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Dragon Age: Origins Cheats for PS3

Cheats and Tips for Dragon Age: Origins

Dragon Age: Origins Guide
Dragon Age: Origins Guide
Complete guide with videos for this fantastic game.
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Check out our cheats to learn how to unlock items from Dragon Age Journeys for your Dragon Age Origin, get free specialization manuals and easy experience and gold.

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We have 9 cheats and tips on PS3. If you have any cheats or tips for Dragon Age: Origins please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : PC : Xbox 360

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What you do is when you go to new game choose the rouge class because you will be a very good class and choose human race because you would be human noble

How to get the Hidden Ageless Sword

This is the best two handed sword in the game (unless you have the wardens keep DLC). The Ageless sword is in the throne room of Orzammar. You have to set a dragon free and then kill it before the sword is yours. Watch the video below to see how it is done.
Watch the video

Dragon age: origins ultimate edition DLC

If you buy the ultimate edition not to get the DLC for it, it'll be in a option under the game disk option on the PS3's dashbord, you'll have to download 'em 1 by 1 and you can't do it in game.

Unlock Bonus Items

If you register an account on the Electronic Arts web site which is linked to your profile in Dragon Age: Origins and then play the Dragon Age Journeys mini-game at you can unlock the following bonus items in Dragon Age: Origins by completing the corresponding task.
younlock Amulet Of the War Mage:
Sign in to your EA account in Dragon Age Journeys.
younlock Embri's Many Pockets:
Save the Grey Warden Martine by completing The Missing Warden quest.
younlock Helm Of The Deep:
Unlock ALL 5 Achievements in Dragon Age Journeys: The Deep Roads.

easy gold

To easily get gold, place your most expensive item in the junk section of your inventory. Go to a merchant and highlight the item in your junk inventory. Then, quickly press Triangle, X. Your item will sell for twice it's value. Repeat as desired.

Unlock Items from Dragon Age Journeys for your Dragon Age Origin

In be able to complete the following you have to play 'Dragon Age Journeys' and complete the objectives as listed. 'Dragon Age Journeys' is a flash-based RPG made with the same spirit as it's PC/Console Counterparts. You must have a Bioware account and have it linked with your DA:O account in order for this to work. You can play 'Dragon Age Journeys' at
Unlock Amulet Of the War Mage:
To earn the Amulet of the War Mage in 'Dragon Age: Origins', you must complete ALL 3 parts of the 'Dragon Age Journeys' feedback survey. You can access the survey by completing quests.
+5% to Fire Damage
+5 % to Cold Damage
+5% to Electrical Damage
+5% to Nature Damage
+5% to Spirit Damage

Embri's Many Pockets:
To earn Embri's Many Pockets in 'Dragon Age: Origins', save the Grey Warden Martine by completing 'The Missing Warden' quest.
+5% Fire Resistance
+5% Cold Resistance
+5% Electricity Resistance
+5% Nature Resistance
+5% Spirit Resistance

Helm of the Deep:
To earn the Helm of the Deep in 'Dragon Age: Origins', you must earn ALL 5 achievements in 'Dragon Age Journeys: The Deep Roads'.
+2 Constitution
+10 Mental Resistance
+10 Physical Resistance

Item Set Bonuses

When you equip the following item set you will recieve the corresponding bonus.
Item Set 1:
Griffon - Immunity to Flanking
Item Set 2:
Effort - -10 Fatigue
Item Set 3:
Juggernaut Plate - +3 Strength +3 Constitution
Item Set 4:
Imperium Rings - +2 Armor
Item Set 5:
Legion of the Dead - +3 Damage, +3 Constitution
Item Set 6:
Dalish Leather - +5 Defense
Item Set 7:
Duster Leather - +2 Armor
Item Set 8:
Wade's Drakeskin - -10 Fatigue
Item Set 9:
Wade's Dragonskin - -25 Fatigue
Item Set 10:
Wade's Dragonscale - -20 Fatigue
Item Set 11:
Wade's Dragonbone Plate - -10 Fatigue
Item Set 12:
Leather Armor - -5 Fatigue
Item Set 13:
Studded Leather Armor - +1 Defense
Item Set 14:
Chainmail - -2.5 Fatigue
Item Set 15:
Scale Armor:
- +4.5 Defense vs. Missiles
Item Set 16:
Splint Mail - +1 Armor
Item Set 17:
Dwarven Medium Armor - +1 Armor
Item Set 18:
Ancient Elven Armor - +5 Defense
Item Set 19:
Ceremonial Armor - +6 Defense vs. Missiles
Item Set 20:
Diligence - +5 Willpower
Item Set 21:
Dwarven Heavy Armor - +1 Armor
Item Set 22:
Heavy Chainmail - -3 Fatigue
Item Set 23:
Chevalier Armor - +3 Willpower +3 Constitution
Item Set 24:
Commander's Plate - +5 Willpower
Item Set 25:
Dwarven Massive Armor - +2 Armor
Item Set 26:
Heavy Plate - +7.5 Defense vs. Missiles
Item Set 27:
Wade's Superior Drakeskin - -10 Fatigue, +5 Defense
Item Set 28:
Wade's Superior Dragonskin - -25 Fatigue, +5 Defense
Item Set 29:
Wade's Superior Dragonscale - -20 Fatigue, +5 Defense
Item Set 30:
Wade's Superior Dragonbone Plate - -10 Fatigue, +5 Defense
Warden's Commander - +10 Health, -10 Fatigue
Armor Of The River Dane Set - +6 Willpower, +1 Cunning, +6 Attack, +4 Defense

Free Specialization Manuals

Search for a vendor that has the manual you want and when you have found one save your game. Purchase the manual to unlock the specialization and then reload your save. The manual will still be unlocked and you will have your money back. The manual will also be missing from the merchants inventory.

Easy Experience

You can get Experience points early in the game by going to the city of Denerim as soon as you leave Lothering and searching for a building named 'Wonders of Thedas'. When you find it go inside and purchase the Archivist's Belt and when you equip it you will get an Experience point boost for everything in your Codex. Books for example will increase from 50 Experience points to 75 Experience points.

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