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Soul Calibur IV Walkthrough and Guide

by Michael Monette  

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Soul Calibur IV Guide - Raphael

Raphael Sorel

Age: 32
Birthplace: Rouen, French Empire
Height: 5'10”
Weight: 159 lbs.
Birth Date: November 27
Blood Type: A
Weapon: English Sword Rapier
Weapon Name: Flambert
Discipline: La Rapière des Sorel
Family: Foster daughter/Amy

Unlocked: Initially available.

Raphael, a member of the wealthy Sorel family, was cast out of his home when he murdered a prominent noble. While fleeing from the local authorities, Amy, an orphan living on the streets of Rouen, hid Raphael. Appreciative of what Amy had done for him, Raphael took her in to raise her as his daughter. Later, after a fierce battle against Nightmare, Raphael returns to Amy dreadfully injured. He had been infected by the Evil Seed, and while Amy nursed him back to health, she also came to be infected. Both soon transformed into vampires, and now seek the legendary spirit sword Soul Calibur to create a world of their own.

With decent range and quick attack speed, this rapier-wielding vampire can be very effective if used correctly. Though he lacks attack power and many of his attacks are linear—making it difficult to face opponents who make heavy use of 8-Way Run—his considerable range and speedy moves make for a strong offense once he gets started. Raphael's Preparation stance allows him to pull off subsequent attacks in quick succession, or dodge attacks with Shadow Evade.

Combo Clip

The video below shows the following combinations. The directional notation system is used to describe each move.

Combo 1: 4 hold B~B, B, B, B (Just)
Combo 2: 66 hold B~K, K (Just)
Combo 3: 66A B, B K
Combo 4: B K, A G_B G



Please read through 'The Basics' and 'Fighting Terms' for an explanation of the 'directional notation' and the fighting terms used to explain strategy.

At long-range, use Wicked Thrust (4B), a high poke that stuns on a normal or counter-hit and ducks under high-hitting attacks, to interrupt attacks, and 8-Way Run coupled with Dread Coffin (hold 6, B) to punish missed attacks. Wicked Thrust also links to Raphael's Preparation stance if the last input is held (4 hold B); so if it hits, follow with Rapid Assault (during Preparation B, B, B, B (Just)) to score a four or five hit combo. Dark Stinger Crescendo (during Preparation K, K (Just)) is a pair of low kicks that knockback if the second strike hits, allowing you to move into mid or close range where Raphael is more efficient. Many of Raphael's moves can link to his Preparation stance, usually by holding the last input.

Quick Botta (6B, B, B), as its name implies, is a very quick attack, good for interrupting your enemy. Only input the last B on a counter-hit, otherwise it can be blocked, putting you at a disadvantage. Use Roaring Stocatta (B, B), a pair of mid-hitting verticals, and Heel Snipe (1A), a low-hitting horizontal poke, to counter 8-Way Run. Keep Cleaving Talon (2A), an s-low swipe, in mind as alternate sidestepping counter, as it can be followed by one of Raphael's While Rising moves like Advance Slicer (while rising B). Raphael has a lot of decent low pokes too, especially Grave Needle (1B, B), Sweep Kick (2K), and Death Guise (hold 3_9, B). Bloody Funeral (44_11_77A B) comes out pretty fast for an Unblockable and has decent range and substantial damage output; make use of it if you're facing a staunch defender.

Fully employ Raphael's Preparation stance while fighting at close-range. Preparation allows Raphael to pull off subsequent attacks in quick succession, so wait for an opening before using an attack that links to the stance. Quick Botta (6B, hold B) links to Preparation, but is a linear attack and therefore easy to avoid with 8-Way Run. If your opponent makes heavy use of 8-Way Run, your best bet would be to use Squalambrato Concierto (44_11_77A, hold B), as its initial hit is a horizontal slash, followed by a quick vertical and then into Preparation. Squalambrato Concierto isn't as precise as say, Attack au Fer (A, A), but it's the only horizontal that links to Preparation. Use Wicked Thrust (4 hold B) frequently, as it ducks under high attacks, stuns on a normal or counter-hit, and links to Preparation. Follow up with Rapid Assault (during Preparation B, B, B, B (Just)) to score a four or five hit combo. Make use of Vurkolak Envelopment (B K), an evasive sidestep, to dodge incoming vertical attacks.

Shadow Evade Alpha (during Preparation 2) and Shadow Evade Beta add to the usefulness of Raphael's preparation stance. Shadow Evade Alpha ducks under high attacks and can then be followed by Assault Blade (during Shadow Evade Alpha B), a quick mid poke; B can also be held to link back to Preparation. Shadow Evade Beta (during Shadow Evade Alpha 2) ducks high attacks and can lead to Bloody Terror (during Shadow Evade Beta B), a mid-hitting stab that stuns on a normal or counter-hit. Ebony Shock (during Preparation A) is a quick close-range attack that stuns on a normal or counter-hit and can be used to interrupt attacks. There are plenty of other moves that stem from Preparation, so make use of them to keep your opponent guessing. Keep Raphael's B G throw in mind if you ever have your opponent against the edge of the ring because it can Ring Out from a fair distance.

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