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Dragon Age: Origins Cheats for PC

Cheats and Tips for Dragon Age: Origins

Dragon Age: Origins Guide
Dragon Age: Origins Guide
Complete guide with videos for this fantastic game.
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Check out our collection of cheats which include getting easy Experience, console codes and item set bonuses.

More Dragon Age: Origins Cheats and Tips

We have 8 cheats and tips on PC. If you have any cheats or tips for Dragon Age: Origins please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : PlayStation 3 : Xbox 360

You can also ask your question on our Dragon Age: Origins Questions & Answers page.

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Gauntlet Tiles Puzzle

Check out the video below from our guide to Dragon Age: Origins to help you complete this puzzle.

The Gauntlet - Tile Test

Unlock Bonus Items

Register an account on the Electronic Arts web site which is linked to your profile in Dragon Age: Origins and then play the Dragon Age Journeys mini-game at . Doing this will enable you to unlock the following bonus items in Dragon Age: Origins by completing the corresponding task.
Unlock Amulet Of the War Mage:
Sign in to your EA account in Dragon Age Journeys.
Unlock Embri's Many Pockets:
Save the Grey Warden Martine by completing The Missing Warden quest.
Unlock Helm Of The Deep:
Unlock ALL 5 Achievements in Dragon Age Journeys: The Deep Roads.

Easy Infinite Money Trick

This is an easy merchant trick that allows you to quickly make lots of gold. To do it enter the trade window with any merchant. Then click (and hold) an item in your inventory. While still holding down the Left mouse button press and hold the Right mouse button. Now, drag the item over to the merchant's inventory while still holding down both Left and Right mouse buttons. When you now let go of both mouse buttons simultaneously you will notice that the item will sell for 2x the normal selling price. If you now buy the item back from the merchant for 1x the normal price you will make a profit. Performing this trick is an easy way to get lots of Gold early which will allow you to buy ALL the skill/stat books and the best equipment much earlier in the game.
Watch the video

Awakening Expansion Pack Console Command Codes

Create a shortcut to your desktop of 'daorigins.exe' (Dragon Age/bin_ship/daorigins.exe). Then go to 'Shortcut Properties' and under 'Target' add '-enabledeveloperconsole' (without the quotes) after 'Dragon Age/bin_ship/daorigins.exe'.
On the Steam version this can be done by right clicking on the game in your Games List, selecting 'Properties' and clicking 'Set Launch Options'. This will allow you to enter command line option.
Locate the 'keybindings.ini' file in the 'My DocumentsBioWareDragon AgeSettings' and find the line 'OpenConsole_0=Keyboard::Button_X' (GRAVE is default, change X to any button that is not already used in the game.)
Save the file, and start the game with the 'Dragon Age/bin_ship/daorigins.exe' shortcut you created on your desktop.
During the game press the key that you chose (Keyboard::Button_X) and then type the following codes (without the quotes). These codes have only been tested on the retail version of the game so may not work on the Steam version. Don't worry if you do not see the console or what you are typing as this is normal.
God Mode:
Type 'runscript pc_immortal' (You will still take damage, but will not die.)
Adds Experience Points to Party:
Type 'runscript addxp' (number here, some work some don't)
Adds X Ammount of Experience:
Type 'runscript addxp X'
Brings up the Enchantment Menu:
Type 'runscript zz_upgrade'
Kills All Hostiles:
Type 'runscript killallhostiles'
Removes ALL Injuries from Party:
Type 'runscript injury remparty'

Free Class Unlock

Find a merchant that sells a book that unlocks a class and save the game. Then sell enough of your items to get the required amount of gold to buy the book. The class will become unlocked for ALL your characters when you purchase the book and when you then load your save game you will have the class unlocked along with everything from the saved game before you sold them to get the book.

Easy Experience

To get Experience points early in the game go to the city of Denerim as soon as you leave Lothering and search for a building named 'Wonders of Thedas'. When you have found it go inside and purchase the Archivist's Belt and when you equip it you will get an Experience point boost for everything in your Codex. Books for example will increase from 50 Experience points to 75 Experience points.

