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Denerim Part 4

Dragon Age: Origins Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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Denerim Part 4

Note:  I chose to go with the line that did not include me being captured because there were Codex Entires in it, and not in the Fort Drakon one.  I suspect that it will not really make that much of a difference in the end because I am reasonably certain you end up killing Ser Cauthrien anyway, but just to be on the safe side I stuck with that one...

Anora's Chambers

The Queen tries to convince you to support her seeking the throne. Clearly she thinks that your support of her would be important and she makes some good points in her very persuasive argument but the bottom line here is that we do not need or want to create an alliance with her right now.

It turns out that she is willing to marry Alistair under certain terms which was a surprise to me!  On the other hand following that topic line allowed us to end the conversation without making a direct refusal or an agreement, which is what we wanted anyway.  Ah diplomacy!

Leave Anora's chambers and the Estate, and once you are outside head for the World Map, because we are now closing in on a pivotal point in the game, and we should try to get the side-quests out of the way that do not involve the areas of the game that we will be going to for the rest of the story line.

Our first destination is Orzammer.


We are looking for Brian for the quest "False Witness" and for a Dead Drop for the quest of that name. 

First exit Orzammar via the Hall of Heroes to the area outside where the merchants are set up, and you will find the Dead Drop on the right side of the area, near the merchant Ahren. 

Brian can be found in the same general area just turn away from the Dead Drop and look at the nearby rock pillar he is standing next to it and is marked by a heart.  When you confront him, he immediately attacks you and you kill him quickly as he is unarmed and not wearing armor.

Now head for the nearby World Map and select Redcliffe Village.

Redcliffe Village

The Dead Drop here is near Dwyn's House just follow the arrow marked on the map.

Stop by the Chantry and speak to Chanter Farrah to turn in a quest and collect our reward, and then head back to the World Map and select Lake Calenhad Docks.

Lake Calenhad Docks

Skinny Frank is down near the docks where you catch the ferry to the Circle Tower go and talk to him and he attacks with the aid of his two guards.

Now return to the World Map and select Denerim.

Back in Denerim

Cam is found inside the Wonders of Thedas Shop go inside and up onto the balcony in the back and talk to him and he will attack.

That completes this quest.  Exit the shop and go to the City Map, and select Bann of West Hills Estate.

Bann of West Hills Estate

When you arrive you will notice that a large number of guards spawn, and you have to battle them in the wine cellar.  This is working as intended though not what you expected.  You will need to fight your way back out of the zone disarming traps as needed.

If you check the map you can see where the treasure vaults are, but the path to them is blocked by barricades, and it is clear you will not be making this heist, and you were given bad information!

When you exit the cellars there are yet more guards waiting for you defeat them and make your way to the City Map.  Select the Market District and return to talk to Slim about what has happened.

Slim refunds the finder fee that you paid him and asks you to check back with him later and he will help you get revenge for the bad information then.  Later is actually after you complete the Landsmeet Mission, just so you know.

It is now time to head over to the Alienage both to investigate it and because most of the quests that we still have flagged resolve there.

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