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SoulCalibur IV PlayStation 3 Cheats and Tips

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Check out our cheats to unlock weapons and equipment for Create-A-Soul mode, characters, honors and the Tower of Lost Souls bonus items. We also have an exclusive guide which covers everything in the game.

More SoulCalibur IV PlayStation 3 Cheats and Tips

We have 12 cheats and tips on PS3. If you have any cheats or tips for SoulCalibur IV please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : Xbox 360

You can also ask your question on our SoulCalibur IV Questions & Answers page.

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Easy 'Death On The Battlefield' and 'Mad Destroyer' Honors

The quickest way to get the 'Death On The Battlefield' and 'Mad Destroyer' honors is to use the character Yun-Seong as he is easy to use and he is able to land blows which cause Soul Crushes.

Tower of Lost Souls Bonus Items (Descending)

Complete the following floors while decending the Tower Of Lost Souls to unlock the corresponding bonus items.

5th Floor - Dark Knight's Cloak.

10th Floor - Blade Ring (Raging Thunder).

15th Floor - Lapin Chapeau.

20th Floor - Repel Gem (Fox Demon).

25th Floor - Succubus Gauntlets.

30th Floor - Demonic Armor.

35th Floor - Demonic Pauldrons.

40th Floor - Voodoo Crown.

Tower of Lost Souls Hidden Items (Ascending)

The following is a list of the hidden items and the floor they are found on. Complete the corresponding task to unlock them.

1st Floor - Soldier's Hat:

Clear the stage without taking damage.

2nd Floor - Warrior Trousers:

With no Ring Outs from either side clear the stage.

3rd Floor - Pauldron:

Switch with ally more than 2 times.

4th Floor - Warlord's Belt:

Perform 3 attack throws.

5th Floor - Clergy Clothes:

Defeat an enemy with a Ring Out.

06th Floor - Wonder Jacket:

Throw an opponent

07th Floor - Warrior Trousers:

Without missing any attacks clear the stage.

08th Floor - Armor Ring (Ice Mirror):

Switch characters 2 times.

09th Floor - Scarle.. Unofficial Guide to Soul Calibur 4

For the low down on every character in the game, plus a comlpete list of skills, information on character creation and the full deal on treasure chest requirements, please visit our guide to Soul Calibur 4 which can be found by following this link...

... Soul Calibur IV Guide

Unlock Characters

Purchase the following characters for the indicated amount of Gold in Character Creation mode or complete the corresponding task.

Unlock Angol Fear:

Defeat her in Story mode.

Unlock Kamikirimusi:

Defeat her in Story mode.

Unlock Scheherazade:

Defeat her in Story mode.

Unlock Ashlotte:

Defeat her in Story mode.

Unlock Shura:

Defeat her in Story mode.

Unlock Algol:

Beat Story mode using a character that faces him as the last boss.

Unlock Yoshimitsu:

Purchase for 4,000 Gold in Character Creation mode.

Unlock Zasalamel:

Purchase for 4,000 Gold in Character Creation mode.

Unlock Hong Yun-seong:

Purchase for 4,000 Gold in Character Creation mode...

Unlock Weapons and Equipment for Create-A-Soul Mode

Complete the task or earn the indicated amount of honors in Story mode to unlock the following weapons and equipment in Create-A-Soul mode.

Unlock ALL Weapons:

Clear Story mode with that Character

Unlock Basic Equipment:

Earn 5 honors

Unlock More Equipment:

Earn 10 honors

Unlock Intermediate Equipment:

Earn 15 honors

Unlock Advanced Equipment:

Earn 20 honors

Unlock Animal Head Equipment:

Earn 25 honors

Unlock Leviathan and Voodoo Equipment:

Earn 30 honors

Unlock Honors

Complete the following tasks to unlock the corresponding honor.

Start of a New Era:

Welcome to the new world of Soul Calibur! (Automatic)

First Step as an Artist:

Customize a regular character.

10,000 Strikes of Proof:

Land 10,000 attacks.

Like a Flowing Stream:

Perform 200 Impacts.

Looter of the Battlefield:

Collect ALL accessories.

Lost in the Moment:

Perform 20 Just Impacts.

Mad Destroyer:

Perform 100 Soul Crushes.

War Veteran:

Clear Arcade mode.

Water Moon:

Perform 30 grapple breaks.

Wild Run to Tragedy:

Get Soul Edge (Final Form).

Return to the Galaxy:

Clear Story mode using Darth Vader.


Unlock Algol and Apprentice

Algol(The Hero King Algol)-----defeat him in Story Mode with any character that faces him which are only these:

Angol Fear

The Apprentice





Darth Vader






Seong Mi-Na








The Apprentice------------defeat him(and complete Arcade Mode) using Darth Vader in Arcade Mode

Unlock Yoda

Yoda is said to be able to be unlocked later on by download via the Playstation Store when will they do this is unknown.

(This is also true for Darth Vader in the 360)

Unlock Bonus Characters

Angol Fear---defeat her using Algol,The Apprentice,Darth Vader,Kilik,Scheherazade, or Zasalamel in Story Mode

Kamikirimusi---defeat her using Amy, Cassandra,Mitsurugi,Shura,Tira,Xianghua, or Yun-Seong in Story Mode

Ashlotte---defeat her using Angol Fear,Astaroth,Lizardman,Maxi,Rock,Sophitia, or Talim in Story Mode

Scheherazade---defeat her using Ashlotte,Hilde,Nightmare,Siegfried,Voldo,Yoda, or Yoshimitsu in Story Mode

Created Character List




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Category II. 'Tales of' Series Series

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Category XII. Others

"Category XIII." Credits





Shoulder - Usurper's Spaulders 0: 01, 19 | 0: 01, 19

Undergarment - Usurper's Suit 9: 48, 28 | 9, 48, 28

Upper Body - Executioner's Breastplate 4: 04, 25 | 4: 04, 25 | 9: 01,..

Darth Vader

Ok I always ask myself, Can Darth Vader's armor break? No. And Darth Vader and Yoda are the only way to unlock the "The Apprentice" Darth Vader will take you forever to get him, it took me 14 times. To unlock the Apprentice you have to beat Arcade matches 1-5 vary but 6 is Siegfried, 7 is The Apprentice, and 8 Is Algol He Uses the Soul Edge(Nightmare) and Soul Calibur(Siegfried). Hope my info has helped most of you gamers.

SoulCalibur IV FAQs