocatta Rampage Crescendo (4B K, B) can be effective at close-range too, as the first move stuns and ducks under high attacks. (1B) is a quick low poke good against defenders. Mix-up low pokes and kicks with Dui Montante (B, B) and Botta in Tempo (6B, B, B) to keep your foe guessing.

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Comments for Amy

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Nov 24th 2014 Guest
haha a few days and you think your beast come talk to me when you have 3600 hrs. into her... no thats not a typo
ID #475933
Dec 15th 2012 SargentXander
Wow, she was a vampire... I HATE VAMPIRES!!!!
ID #221976
Jul 12th 2012 Guest
Amy looks like Sally Smith in Wee Sing Together and Sally looks like Amy from Soul series.
ID #163348
Jun 16th 2012 Guest
There Amy in different roles. Amy Rose, Amy from BYG, Amy played by Molly Wilson in B&F Amy from Soul. I requested the different related shows, movies, specials.
ID #153463
Feb 19th 2012 Guest
is she actually on soulcaliber 5
ID #116312
May 5th 2011 Guest
AMY IS BEAST!! I didnt start palyin with her until a few days ago but she is awsome when in the right hands! (A.K.A. My hands.)
ID #41509