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The Denerim Alienage

Dragon Age: Origins Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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The Denerim Alienage

When you arrive at the gate to the Alienage, the gate is now up and the guard does not try to stop you from entering.  When you do try to enter, you get the City Map select the Alienage on it and you will travel there. 

If you are playing a City Elf, than you already know that the Alienage is the slums that the Elves are forced to live in it is really a big cage where they can be locked away, controlled, and exploited.  Despite that reality, the Elven folk that live there have made it their home you have to respect that.

As you cross over the stone bridge the first person you see, on the left, is the final Hooded Courier for that quest stop and talk to her, and that completes 'Greasing the Wheels.'   Across the road is Varel go and talk to him, and give him the letter from the Irregulars, and that completes 'Scraping the Barrel.'

There is a Starved Veteran in the street ahead stop and talk to him and he asks for a silver piece I gave him a gold piece, but he is just as happy with silver.  There is a Haggered Human nearby him when you talk to him he tells you to just stay away from him, and then runs off.

Continue along the street and you will encounter a group of Elves being addressed by a group of humans the crowd is upset the humans are keeping them in quarantine and something is clearly not right here!  You are a Grey Warden so go ahead and stick your nose into the mix.

Talk to Shianni and she will fill you in on what has been going on in the Alienage and according to her these humans are removing Elves from the Alienage under the guise of public health, claiming that those that are removed have the plague.  You vow to have a look inside this "Hospice" place, and your cousin gives you her thanks and her blessing.

Unrest in the Alienage

Before we do this new quest, step to the other side of the large tree here and activate the final Mystical Site of Power to complete the quest 'Places of Power' and then move back to the so-called Healers and have a chat with them.

The Healer declares that you are ill when you try to talk to him clearly they plan to take you into the Hospice, but you tell them that you are a Grey Warden, and so are immune to Blight Disease, at which point the Healer announces that there is a hefty reward on your head and orders his minions to attack!  Well that suits me just fine!

One of the bodies has the key to the Hospice on it so loot that and then head over to the door and unlock it and enter the Hospice.  When you get inside you are attacked and from the looks of the inside of this place, whatever it is, it is not a Hospice!

There is a note on the table go pick it up and read the Codex Entry for it these people are Slavers!

Take the side exit and head left up the alley to the Slum Apartments at the end and use the key that was wrapped in the note. Deeper inside the building is a chest marked by a quest flag when you open it you find the missing Sextant from the Chanter's Board quest Fazzil's Request!  Good on ya!

Unlock the next door down with the slaver key and you will be attacked kill the soldiers here and then loot the containers and bodies.  Exit back into the hall and head to the Metal Door at the end which also can be unlocked with the slaver key inside is the exit to the Alienage.

Once you are outside, you are confronted by one of the slavers and they immediately attack when they realize you are not supposed to be there! They have a camp set up out here, and there is a door nearby to a warehouse that is our next step.

Inside you encounter Elves who are clearly a slaving group, buying and selling fellow Elves for profit.  The woman in charge implies that they have the protection of the authorities if not the tacit approval, and tells you that you are in a lot of trouble!  She bails to call for the Regents Guards, and we start disarming traps there are more soldiers further inside the warehouse that we kill, and another trap in the next hall to be disarmed before we take out a trio of archers.

Once they are good and dead, we head through another Metal Door and get a CS in which we meet the ringleader of this little flesh market, Caladrius.  You would think that the fact that you are a Grey Warden would mean something to these people but it never does. 

Caladrius wants to deal with you pay him 100 gold and he gives you evidence that will incriminate Loghain but he also wants to keep the slaves and their booty.  If you do this deal, you will lose the respect of your party members and be sentencing Elves to slavery.  If you refuse the deal, you must fight but hey, we know how to fight, right?

After you beat him into submission, Caladrius makes several absolutely unacceptable offers to you that clearly show he has no idea what a Grey Warden believe in and so you kill him.  Your father is in one of the cages and you have a brief reunion with him before you urge him to get out of the area and he asks that you visit him at home because he has something that he wants to give you.

From Caladius' body you loot the evidence you need and some stuff you can sell, and after you loot the containers and bodies here, hit the nearby exit door to find yourself at the World Map entrance to the Alienage.

Back in the Alienage

Ahead of you up the road is Ser Otto a mostly blind Templar.  You can learn his story by talking to him his mission to hunt down Blood Mages is a failure according to him, but there is something else that he has detected in the area, a wrongness that he cannot name, but is trying to figure out.  He asks for our help and we give it!  This flags the quest 'Something Wicked' so remember, watch out for something wrong, right?

