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Quests of Denerim

Dragon Age: Origins Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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Quests of Denerim

Back Alley Justice (Market Square Chanter's Board)

Sergeant Kylon wants you to eliminate the criminals preying upon the innocent citizens of Denerim's back alleys.

There is one group of bandits in each of the alley districts, and you will take them each out as you progress through the city districts.  When you have finished them, see the Chantry Board agent for your reward of 4 gold sovereigns.

Blood Warning (Market Square Mages Collective)

As you move through the town you will notice marked doors there are two of them in the Market District, so just go up to each and spread the blood on them to update the quest. 

The third door is located in the Dirty Back Alley district which you will visit following your visit to The Pearl.

The fourth and final door is located in the Dark Alley.

When you have marked all four, return to the Collective Agent for your reward of 1 gold sovereign.

Correspondence Interruptus (Market Square Tavern)

Obtain 12 Love letters and give them to the Bartender.  These can be looted from inside the homes of the wealthy in town and are useful as blackmail material.

Crime Wave (Market Square)

Slim has some leads for you on lucrative cat burglaries you can pull. 

The Absent Mistress: Rob Sophie's room at the Inn.

A Fistful of Silver: Rob Arl Howe's warehouse of the silver bars he has stolen from the town. Note that this is a very tough fight with a large number of opponents.  Save BEFORE you try this, as if you are not strong enough or well equipped, chances are very good that you will die and have to reload your last save!

Dereliction of Duty (Blackstone Agent)

Deal with the deserter Layson in Denerim.  You will find him in a Dirty Hovel in the Rundown Back Street District.  You will have to kill him, because he refuses to return with you and once he is dead be sure that you loot the Guild Supplies from his body.

Desperate Haven (Market Square Chanter's Board)

Go to the area marked on the map and see if there are any refugees left to rescue and rescue them.

Fazzil's Request (Market Square Chanter's Board)

Frazzil, a member of the Guild of Free Sailors, was accosted by bandits and his rare Sextant was stolen.  Recover this for him.

Have You Seen Me?  (Market Square Mages Collective)

Locate Renold and return to the Collective with the news.  When you are doing the Chanter's Board quest Loghain's Push you will encounter Renold's body simply loot his journal and return it to the Collective.

Honor Bound (Market Square)

Duel Ser Landry in the back alley behind the tavern.  This was actually a pretty fair challenge but you as long as you have some healing potions you should be able to take him out easily.

Loghain's Push (Market Square Chanter's Board)

Intercept Loghain's forces and assist the resistance forces until Loghain's men are defeated.  To access this quest go to the City Map gate and change it to World Map, and then select the icon marked Civil War.

Missing in Action (Market Square Chanter's Board)

Locate the missing Ostagar veteran called Rexel.

Negotiating Aids (Market Square Tavern)

Deliver a stack of 15 toxin extract samples to the Bartender.

Notice of Death (Blackstone Irregulars)

You are to deliver notices to a list of women whose husbands have died in service to the Irregulars.

Irenia in the Redclife Chantry
Larana in The Spoiled Princess Tavern in Lake Calenhad Docks
Sara at the Denerim Market District
Tania in the Dirty Back Alley in Denerim

Pearls Before Swine (Market Square)

Take care of the mercenaries in the Pearl for Sgt. Kylon but do not kill them.

You will find them in the tavern room of The Pearl, and they will not listen to reason so you will have to fight them.  Remember you are not supposed to kill them, just rough them up and teach them a lesson.  As the fight starts and you do a little damage, they surrender and beg for mercy.  Make them empty their pockets and leave to pick up 2 gold and, when you turn the quest in, some XP.

Restocking the Guild (Blackstone Agent)

Bring 20 Health Poultices to the Blackstone Irregulars in the Tavern in Market Square.

Scraping the Barrel (Blackstone Agent)

The conscription letter for Denerim goes to Varel Baern, in the Denerim Alienage.  Deliver it to him there.

Sign of Safe Passage

Go to the location marked on the map in the Brecellian Forest and fire off a fire arrow over the trees.

Skin Deep (Market Square Chanter's Board)

Obtain 9 samples of corpse gall from darkspawn and return them the the Chanter's Board Agent.

Solving Problems (Market Square Tavern)

You have some bodies to get rid of the first is in the warehouse near where you dueled Ser Landry.  Go inside and collect the body bag.

The second body bag is in the alley between two buildings on the other side of town just look for the marker near the Chantry.

The third body is in a room in the back of The Pearl.

You can dump the bodies down the well near the Chantry in Market Square to complete the disposal.  When you turn this quest in you earn 2 gold sovereigns and some XP.

The Scrolls of Banaster (Market Square Mages Collective)

Find the 5 scrolls and return them to the Collective.

The first is on the Second Floor of the Tower of the Circle on the Senior Mage Quarters.

The second is on the floor in the first large chamber in the Great Hall of the Tower.


Bring the Bartender ten pieces of Garnet.

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