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Follow the dark path or use the light


Soul Calibur IV Walkthrough and Guide

by Michael Monette  

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Soul Calibur IV Guide - Hilde

Hildegard von Krone

Age: 18
Birthplace: Wolfkrone Kingdom
Height: 5'3”
Weight: 110 lbs.
Birth Date: August 13
Blood Type: AB
Weapon: Sword & Lance
Weapon Name: Glänzende Nova & Frischer Himmel
Discipline: Groß Erbschaft
Family: Father, the king (victim of malfestation, now imprisoned).

Unlocked: Initially available.

After falling victim to an Evil Seed-induced insanity and being forced into necessary imprisonment, the king of Wolfkrone left his daughter, Hildegard, to lead the country and defend its people. Upon hearing word of a man named Siegfried who had entered Ostrheinsburg Castle, Hilde sets out in hopes of joining forces with him to accomplish their common goal; to take the cursed city and defeat the Azure Knight.

This armor-clad newcomer has a lot to offer; with powerful long-range and solid close-range attacks, Hilde can be an extremely efficient fighter in experienced hands. With that said, Hilde is most definitely not a pick-up-and-play character. A good understanding of her range and charge techniques is needed to compete against skilled fighters.

Charge Techniques

Hilde is unique in that her horizontal and vertical attacks can be charged by holding down either A or B respectively for a set amount of time. There are four different charge moves that Hilde can pull off: Mystic Star (hold A), Moonlit Dance (hold B), Dragon Breath (while crouching hold A), and Siren's Call (while crouching hold B). The form and damage dealt by each of the aforementioned moves changes depending on its “Stage” (or, the amount of time the button is held). Both horizontal and vertical charge techniques have three stages in regards to the amount of time a button is held. For example, to pull off a Stage 2 Moonlit Dance, one would have to hold down the B button for about two seconds, then release and press the B button during the attack. A charge can be started at any time; even while guarding.

Mystic Star (Stage 3)

Due to the need to comfortably hold down buttons for extended periods of time, an altered control configuration (such as setting the horizontal and vertical attack buttons to the two shoulder buttons, or Guard to one of the shoulder buttons) would benefit anyone who plans to use Hilde regularly. Attacks other than the type being charged can still be executed without canceling the charge, but be wary of performing alike attacks if more than one button is set to a single command.

There are two secret Stage 4 versions of Mystic Star and Moonlit Dance, but both require about 30 seconds worth of charging, making using either move regularly in battle unfeasible. The payoff is worth it, however, as both can knock off over half of an opponent's total HP. Furthermore, Mystic Star and Moonlit Dance can be charged at the same time (though you limits yourself to kicks in the meantime), so combos such as a Stage 2 Moonlit Dance into a Stage 3 Mystic Star are possible.

Moonlit Dance (Stage 4)

Combo Clip

The video below shows the following combinations. The directional notation system is used to describe each move.

Combo 1: Hold B release (Stage3)~B K
Combo 2: 44K~hold B release (Stage2)~hold A release(Stage2)
Dragon Breath: WC hold B release (Stage3)
Moonlit Dance 4: Hold B approx. 30 seconds release (Stage4)
Mystic Star 4: Hold B approx. 30 seconds release (Stage4)



Please read through 'The Basics' and 'Fighting Terms' for an explanation of the 'directional notation' and the fighting terms used to explain strategy.

Official Seong Mi-na / Hilde Trailer


Due to the limited range of her sword, you'll have to limit yourself to vertical attacks while attacking long-range. Hilde's long-range attacks leave her especially vulnerable to sidestepping, though, as she lacks a strong horizontal sweep. Double Avalanche (6B K) and Pulverize (4A B) are good for a jump in, but can be easily evaded. Double Falcon (6A B) can be used to close some of the distance between you and your opponent as well. Moonlit Dance (charge B ~three seconds) into Iron Tower (B K) is a quick combo that may catch opponents off guard. After knocking down a foe with Lightning Horn (6BBB) or Double Avalanche (6B K), attempt to thwart their wakeup game with Pulverize (4A B).

At mid-range, use attacks such as Glorious Hammer (2B), White Impale (3B, B), Iron Heel (hold 4, K), Peregrine Falcon (1B), and Tornado Kick (8K or 7K) to keep your opponents at bay while charging Mystic Star or Dragon Breath. Lightning Horn (6BBB) is worth a few good hits if the opponent can be caught on the first strike. Use Mystic Star (Stage 3) to knock away sidestepping opponents. You can also try to pull off Siren's Call (while crouching hold B, release (Stage 3), B during hit A). Moonlit Dance (Stage 2) can be used to hit up downed opponents too. A K is a lunging sword slash that jumps over low attacks, so use it often. Fire Strike (2A K) is Hilde's best low attack; it ducks under high attacks, some horizontals, and offers surprising range.

At close-range, Moonlit Dance or Dragon Breath (any stage) charge moves are great for getting hits in on overbearing opponents, as is Fire Flash (6A K). Work on getting kicks and sword slashes in while attacking at close-range, alternating between high and low attacks to keep your opponent guessing. Knight Heel (4K) causes a spin out when it hits, so follow through with Tornado Kick to after it connects to down your dazed foe. Use Eagle Talon (2A B, K), a low to mid string, to poke through a standing opponent's guard; the first hit stuns, and the second floors them.

Fighting at close-range is not Hilde's strong suit, so what you really want to work on at is getting back to mid or long range with attacks like Wind Horn (while rising B) and Tornado Kick (7K). Use Tornado Kick when your foe's back is to a wall to score a wall hit for added damage. Throws are also an option at close-range; try March of Triumph (B G) while Hilde has her back to the edge of the level to perform a nifty Ring Out.

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