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Character Dossiers

Dragon Age: Origins Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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Character Dossiers


* Companion Side Quest

Alistair's Family

When you first enter the Village of Redcliffe, if your standing with Alistair is high enough, he will mention to you that he is the bastard son of royalty, and that he has a sister.   He would like to visit his sister who lives in Denerim and he would like you to go with him.

His sister lives in the house next door to Wade's Emporium in the Market Square.  When you get close to the house you will get a brief CS in which Alistair points out the house. 

When you enter Goldanna's house, she asks if you have linens to be washed and Alistair introduces himself to her.  She relates her story that the folks at the castle in Redcliffe had told her that the baby Alistair was dead.  It turns out that Goldanna is not pleased to see her long-lost brother. 

This quest can have an impact on Alistair's character the disappointment that he feels can effect his emotional state. You can use your persuasion skill on his sister to try to soften that blow, but this is one hardened chick!  


* Companion Side Quest

There is no side-quest for this companion.


* Romancing Tips

Leliana is one of the party members that gives an Achievement/Trophy for "romancing."  She is also the most difficult one to successfully romance, mostly due to her alignment and personality. 

To succeed in romancing Leliana, she must be in love with you (friend meter at 90%) and you must have triggered the romance process.  It has been reported that you cannot succeed in romancing her until after you complete her quest and you cannot do her quest if you are already in a relationship with her.  When I did this I had already completed the quest so I do not know if it can be done without completing it.

The following dialogue selections will give the most favorable response.

Conversation 1 (M or F)
I'd like to talk
What was someone like you doing in the Lothering Chantry?
You know, a beautiful and charming young woman like yourself.
Those other initiates cannot have been more lovely than you.

Conversation 2 (F only)
My hair?  Thank you!
Dear Maker!
And do you enjoy the company of other women?
I think that I might giggle and maybe look coy?

Conversation 3 (M or F)
We need to talk
Are you feeling better?
Er, I think I see what you mean.
She was special to you, wasn't she?
I am sorry it ended so badly
Everyone changes unfortunately
I can only hope to one day be as special as she was to you.

* Companion Side Quest

Leliana's Past

A lot of people seem to have trouble flagging the quest if you are having trouble bear the following in mind:

It will help if you make sure that you ask her about being in the Chantry before her approval of you is higher than 30.

You cannot flag her quest if you are already in a relationship with her!  If you are, you need to break it off first.  Yes you will lose some approval, but you will be able to gain that back easily, and you cannot flag this quest otherwise.

You cannot flag the quest unless she is in your party while traveling and you get the Assassin Attack.

Giving her the Nug gift may be required in order to romance her this is not verified but a lot of people say it is.  To have this happen you need to have Leliana in your party when you vist Dust Town in Orzammer.  You will get a brief CS with her in which she talks about wanting a Nug as a pet.  After this CS you can purchase a Nug from the Idle Beggar in Dust Town do that and give the Nug to Leliana.

When you talk to Leliana and the dialogue option "Minstrels and Spies in Orlais" comes up, select it and run through the dialogue that follows so that she tells you about her past.  Once she has done this, with her in your part, travel to another location Frostback or the Dalish Camp it doesn't matter which. Then head back to your camp, and you will get a CS immediately after entering camp with Leliana in which she confesses that she lied to you in her earlier explanation.

Now with her in your party, travel somewhere anywhere and you will get a combat interrupt in which you fight a pretty tough group of assassins.  Once you defeat them, Leliana will interrogate their leader, and from what she learns, deduce that the person behind the attacks is her old associate and paramour, Marjolaine.

Now head to Denerim and go into the street that dead-ends, and Leliana will point out the correct house to you.

You will confront Marjolaine and either talk your way through the encounter or have epic battle either way that progresses Leliana's quest to its end.  One result from this encounter can be that Leliana ends up "hardened" by her disappointment and grief, and becomes less good than she was before.  A side-effect of this is that she no longer gives negative standing to you when you do things that are not good, but it alters her personality significantly.




* Companion Side Quest

There is no side-quest for this companion.



* Companion Side Quest

Flemeth's Real Grimoire

In the process of completing the quests associated with the Mage's Circle Tower, you will loot the Grimoire that Morrigan tells you about in one of your conversations after you meet her.  The book belonged to her mother Flemeth, and she very much wants to read it.  After you loot it, and give it to Morrigan, she spends some time reading it.  On one of your return visits to camp she comes to you to ask you for a favor and tell you about what she has learned.

Her favor is to kill her mother and what she has learned is stunning!  As any more information would be a major spoiler, you will just have to wait until you flag the quest to learn about it.

When you go to do this quest, be sure that Morrigan is not in your party and visit her mother's shack in the swamps.  Be prepared for a major fight Flemeth will shape change into a dragon!  Once you have killed her, loot her hut and return to camp to talk to Morrigan.  After you finish the first conversation, give her the items that you looted from her mother's house, and then talk to her again.




* Companion Side Quest

Oghren's Old Flame

When talking to Oghren and a dialogue option about Felsi appears, select it to flag this quest.

The quest destination is the Spoiled Princess Tavern at Lake Clanhad.  When you arrive, you have the option of encouraging Oghren who will then engage in dialogue with Felsi.  The results of this encounter will have significant effect upon Oghren's life something you may want to consider when deciding your part in it.

If Oghren succeeds, he will later end up married to Felsi and will create a new family and career.  If he fails and you were supportive, there is still a chance for a happy ending, but if he fails and you were not supportive, his life will end very badly.



* Companion Side Quest

The Sword of the Beresaad

Once you build a high enough relationship with Sten, he will finally be willing to truthfully answer the question as to why he was in the cage when you met him.  This flags the quest, whose destination is Lake Calenhad.

Talk to the scrounger here, who will reveal that he "bought" this scrounging spot from another, and you will be directed to Orzammer to speak with former "owner" of the spot.  In Orzammer you will learn that the scrounger sold the sword to Dwyn, in Redcliffe. Head to Redcliffe to resolve the quest.

Note that having Sten in your party can add interesting elements to this quest.



* Companion Side Quest

Wynne's Regret

This is a complicated quest because it does not follow the usual quest-format.  Instead it is an encounter based series of events. 

Once Wynne has warmed up to you, you will have a combat interrupt on one of your travels and at the end of it, Wynne will partially collapse.  Back in camp, when you talk to her, you will learn the story behind why that happened, and other plot-related information.

To progress this quest, dialogue with Wynne, and be sure to ask her any questions relating to her time with the Circle.  She will tell you about an old apprentice named Aneirin.

In another encounter, she will release the spirit, growing much weaker.  After this happens, travel to the  Dalish Camp near the Brecilian Forest and seek out an Elf named Sarel there.  He will tell you of Aneirin as well.

With Wynne in your party, travel between points that are relatively far apart to trigger a confrontation (combat interrupts) in which Wynne casts a large fireball spell that injures you, which causes Wynne to unlock a new ability called the Vessel of Spirit.

With Wynne in your party, travel to the Eastern Forest, to the area above the Mad Hermit's camp, and you will encounter Aneirin.  He will give you an amulet to give to Wynne that will strengthen her and, it is implied, help her manage the spirit inside her and hopefully live a longer life!


* Companion Side Quest

There is no side-quest for this companion.

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