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Soul Calibur IV Walkthrough and Guide

by Michael Monette  

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Soul Calibur IV Guide - Tira


Age: 17
Birthplace: Unknown
Height: 5'3”
Weight: 95 lbs.
Birth Date: Unknown
Blood Type: AB
Weapon: Ring Blade
Weapon Name: Eiserne Drossel
Discipline: Dance of Death
Family: No family, but now accompanied by a flock of Watchers

Unlocked: Initially available.

Tira, the DID-suffering, ring blade-wielding servant of Soul Edge, returns to the evil sword's dwelling in Ostrheinsburg after its restoration. As Soul Edge's current body is only a temporal shell, Tira must find a new host for her master. First, however, the spirit sword Soul Calibur must be destroyed to shatter the seal that binds Soul Edge's body.

Wielding a razor sharp ring-blade and sporting two equally intense personalities, Tira can pummel her opponents with quick attacks while creeping them out at the same time. The thing that sets Tira apart from the other fighters is her split personality; Jolly and Gloomy. Her stance and move set differs depending on her personality which randomly changes when she takes damage, performs certain moves, or when her HP Gauge surpasses the halfway point. Those unfamiliar with this aspect may have a hard time controlling Tira, but conversely her inconsistency can baffle her foes.

Gestopft Madness (A K, or hold A K) can switch Tira's current personality, but it does not come with any guarantee. Tira's Jolly side offers a more flexible attack range, while her Gloomy side packs more of a punch, but some moves bear a small health penalty with each use. When her personality shifts to the opposite end of the spectrum, a purple or yellow smoke effect accompanies the change. While in her neutral stance, Jolly Tira stands upright and sways back and forth, while Gloomy Tira remains slouched over with her head hung low.

Gloomy Tira

Combo Clip

The video below shows the following combinations. The directional notation system is used to describe each move.

Combo 1: Jolly 1A, 22B
Combo 2: Gloomy 3B, 66B
Combo 3: Gloomy WR K (Counter), 88B, 66K
Uplift Neb: Gloomy/Jolly WR B



Please read through 'The Basics' and 'Fighting Terms' for an explanation of the 'directional notation' and the fighting terms used to explain strategy.

Since your long-range options are limited, your main focus is to get into mid-range. While Jolly, Wild Beat Neb (hold 6, B), Flageolette Fin (hold 6_3_9, A, A), Grove Step (hold 2
_8, A), or can be used to floor your opponent, allowing you to then move in and follow up with another attack such as Low Swoop (1A K) or Break Toss (3B). You may also attempt to switch to Gloomy with Gestopft Madness (A K), which can cause damage to nearby foes. Use Flageolette Fin (hold 6, A, A) and Low Swoop (1A K) to counter sidestepping. Wild Beat Neb (in Jolly Side hold 6, B) followed by Cross Wing Legato (in Jolly Side A B) can make for an effective combo. You may also be able to catch foes in Shredding Vibato (in either side 4A B, or 4 hold A B for GB properties, release to perform).

Tira is a much better mid-range fighter. While Jolly, circle around your foe and use horizontal sweeps such as Groove Step (in Jolly Side hold 2_8, A), Low Swoop (1A K) and Menuett Dance (4A during hit A (Just)). You can move back if need be with Back Step Pizzicato (in Jolly Side 4B) and perhaps follow it up with Flageolette Fin (hold 6, A, A) or Wild Beat Neb (in Jolly Side hold 6, B) into Cross Wing Legato (A B). Fear Pecker (6K) stuns on hit, allowing you to then follow up with another kick or low attack. Ptarmigan Polka (in Jolly Side 2A, B) is a good mid-range combo if you manage to score a counter-hit.

Shredding Vibato

While Gloomy, attacks such as Chattering Pinion (in Gloomy Side hold 4, A), Low Swoop (1A K), Menuett Dance (4A during hit A (Just)), and Snare Clap (in Gloomy Side while rising A) can be used to counter sidestepping enemies. Hell's Barnacle (hold 6K) is a quick attack that can catch unwary opponents off guard, and it turns into an attack throw on a counter-hit. Wailing Minerva (666A) offers considerable range and can be quickly executed. Elegy Claw (6B, K) hits mid and low and can trip up a guarding fighter, while Quick Elegy Claw (6b, K) can cause confusion.

Tira's Gloomy side attacks are most effective at close-range. You can score some hits on stunned foes with Hiisi Baroque (in Gloomy Side 666B) and Shriek Noise (in Gloomy Side 6A, A (press repeatedly)). After crouching to avoid a high attack, use Uplift Nebula (while rising B), which stuns normally, but will turn into a damaging combo on a counter-hit. As usual, use quick horizontal sweeps such as Harmonic Wing (A, A), Low Swoop (1A K) and Menuett Dance (4A during hit A (Just)) to counter sidestepping. Use 8-Way Run to avoid vertical strikes and use moves such as Harmonic Wing (A, A), Cross Wing Legato (A B), Groove Step (in Jolly Side hold 2_8, A) or and Peregrine Rhythm (in Gloomy Side hold 8, B).

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Comments for Tira

3 comments, latest first.
Mar 24th 2015 Guest
this may be a simple question but it's been bugging me. how can I cancel her unblock able attack 4A+B? I've seen others do it but can't figure it out. and have had no luck with my Internet search.. thanks in advance.
ID #532570
Jul 12th 2012 Guest
Carrie (Tira) defeats Amy (Xianghua), Sally (Amy), and Wendy (Amy).
ID #163359
Jun 29th 2010 Guest
While using Tira, always be aware of her HP bar. In Gloomy, she doesn't really care what happens to herself, she just focuses on damaging the other person. In Jolly, attacks that don't hurt Tira very much hurt her a lot more. Have fun!
ID #2346