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Soul Calibur IV Walkthrough and Guide

by Michael Monette  

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Soul Calibur IV Guide - Nightmare


Age: Existed since ancient times as Soul Edge
Birthplace: Unknown
Height: 5'6”
Weight: 212 lbs.
Birth Date: Unknown
Blood Type: None
Weapon: Soul Edge (Zweihander type)
Weapon Name: Soul Edge
Discipline: The Memories that Stain his Armor
Family: All life is but prey to satiate his hunger

Unlocked: Initially available.

Nightmare, once the alter ego of Siegfried Schtauffen, continues his search for souls to restore the cursed sword Soul Edge. After the dimensional warp that served to restore Soul Edge to its former glory, the evil sword now resides in the cursed city of Ostrerheinsburg where it waits for its next confrontation with the legendary spirit sword. If Nightmare should succeed in destroying Soul Calibur, the cursed sword will then be able to fulfill its malicious plan and consume the world.

The Azure Knight is back and more ruthless than ever. Following the path set by Soulcalibur III, Nightmare's fighting style has been even further distanced from Siegfried's. Nightmare retains his considerable range from previous iterations of the series, but his slower move execution can mean trouble when matched up against quick characters.

Combo Clip

The video below shows the following combinations. The directional notation system is used to describe each move.

Combo 1: 66 hold B~Night Side Stance bA
Combo 2: 3 hold B (Counter)~Night Side Stance A B~2A B
Combo 3: WR hold B~Night Side Stance A B~2A B
Combo 4: 66B, A K



Please read through 'The Basics' and 'Fighting Terms' for an explanation of the 'directional notation' and the fighting terms used to explain strategy.

There are a good number of effective long-range attacks at Nightmare's disposal. Similar to Siegfried's Piercing Strike, Nightmare's Quick Revenge (6B during hit B) provides good range and damage, but its weakness lies in the fact that it is quite easily evaded. Other high-damage long-range attacks are Dark Soul Impact (3A B) and Cannonball Splitter (hold 6, B K). Since most of Nightmare's attacks at this range can be easily evaded by seasoned fighters, you're main focus here is to get into mid-range. Grim Stride into Soul Wave (236~A B), for example, is an effective combo for closing the gap between you and your opponent, hopefully leaving them downed and therefore open to a subsequent attack.

Soul Wave

Nightmare's horizontal attacks provide good coverage at mid-range, though the majority are a little slow to execute. Triple Ground (A, 2A, A) is a high attack into two low attacks and can be used to floor a guarding opponent, and can then be followed up by Soul Smasher (6A B), which turns into an attack throw on a downed opponent. Use Quick Temple Buster (6A), Shadow Cross Divide (hold 2_8, A, B), or Death Rage (while rising A, A) to combat sidestepping. Nightmare's quickest attack is Jade Strike (6K), which cause knockdown and can then be followed up with Cannonball Splitter (hold 6, B K) or a similar attack. Shadow Slicer (1A, or hold 1A for Guard Break and/or delay) is a low attack that provides decent range with considerable damage, and Jade Crusher (1aK) can be used to fake out wary opponents.

Slash Cross (hold A) switches into the Night Side Stance which offers several options, notably Phantom Impact (during Night Side Stance B), a low attack that can poke through a guarding opponent's defense, and Skull Chopper (during Night Side Stance bA), a quick high slash that knockdowns if it hits. Grim Roundhouse (236~K, K) can surprise and knock edge-hugging foes out of the ring.

As previously mentioned, Nightmare is especially vulnerable at close-range due to his slow attack speed. For this reason, you will have to rely on the few quick moves in his arsenal to knock your enemy back to mid or long-range. Jade Strike (6K) is Nightmare's quickest move, and is good for knocking an overbearing opponent back to mid-range. Upper Claw (while rising B) will also knock back to mid-range, and can then be followed up by Soul Wave (A B) to push the rising foe back even further. Use Backspin Temple Buster (bA), which is a quick high slash that will cause Nightmare to move back a bit. Back Blade (4A), while a bit slow, stuns on a counter-hit, so use it to hinder sidestepping.

Jade Strike

There are also numerous ways in which Nightmare can take advantage of the terrain. Flap Jack (while crouching A G) may be used to throw back a high attacking enemy or even ring them out if they're standing at the edge of the ring, and Over Toss (while crouching B G), an over the back throw, can save Nightmare from being knocked out of the ring himself.

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Aug 19th 2012 Guest
The numbers actually make it simpler.
Go read The Basics.
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Oct 25th 2011 Guest
Where is the guide?
That's it?
aw man =(
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Aug 15th 2011 Guest
This guide is bad 8wayrun plzzzz.
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Feb 15th 2011 Guest
I really wish you could have just taken the time to write out the actual combos than put some sort of a34 coding thing.
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