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Redcliffe Village

Dragon Age: Origins Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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Redcliffe Village

Choose your party and depart for Redcliffe.

When you arrive in Redcliffe Village, before you go to the Castle you should clear out the darkspawn infestation in the Village itself.  As you cross the village bridge you will encounter a villager hiding from the darkspawn who will fill you in on the most recent events.  After you encourage him to head to safety, move along the path and fight your way to the Village center, where you will find a nice Ogre to kill, along with the standard darkspawn troops.

Once you have cleared these out, head to the Zone Point for the Castle and go in when you enter the courtyard outside of the castle there is another three waves of darkspawn to fight, with some fairly tough not-boss mobs in each wave.  Once you have succeeded in freeing the world of this particular bunch of Darkspawn, head over to the stairs and you will trigger a CS in which the guard explains that Riordan arrived earlier and set guards out to find you because he has something important to tell you.

There is a long CS, and conversation, and then you are directed to go to your room and sleep.  Go in to the room with your party and head upstairs to the second floor follow the marker to Riordan and talk to him.  When that conversation is over, make your second save (if you are doing the multiple endings).

Now exit Riordan's room and enter the first door on the right going back up the hall this is your room and Morrigan is waiting in it for you.

She will make an offer to you if you are doing the multiple-endings in one play-through, turn her down and make your third save here.

Morrigan wants you to convince Loghain to sleep with her, in order to get her pregnant.  The baby would then absorb the stain, and would be able to absorb the Arch Demon without dying, and so no Grey Warden would have to die.

If you turn her down, she leaves the party, and you get a load screen and CS, and you are now at the battle site. 

The Queen makes a rousing speech, and fires up the troops, and you are ready to go into battle!  There is a series of CS's involved here, and then you get another load screen, and you are finally in battle with the Darkspawn.  A lot of Darkspawn.

Eventually you kill all of them off in this area and get the quest updated notice, now run to the marker on the screen and speak with Riordan.  He tells you of his plan you should pick a few of your party and head into the city!  He tells you to climb to the top of Fort Drakon.

At this point Riordan asks you to pick a party member to lead one of his units into battle, and then you say goodbye to the rest of you party members.  The worst part is when you have to say goodbye to your dog sniff.

Head to the gate marked on the map, and then travel to the Market District.  Kill all of the Darkspawn here until you find the Hurlock General then kill HIM!

Once you have killed the remaining Darkspawn after the General, head back to the gates and to to the Alienage, and do the same thing here.  This is a tougher fight or at least it seemed like that to me and I was not able to pull it off without one call for troops.

Find your cousin and speak to her to end this mission.

Run over the bridge to the zone point and as you reach it the Arch Demon will destroy the bridge behind you.  Select the City Map, and choose the Palace District as your next destination.

Sten's Brigade

As you progress towards the Palace you will get a combat interrupt to your trip and when you zone in you are now in control of Sten (or whoever you chose to lead the other brigade of troops that is defending the City Gates and the Darkspawn are attacking!

There is an officer flagged nearby talk to him, then go kill all the Darkspawn.  When they are dead, talk to the officer again to end this mission.

The Palace

You are not back in control of your party and there is a nice CS for you to watch.  When it ends fight your way up to the top level, fighting your way up each set of stairs until you get to the top where you will find a trap to disarm and another wave of Darkspawn to kill.

Ahead of you here is the gate to Fort Drakon so once you have killed them all and looted what you want, hit that gate to get to the Fort.

Fort Drakon

You are getting really close to the end now.  You will have to fight your way up the stairs here, and this is a really tough fight, so try to think strategically and use your AOE's to good effect.  You will not be sticking with one party member throughout this fight you will need to be proactive about using their special skills!

Try to focus on the conjurers in here as that brings the fights to a close quicker.  When you reach the room with the door to the Second Floor you will encounter Sandal, the simple-minded enchanter from your camp surrounded by a huge pile of dead Darkspawn.  Man we should have recruited him into our party!

He has some supplies to sell, so you may as well take advantage of that and having any better runes added to your weapons.  When you are ready, use the door to go to the Second Level.

Fort Drakon Final Level - Archdemon

Archdemon Battle Part 1

Archdemon Battle Part 2

Archdemon Battle Part 3

Well, here we are within a stone's throw of the final battle with the Arch Demon!  Basically all that you need to do is work your way through this level, killing everything that you see.  When you reach the door to the roof, you have pretty much fought your way to the almost-end-of-game!

Once you reach the Roof you will get a CS of the Arch Demon snacking on soldiers, and then your party can engage it.  What you are going to do here is fight it as a party to wear it down, and then once it is near death, you have to decide who gets sacrificed.  If you are only going for one of the endings, it really does not matter who you sacrifice to take it out.  If on the other hand you are trying to get all of the endings in one play-through, than matter it does!

The Arch Demon defends in four phases the first two and the fourth you can use the usual tactics you have learned for fighting dragons but for the third phase it is in the air, and you need to use the Ballistas and ranged attacks so be prepared for that.  It might be an idea to hold some archers in reserve to call up for the third defense phase, right?

For all four endings you should proceed in the following order:

(1) Sacrifice Yourself
(2) Sacrifice Loghain
(3) Go with Morrigan's Plan
(4) Sacrifice Alistair

Notice that Loghain tries really hard to have you let him be the one to be sacrificed?  What a piece of work he turned out to be!

The ending CS is pretty cool and it was nice to find out what happened to each of the people in your party...  It turned out that the Queen was not as bad a person as I thought she was. 

And that is pretty much it!  Once you reach this point, you cannot really do anything else, because the game ends hopefully you have earlier saves if you plan to work on Achievements / Trophies that you have yet to get.

So hey, pat yourself on the back, mate!  You have just completed what is likely to be the Game of the Year!  Way to go!

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Jan 24th 2013 Guest
Can I change my party after the final onslaught has begun?
ID #246034
May 29th 2011 Guest
How do you call for the elves, mages, etc when you are going to fight the archdemon?
ID #45597