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Gift Items

Dragon Age: Origins Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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Gift Items

As you play the game you will find by looting containers and shopping with merchants various items that are flagged with the tag "Gift."  This identifies these items as special in the sense that they can be given as gifts to your party members to increase their like for you.  Some gifts are specific to a particular party member, while others you can give to any party member.

Gifts that are specific to a party member can reward you with 7 to 10 points on the friendship meter for a given party member, as long as you gave the item to the correct party member.  Most of these items can actually be given to the wrong party member which will only give a 1 in place of the higher value, so you want to avoid that.

Some gifts will be refused by certain party members and accepted by others, and some gifts not only gain you points but are also initiate small CS's for the plot line or even trigger quests.  As a general rule when you see a gift on a merchant you should always buy it and when you encounter a gift in a container you should always loot it.  Some gifts, like the pet Nug for Leliana, require you to do specific things in order to be able to acquire them.  In cases such as that, the required steps are spelled out in the footnotes below this list.

The list below specifies the gifts, and who should receive them.  It is complete to the best of my knowledge.  For certain gifts there are actually more than one available in the game so it is possible to obtain duplicates but you can still gift them to the proper party member without it being a problem.

Listing Key:  Gift Name (Proper Recipient) Zone(s) where gift is acquired

---=== Gift Items ===---

Ale (Oghren)
Alistair's Mother's Amulet (Alistair)
Alley Kings Flagon (Oghren)
Ancient Map of the Imperium (Loghain)
Ancient Map of Orlais (Loghain)
Andraste's Grace (Leliana)
Antivan Leather Boots (Zevran)
Beef Bone (Dog)
Black Grimoire (Morrigan)
Black Runestone (Alistair)
Blue Satin Shoes (Leliana)
Botanists Map of Thedas (Loghain)
Bronze Symbol of Andraste (Leliana)
Chantry Amulet (Leliana)
Chasined Sack Mead (Oghren)
Current Map of Ferelden (Loghain)
Cute Nug * (Leliana) Dust Town
Discovering Dragon's Blood (Wynne)
Dalish Deerhide Gloves (Zevran)
Dalish Gloves (Zevran)
Duncan's Shield (Alistair)
Etched Silver Symbol (Leliana)
Fancy Scroll (Wynne)
Flemith's Gromoire (Morrigan)
??Found Cake (Dog)
Gemmed Bracelet (Any)
Garblogs Back Country Reserve (Oghren)
Gold Amulet (Morrigan)
Gold Earrins (Any)
Golden Demon Pendant (Morrigan)
Golden Mirror (Morrigan)
Golden Rope Necklace (Morrigan)
Gold Scythe 4:90 Black (Oghren)
Golden Symbol of Andraste (Leliana)
Headband (Any)
Lamb Bone (Dog)
Large Bone (Dog)
Legacy White Shear (Oghren)
Locket (Morrigan)
Map of the Anderfels (Loghain)
Medium Gold Bar (Zevran)
Medium Silver Bar (Zevran)
Onyx Demon Statue (Alistair)
Ox Bone (Dog)
Painted Skyball (Any)
Painting of the Rebel Queen (Sten)
Portrait of a Goosegirl (Sten)
Remarkable Amethyst (Shale)
Remarkable Diamond (Shale)
Remarkable Emerald (Shale)
Remarkable Garnet (Shale)
Remarkable Greenstone (Shale)
Remarkable Malachite (Shale)
Remarkable Ruby (Shale)
Remarkable Sapphire (Shale)
Remarkable Topaz (Shale)
Shiny Gold Ring (Any)
Silver Bracelet (Any)
Silver Brooch (Morrigan)
Silver Chain (Morrigan)
Silver Demon Head Ring (Any)
Silver-framed Still Life (Sten)
Silver Medallion (Morrigan)
Silver Sword of Mercy (Leliana)
Small Carved Statuette (Alistair)
Small Gold Bar (Zevran)
Small Silver Bar (Zevran)
Small Silver Ring (Any)
Steel Bracers (Any)
Steel Symbol of Andraste (Leliana)
Sten's Lost Sword (Sten)
Stone Dragon Statuette (Alistair)
Stone Warrior Statuette (Alistair)
Sun Blonde Vint-1 (Oghren)
Tangled Ball of Yarn (Any)
The Guerrins of Ferelden (Wynne)
The Rose of Orlais (Wynne)
The Search for the True Prophet (Wynne)
Tiara (Any)
Tribal Necklace (Any)
Totem (Sten)
Water-Stained Portrait (Sten)
White Runestone (Alistair)
Wilhelm's Special Brew (Oghren)
Wine (Wynne)

* The Cute Nug is obtained from the XXX Dwarf in Dust Town, Orzammer.  In order to obtain this, you must have Leliana in your party when you enter Dust Town in order for her to give you the CS in which she says that she loves the cute little pig bunnies that are Nugs.  You may or may not need to have completed the Nug Wrangler Quest in the Commons first... 

Once you get the CS, you can talk to the dwarf in Dust Town, and ask him to capture a Nug for you.  You will need to pay him 20 silver once he has captured it.  You can give Leliana the gift at any time she will happily accept it, and thereafter when you visit with her in Camp, the pet Nug will be nearby her on the ground.

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Comments for Gift Items

12 comments, latest first.
Mar 15th 2015 Guest
*POSSIBLE SPOILERS*Shale is a golem from one of the dlc's & Loghain you get when you face him to fight. Instead of you or Alistair killing him, make him join the Wardens.
ID #529062
Nov 10th 2014 Guest
the thing i am wanting to know is how u raise the approval of the antivan girl
ID #469882
Jul 29th 2013 Guest
I didn't see the 'Dirty Pair of Pantaloons' on this, just received them from the 'battle' section when I sent Dog to find anything interesting. The dragon Age Wiki said it would go to anyone for +5, but when I gave it to Leliana it was +1. :/
ID #301160
Feb 22nd 2013 Guest
There's no point giving the dog any food give it all to sten. The dog will always like you to the max anyway.
ID #257504
Feb 6th 2013 Guest
Thank you for all this information, should make the game allot more fun.
ID #251023
Jul 19th 2011 Guest
where do you even find the gifts
ID #59317
Jun 14th 2011 Guest
where do i get shale an loghain from are they in the dragonage origin version or do i gota dl sumthng 1st? as i dnt have net at hme any hlp would b great
ID #49308
Jun 8th 2011 Guest
[b][/b] wher is duncans shild
ID #47906
Aug 8th 2010 Guest
"where is the cake? They said there would be cake. It must be a lie." is an obvious allusion to Portal imo... ;)
ID #8022
Jul 15th 2010 Guest
If you talk to Sten, you find out that he has a fondness for "little baked things like bread, but sweet". You find out in the same conversation that his homeland doesn't have cakes/cookies, making it a unique experience for him
ID #4561
Jul 12th 2010 Guest
i gave the wine to ogran,
ID #4147
Jun 21st 2010 Guest
I think the cake goes to Sten. At the end of the game he asks "where is the cake? They said there would be cake. It must be a lie."
ID #1464