Item Set Bonuses

When you equip the following item set you will recieve the corresponding bonus.
Item Set 1:
Griffon - Immunity to Flanking
Item Set 2:
Effort - -10 Fatigue
Item Set 3:
Juggernaut Plate - +3 Strength +3 Constitution
Item Set 4:
Imperium Rings - +2 Armor
Item Set 5:
Legion of the Dead - +3 Damage, +3 Constitution
Item Set 6:
Dalish Leather - +5 Defense
Item Set 7:
Duster Leather - +2 Armor
Item Set 8:
Wade's Drakeskin - -10 Fatigue
Item Set 9:
Wade's Dragonskin - -25 Fatigue
Item Set 10:
Wade's Dragonscale - -20 Fatigue
Item Set 11:
Wade's Dragonbone Plate - -10 Fatigue
Item Set 12:
Leather Armor - -5 Fatigue
Item Set 13:
Studded Leather Armor - +1 Defense
Item Set 14:
Chainmail - -2.5 Fatigue
Item Set 15:
Scale Armor:
- +4.5 Defense vs. Missiles
Item Set 16:
Splint Mail - +1 Armor
Item Set 17:
Dwarven Medium Armor - +1 Armor
Item Set 18:
Ancient Elven Armor - +5 Defense
Item Set 19:
Ceremonial Armor - +6 Defense vs. Missiles
Item Set 20:
Diligence - +5 Willpower
Item Set 21:
Dwarven Heavy Armor - +1 Armor
Item Set 22:
Heavy Chainmail - -3 Fatigue
Item Set 23:
Chevalier Armor - +3 Willpower +3 Constitution
Item Set 24:
Commander's Plate - +5 Willpower
Item Set 25:
Dwarven Massive Armor - +2 Armor
Item Set 26:
Heavy Plate - +7.5 Defense vs. Missiles
Item Set 27:
Wade's Superior Drakeskin - -10 Fatigue, +5 Defense
Item Set 28:
Wade's Superior Dragonskin - -25 Fatigue, +5 Defense
Item Set 29:
Wade's Superior Dragonscale - -20 Fatigue, +5 Defense
Item Set 30:
Wade's Superior Dragonbone Plate - -10 Fatigue, +5 Defense
Warden's Commander - +10 Health, -10 Fatigue
Armor Of The River Dane Set - +6 Willpower, +1 Cunning, +6 Attack, +4 Defense

Console Codes

At the end of the 'Target' field in the 'Shortcut' properties that are used to launch the game add the '-enabledeveloperconsole' command line parameter. Then press the ~ (tilde) key during the game to display the console window and enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding effect. You will not be able to view what is being typed and you will need to press the 'Backspace' key to remove unwanted characters.
Add Indicated Amount Of Experience Points:
Runscript addxp (number)
Add Indicated Amount Of Copper:
Runscript zz_money (number)
Cannot Die:
Runscript pc_immortal
Add Party Member:
Runscript zz_addparty (NPC name)
Add To Companion Approval Rating:
Runscript zz_addapproval (companion) (number)
Break The Party Companion Limit:
Runscript zz_addparty
Add Talent Or Spell To Your Character:
Runscript addtalent (number)
Heals Player Or Party:
Runscript healplayer
Kill All Enemies In Area:
Runscript killallhostiles
Knock Back Enemies And Form A Shield Around You:
Runscript bowlingforferelden
Removes Indicated Talent From Character Personal Profile:
Runscript removetalent (talent number)
Origin Screen:
Runscript chargen
Party Select Screen:
Runscript selectparty
Remove Entire Party:
Runscript zz_dropparty
Talk To Nearest NPC:
Runscript zz_talk_nearest
Teleport To Duncan's Fire In Ostagar:
Runscript zz_pre_strategy
Teleports To Ostagar:
Runscript zz_pre_demo2
Transform Into Level 2 Mage:
Runscript wizard
Transform Into Level 2 Rogue:
Runscript rogue
Transform Into Level 2 Warrior:
Runscript warrior
Disable AI:
Runscript ai off

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