Ahead of us is Alarith's Store let's visit that now.

Alarith is pleased to see you and gives you a hearty welcome home though there are no options to talk to him other than to shop.  Still we can get rid of some of the loot we do not want, and he has a few items that we do want, like a Tome of Skill and Sundry, some plans, and a gift.   Once we have what we want it is time to head back into the Alienage. 

There is a pool of blood that you should examine on the ground near Cyrion's House after which the beggar we helped earlier comes back with a friend and tries to put the touch on us again.  Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me!  I told him I was out of coins...

Cyrion's House

Your father is waiting for you inside and like father's everywhere he complains that you are too thin!  The item he wanted to give you is your mother's dagger called "Fang" that has good stats and three Rune mounts on it!  As this is better than the dagger I am presently using as my off-hand weapon, I went ahead and equipped it.

That wraps up the dialogue with your father so go over and chat with Soris you get the dialogue as if you have not already solved the slavery trade, including asking where you father is when he is right there in the room with you!  Poor coding I am guessing, but what the heck, it is a small flaw in an otherwise amazing game!

Back to the Alienage, and now we are headed for Valendrian's House.

Valendrian's House

You enter the house and it is clear that nobody lives here anymore.  You loot the three containers here, and then head back out to the Alienage.

Outside near where the blood was is a feral dog and when you click on it, it updates the quest 'Something Wicked' so it is now time to return to Ser Otto and tell him what you have found.  He listens to your clues and then decides that you should follow him to the old Orphanage.  For an old and mostly blind guy he runs pretty good!

The Orphanage

As you enter the Orphanage you can hear the ghostly voices of children and then a child-sized ghost runs down the hall.  As you pursue the sound, things pop and crackle in the rooms you pass through, and finally when you reach the hall in the back you are jumped by war dogs!

After you fight off the dogs and open the next door you are attacked by the spirit of a Tormented Woman, and then in the next room an entire group of Rampaging Spirits!  This place is seriously haunted! 

The next room over is where you find the source of the evil a demon and after a brief CS you end up fighting it!  At first you are only fighting the one demon, but then a group spawns.  After you put them down, you discover the the door is locked, so you cannot continue along this route.  The Templar feels that the battle is not yet finished that there is evil still but in the building next door.

The door that was previously locked is now unlocked, and you can enter. As you progress to the other side of the room and the next door, the tension in the ghostly voices grows, and as you open the door another wave of demaons and ghosts attack.

When you open the door to the West two more demons attack.  When you move to the next room another wave attacks, and then the ghostly little boy leads you into an ambush. As you approach the next door you get a checkpoint save never a good sign and as you pass through it, you encounter the real demon!

The fight with the demon seems to go well, and just when you think you have won and the Templar is speaking the demon reappears and kills the Templar!  As far as I can tell there is no way to save the Templar he is meant to die in this encounter. 

The door to the Alienage is nearby, the quest has ended with the destruction of the demon, and that is all she wrote for the Alienage!  Head to the City Map and select the Market District as our destination.

The Market District

Head over to the Chantry Board and turn in the quests there, and then to the Mage's Collective Representative to turn in their quests and pick up your reward.  Next we head over to the Tavern, and talk to teh Bartender to turn in his last quests. 

Head in to the next room and turn in your Blackstone Irregulars quests, then head back into the main room and talk to Sighard, who thanks you for saving his son.  He asks you what reward if any you would have I chose to ask for his support and vote against Loghrain.  That closes out yet another quest!

In the corner next to the bar is Bann Alfstanna the sister that you are to deliver the signet ring to.  She thanks you, gives you a reward, and that is one more quest in the completed list!

To cap this off there are two quests left in Denerim Crime Wave and Unrest in the Alienage.  We cannot complete Crime Wave until after the Landsmeet, and we complete the Unrest quest as part of the Landsmeet quest.

By my figuring the only thing that we have left to finish up is the Dead Drop quest and to do that, we just have to hit the last Dead Drop, at the Spoiled Princess Inn in Lake Calenhad so let's head there now!

The Drop is inside the bar on the left side of the room and once you have made it, head back to Denerim, and visit with the Bartender at the Tavern, and that is it for the side-quests!  It is now time to head back to the Arl and report in.

The Arl's Estate

Once you arrive back at the Estate, go to the Arl's chambers and report to him of your progress.  The Arl tells you that it is time he will convene the Landsmeet and you are to bring Alistair and come to the Palace as soon as you are ready.

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